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Modern slavery most prevalent in North Korea

LONDON – Modern slavery is most prevalent in North Korea and other repressive regimes, but developed nations also bear responsibility for it because they import $350 billion worth of goods that are produced under suspicious circumstances, according to research released Thursday.<p>The Global Slavery …

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Today In History, July 8: Kim Il Sung

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From the archive: the latest threats of North Korea's Kim Il-Sung – 14 June 1975

<b>14 June 1975:</b> Pyongyang seems to fear a miscalculation by Washington just as much as Washington fears a miscalculation by Pyongyang<p>How seriously should one regard official North Korean warnings that “War may break out at any moment”? President Kim Il-Sung of North Korea has just returned to …

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Life inside North Korea: the power of Juche explained - video

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Trump: 'Without the Rhetoric' Against Kim, the Summit May Never Have Happened

President Donald Trump spoke to Sean Hannity about his landmark Singapore summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.<p>Trump said that as much as he "hated" to use violent rhetoric against Kim several months ago, "without the rhetoric, we wouldn't be here."<p>Trump said that after exchanging verbal …

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朝鲜与叙利亚,遭到外界排斥的一对“老朋友” - 纽约时报中文网

Real friends visit you at home sometimes.<p>真正的朋友有时候会上门拜访。<p>North Korean state media reported this month that President Bashar al-Assad of Syria could be the first head of state to visit Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang.<p>朝鲜官方媒体本月报道,叙利亚总统巴沙尔·阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)可能成为首位前往平壤拜访金正恩的国家元首。<p>The two pariah states have a lon …

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Exclusive: North Korea's Kim expected to land at Singapore's Changi airport on Sunday - source

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is expected to fly into Singapore’s Changi airport on Sunday ahead of a high-stakes summit with U.S. President Donald Trump, a source involved in the planning of the trip said on Friday.<p>FILE PHOTO: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un waves to people …

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Kim Jong-un: What's it like having the same name as a North Korean leader?

For most people, the names Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung can mean only three men.<p>But what's it like growing up in South Korea with the same name as a North Korean leader?<p><i>Video by Tessa Wong and Jungmin Choi,</i> BBC Korean<i>.</i>

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North Korea celebrates ‘Day of the Sun’ | South China Morning Post

Yesterday marked the 106th birth anniversary of late North Korean founding leader Kim Il-sung. April 15 is called “the Day of the Sun” by …

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Viewfinder: Celebrating Kim Il Sung in North Korea

Spectators stand before a fireworks display over the Taedong River during celebrations marking the anniversary of the birth of late North Korean …

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A guide to major North Korean holidays — from Kim Jong Un's birthday to a 3-day Thanksgiving

Reuters/KCNA<p>Though North Korea is widely seen as a regime notorious for its human-rights violations and bellicose rhetoric, like other countries, it observes several national and traditional holidays.<p>North Korea's official holidays range from the birthday of its leaders, to its Thanksgiving Day …

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Tiny unicyclists and dancers for North Korea's founder

PYONGYANG (NORTH KOREA) (AFP) -<p>Eleven tiny unicyclists circled in front of a Pyongyang theatre Wednesday to celebrate North Korea's founder Kim Il Sung.<p>The five- and six-year-olds -- boys in red caps and leotards, with white shirts and tights, and girls in sequinned yellow dresses -- confidently …

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How the Soviet Union Launched North Korea's Dynasty

A massive crowd had gathered in Pyongyang to celebrate the Soviet Union’s role in freeing Korea from 35 years of Japanese colonial rule. The rally …

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Welcome to Life Beyond Kim

Opacity is North Korea’s calling card, so much so that the only confirmation of the supreme leader’s birth date is the word of his aunt, a defector …

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North Korea: Runners take part in Pyongyang's marathon

Several hundred foreign athletes have competed in the Pyongyang marathon.<p>The annual race is part of celebrations marking North Korean founder Kim Il-sung's birth in 1912.

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Pyongyang marathon: foreigners get running tour of North Korea capital

North Korean spectators hold out their hands to a foreign competitor running past, with the Ryugyong hotel visible in the background during the annual Pyongyang marathon on April 8, 2018. The event - part of the celebrations of the anniversary of Kim Il Sung's birth in 1912 - has consistently been …

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Hundreds of foreigners join Pyongyang race as tensions ease

PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — Hundreds of foreigners joined in the annual Pyongyang marathon on Sunday despite political tensions that have only recently begun to ease and a ban on U.S citizens traveling to the country that is still in effect.<p>Approximately 400 foreign amateurs took part this year, …

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Pyongyang marathon: Fewer foreigners compete in North Korea's annual race

<b>Several hundred foreign amateurs have competed in the Pyongyang marathon, but turnout was half that of last year.</b><p>The annual race is part of celebrations marking North Korean founder Kim Il-sung's birth in 1912.<p>A US travel ban and fears of nuclear war seem to have cut numbers - the marathon is …

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The days when the North’s first family holidayed in the South

When Kim Jong-un steps over the Military Demarcation Line for a summit on Friday he will be the first member of Pyongyang’s ruling dynasty to set …

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‘The feeling is special’: North Korea commemorates birth of founding father Kim Il-sung

Thousands of North Korean devotees laid flowers before statues of the country’s founder Kim Il-sung on Sunday on the anniversary of his birth.<p>A …

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A History of Visits by North Korean Leaders to China

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un shook hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping on his first visit to Beijing from Sunday to Wednesday, the official …

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China says North Korea's Kim pledged commitment to denuclearisation

BEIJING/SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un pledged his commitment to denuclearisation and to meet U.S. officials, China said on Wednesday after his meeting with President Xi Jinping, who promised China would uphold friendship with its isolated neighbour.<p>After two days of …

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North Korea's Kim Jong Un visits China in first foreign trip: reports

A young leader<br>Kim Il Sung, the first and "eternal" president of North Korea, took power in 1948 with the support of the Soviet Union. The official …

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Summits would expose North Korea's Kim Jong Un to scrutiny he's never experienced

In the next several weeks, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un could take historic steps toward peace on a long-divided peninsula, attending a highly anticipated summit with his counterpart from South Korea, and perhaps one soon after with President Trump.<p>For some, Kim's actual, physical steps are also …

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North Korean diplomat heads to Finland for talks with US, South Korea

A top North Korean diplomat is headed to Finland on Sunday for talks with the United States and South Korea.<p>Choe Kang Il’s trip comes amid a heightened push to find a diplomatic solution to the problem of North Korea’s nuclear weapons arsenal and ahead of a possible May meeting between President …

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People Who Visited North Korea Share Their Crazy Experiences & They Sound Absolutely Absurd

What is life like in the enigmatic country that North Korea is? When someone asked this question on Quora, a lot of people came forward to share …

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China allows Xi to remain president indefinitely, tightening his grip on power

China removed presidential term limits from its constitution on Sunday, giving President Xi Jinping the right to remain in office indefinitely.<p>The country's ruling Communist Party announced the proposed amendment only last month and there was never any doubt it would pass because its rubber-stamp …

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Trump Meeting Is Just What Kim Jong Un Has Always Wanted

North Korea’s ruler and his predecessors have always wanted to be treated as equals by the United States and sought meetings with the president. Not …

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The last two times North Korea said it was giving up nukes, it was lying

For decades, the international community has tried to stop North Korea's nuclear weapon and missile development. It has failed.<p>The pariah state has …

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Some prominent Americans who have met with North Korean leaders

If the shocking, recently announced meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un actually occurs, it will make …

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