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The Fraught Trial of Two Women Accused of Killing Kim Jong Nam Is About to Resume in Malaysia

(KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia) — Malaysia’s high-profile trial of two women accused of killing the estranged half brother of North Korea’s leader resumes …

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'Don’t Wait Until the Bombs Are Falling.’ Pentagon Papers Leaker Encourages More Like Him

The country is currently not the closest we’ve ever come to nuclear war, says Daniel Ellsberg, but we are still likely to face annihilation. And …


Madman or Madman Strategy? What's really going on with North Korea?

After a successful missile launch at the end of November, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un threw his head back in a flamboyant cackle, lit a …

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A running list of the insults between two of the world’s most volatile leaders

To help keep track of where things stand in North Korea, we’ve kept a running list of the insults between two of the world’s most volatile leaders.

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Kim Jong Un's half-brother dies after being smeared with nerve agent at airport: Part 1

Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was traveling with a fake passport to Macau from Malaysia.


Son of Kim Jong Nam is reportedly in hiding: Part 6

Intelligence sources say 22-year-old Kim Han Sol is the target of death squads.

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TV tonight: 20/20 report on Kim Jong-un; ‘Taken’ returns

TV picks for Friday, Jan. 12<p>WATCH THIS:<p>“Lip Sync Battle Shorties” (7:30 p.m., Nickelodeon): Hosted by Nick Cannon, along with sidekick JoJo Siwa, the …


Mystery children and sibling rivalries — this is Kim Jong Un's family tree

• <b>The Kim family has long kept quiet about exactly who belongs to their sprawling, complex family tree.</b>• <b><br>But thanks mostly to South Korean intelligence, we have a pretty good idea.</b><p>Few political figures have drawn such intense curiosity as the secretive Kim Jong Un and the people believed to make up his …

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China experiments with sweeping Social Credit System

China wants to introduce a Social Credit System to rate its citizens’ trustworthiness. Unconcerned about privacy protection, the government is …

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Commentary: Kim Jong Un emerges from 2017 stronger

WASHINGTON: In his 2017 New Year’s address, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un claimed that “an epochal turn was brought about in consolidating the …

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South Korea sees 'groundbreaking' chance in talks with North

South Korea has suggested a meeting to talk about the North's participation in the Winter Olympics, claiming there is a "groundbreaking" chance to …

North Korea

Japan eyes aircraft carriers to counter North Korea, China

Concerns over N. Korea's unpredictable regime and China's expansionist policies have forced Japan to seek reinterpretation of parts of the …

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This 55-Question Quiz Will Determine If You Got Fooled By Fake News In 2017

Find out if you kept your grip on reality after the year we've had.

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North Korea wrote to 'Taoiserch Charles Haugher' asking for a letter to be read in the Dáil

Image: SIPA USA/PA Images<p>Image: SIPA USA/PA Images<p>THE NORTH KOREAN government wrote a letter to Ireland asking that a six-page address be read to the …

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GQ's Most Popular Stories of 2017

The 20 pieces that grabbed readers by the scruff of the neck, by the heartstrings, by any means possible, and wouldn't let go.<p>This isn't a very humble list, we know. But as this bruising year slips into the record books, we're ignoring Kendrick Lamar's advice in order to share some of the most …

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Anthrax antibodies in N. Korean defector raises biowarfare fear

<i>Corrections & Clarifications: A previous version of this article misidentified South Korea's president.</i><p>The reported discovery of anthrax antibodies …

North Korea

North Korea ‘stockpiling chemical weapons arsenal’

NORTH Korea’s nuclear program has long triggered condemnation — including the UN Security Council’s recent decision to apply some of the toughest …

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The 50 most incredible photos of 2017

2017 was undoubtedly a wild year.<p>President Donald Trump was inaugurated, which has led to a seemingly never ending string of debates and controversies: the crowd size at his inauguration, the travel ban, his war of words with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, and so on.<p>But there were many other events not …

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Is North Korea Developing Anthrax? There's Some Evidence

The threat of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles has seen the world worried about North Korea. Now it seems the government of …

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Trump Is Bluffing About Attacking North Korea in 2018

I don’t know if Donald Trump is going to be making any New Year’s resolutions for 2018, but here’s a thought: How about not threatening to start a …

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North Korea Sanctions Hit Sushi Chef Who Complains He Can't Get Foreign Fish

While North Korean officials fume over United Nations-imposed sanctions that deeply cut critical petroleum exports into the country, the complaint …

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2017, what a year North Korea

North Korea—what a year 2017 has been. It’s easy to lose track of just how much has happened this year, so here’s a recap of the major events. We’ve also provided a look ahead at 2018, which looks to be the year something has to give on North Korea, one way or another. Without further ado…<p><b>North</b> …

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How serious is the North Korean anthrax threat?

The US sanctioned two more senior North Korean officials Tuesday, the latest attempt to hit the country's nuclear program.<p>But in South Korea, another …

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North Korea's other weapons: Expert warns nukes aren't biggest concern

North Korea’s nuclear program has long triggered condemnation – including the U.N. Security Council’s recent decision to apply some of the toughest sanctions in history – but is something far more lethal lurking in the Hermit Kingdom’s arsenal?<p>"They have a large stockpile of chemical weapons, but …

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Match the international incident to Donald Trump's round of golf – quiz

The US president has managed at least 79 visits to golf clubs this year. But which big events did he miss while pursuing his favourite pastime?<p><b>This year, Donald Trump was president of the United States of America. Or was he? According to, he has been mainly on the golf course,</b> …

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The biggest global stories of 2017: From North Korea and Yemen to ISIS and terrorism

2017 was a tumultuous year on the global stage as world leaders confronted a morphing U.S. role in international affairs and crises across the …

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Korea 2017: 'Rocketman' Kim vs. 'mentally deranged' Trump

Over 20 missile launches, one atomic test and a hefty verbal spat between North Korea and the United States – these events characterize the …

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THIS YEAR IN ASIA | This Week In Asia | South China Morning Post

2017 was as eventful a year for Asia as it was for us at <i>This Week in Asia</i> reporting it. Covering the world’s most happening region can be its own …

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North Korea in 2017: The year of hydrogen bomb, ICBMs, Kim Jong-nam and 'dotard'

It has been an action-packed year for North Korea and its adversaries, with Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump locking horns.<p>North Korea never seems to …

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2017's most insane crime stories

Truth is stranger than fiction and nothing's weirder than a guy shooting himself in the penis at a hot dog stand.