Killer Whales

Florida moves to ban orca shows and breeding

Following in the footsteps of the California Legislature, the Florida House of Representatives is seeking to implement a statewide ban on orca shows and breeding of the killer whales. The move comes about two years after SeaWorld announced that it would cease both activities at its facilities.<p>The …


Extended: Killer whales in the Vancouver Harbour

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Salman and Orca Survival Threatened by Chlorpyrifos Pesticide: Government Report

A group of three widely used agricultural pesticides jeopardizes the survival of endangered salmon, according to a National Marine Fisheries Service …

Endangered Species

Whale science on the high seas

<b>People may think six months in Hawaii sounds like a vacation, but 46 scientists and crew aboard NOAA ships Oscar Elton Sette and Reuben Lasker spent</b> …


Vessels as small as kayaks can impact endangered killer whale behaviour

<b>The issue</b><p>This past Summer 10 North Atlantic right whales were killed in the Gulf of St. Lawrence either by ship strikes of entanglement in fishing …


Researchers take to water and sky in major effort to save endangered killer whales

Marine researchers will take to the water and sky in the Salish Sea this year in a major effort to help save endangered southern resident killer …


Rules that limit boat noise off B.C. coast are helping endangered killer whales, study says

American agency says the regulations help local orcas without hurting tourism<p>American regulations that limit vessel noise and traffic around …


Dinosaur-Era Shark With Insane Teeth and Four Other Amazing Shark Stories From 2017

2017 saw a lot of amazing animal discoveries, from new dinosaurs to modern birds. But sharks had some unbelievable moments this year as well. Take a …


Here’s a look at this year’s most-read stories

As 2017 comes to a close, it's time to take a look back at the Anchorage Daily News articles that mattered most to our readers. Here are this year's …

Ryan Zinke

The Underwater Videos We Loved in 2017

As the year comes to an end, we here at <i>Scuba Diving</i> are looking back at some of our favorite underwater videos of 2017. From freedivers with killer …

Scuba Diving

Why some killer whales have curved fins

Contrary to popular belief, fin collapse doesn't just affect captive whales. Biologists think there are several reasons for the phenomenon. Following is a transcript of the video.<p>Contrary to popular belief, it's not just in captive whales. The phenomenon is more common in captivity, but people have …


Whales and Killer Whales: Bitcoin’s Big Money Movers

Bitcoin may be for the people, but the majority stakeholders are a select few with a lot of sway. Can these Whales cause a splash in the market, and …


Monterey Bay Whale Watch - Whales of Monterey Bay

The entire Gray Whale population migrates past the Monterey coastline every winter and spring. These whales have one of the longest animal migrations …


Columbia River Wild Salmon Runs Face Regulatory Hurdles, Political Indifference

Think of the Columbia River’s wild salmon run as an inexhaustible Salmon Mine, says Seattle restaurateur and environmentalist Duke Moscrip. He’s written an open letter to President Trump asking for the White House to direct its federal agencies to stop stalling and restore the salmon runs.<p>It may be …


Science photo contest winners include Antarctic sugar cubes and killer whales with penguin audience

A photo of a plane flying over icy sugar cube formations in Antarctica has won the third Royal Society Publishing photography competition, which …


2017 Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition