10 Things All Divorced Parents Should Do Regularly For Their Kids

When I was five years old, my parents got divorced. I remember next to nothing about their marriage; instead, all of my childhood memories are split between two homes. While it's hard to write that sentence without it sounding sad, I had a good childhood thanks in large part to my parents' ability …


7 Montessori-inspired ways to have a smoother morning routine with your kids

When our children spend so much of the day away from us at school, the moments we do have together are precious. But, they don't always <i>feel</i> precious …


The Best Labels for Kids Lunch Boxes and Clothing

After plastering two water bottles, a nylon lunch box, several food container lids, and a few T-shirts with seven kinds of labels and putting them …

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10 Must-Have Supplies for Preschool Kids

Get ready for fall! Busy pool- and playground-packed days are about to give way to finger painting, block building, and baking soda + vinegar fizzing volcano science experiments. While you’re still well over a decade away from shopping for dorm room essentials, your preschool-bound kiddo still …


Ben Affleck and His Three Kids Are All Smiles as They Grab Dinner for His 46th Birthday

Ben Affleck spent some quality time with his three kids on his 46th birthday.<p>The actor took 12-year-old Violet, 9-year-old Seraphina and 6-year-old …

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How to Be the Best Dad Ever, According to 'Ballers' Actor Rob Corddry

The trick is simple: Make it all about you.<p><i>Comedian Rob Corddry, father of two, appears on</i> Ballers<i>, airing now on HBO.</i><p>Historically, entertainment was not part of the child-parent contract. It was strictly protection and provision: clothing, food, and maybe a trip to Disney World. Now parents <i>are</i> …

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School adds laundry room so all kids can have clean clothes - CBS News

School adds laundry room so all kids can have...

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Sour Patch Kids Are Getting a Makeover

The reason we're not sure how to feel is two-fold. For starters: It's August — and we're talking about Halloween candy already. But plenty of …

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Mom shocked as child's toy car bursts into flames

Michelle Kline pulled her kids from the electric toy car after she spotted smoke.


Should We Encourage Kids To Do 'Extra' Math?

Earlier this month, Barbara Oakley, engineering professor at Oakland University and author of “Learning How to Learn” published an opinion piece called “Make Your Daughter Practice Math. She’ll Thank You Later” in the New York Times.<p>“You and your daughter can have fun throwing eggs off a building …


Angelina Jolie Reportedly Turning Kids Against Brad Pitt: Some ‘Don’t Even Want To See Him’

As Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s custody battle rages on, she has reportedly cast a spell over their six children, ‘influencing’ them to the point …

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The Best New Blind Bag Toys & Surprise Egg Toys For Kids

They're everywhere. These are the ones to seek out.<p>Love them or hate them, mystery toys are not going anywhere. The tiny, collectible toys, which are …


Baby Shark challenge video owned by brilliant trio from Co Antrim

If you've got kids of a certain age then you probably know all about Baby Shark.<p>And these Co Antrim kids have really made it their own.<p>Caitlin, nine, …


VIDEO | wants to change kids' lives through tech | Fast Company, CEO & founder of technology company, discusses how education helped him to achieve his goals and how he's giving disadvantaged youth opportunities through his foundation during the TNW Conference in Amsterdam to crown the winner of the Chivas Venture 2018 competition.


Big Wednesday for Small Kids

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Viral video of kids playing hopscotch game with a twist is surprisingly thrilling

This video of kids playing this game was shared on Facebook last week by Eric Branch, who captioned it, “4th graders getting hyped for Hoop Hop Showdown today. I’m pretty sure this could fill a 30 minute time slot on ESPN 8: The Ocho.” Now, it has eight million views on Facebook and has been viewed …


Listen to Lunchbox And His Wife Had First Fight Over Baby Box + Amy’s Daughter Wants To Learn An Instrument | The Bobby Bones Show | Podcasts

Lunchbox updates us on his argument with his wife on Baby Box. Also, Amy tells us what instrument her daughter wants to learn to play.


17 brands millennials loved that 'kids these days' avoid

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10 super cute dinosaur toys for kids

Is your little one going through a dinosaur phase at the moment? Make their day with one of these awesome dinosaur toys.<p><b>10-piece dinosaur set</b><p>R99.99, …


The Charlotte Observer and its readers raise $180,000 to send kids to summer camp

The Charlotte Observer has raised nearly $180,000 to send children to camp in its annual Summer Camp Fund campaign this year.<p>This summer, more than …

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Trump Opposes Letting Deported Parents Return to Get Their Kids

The Trump administration said it’s willing to send migrant children separated from their parents during a border crossing crackdown back to their …


Genius Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy on Road Trips

After all, an iPad only goes so far.<p>If you’ve ever tackled a loooong drive with children, you know there are just two options: Find engaging ways to …


This Is The Ultimate Prop For Back-To-School Photos

Plus, more great deals on everything you need to make memories with the whole family.<p>Kids are already starting to head back to school, and that means …


Expert tips on how to limit screen time for kids

Evidence is growing that too much time in front of a screen can be bad for our eyes and our health in general, especially for children and teens.

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Parents, the world’s best family-friendly airlines have got your back

<b>TRAVELING WITH KIDS is no walk in the park, especially if they are anywhere from newborn to early kindergarten.</b>It requires a lot of patience, proper …

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Pokemon Go launches parental login portal for more oversight of young players

Better late than never<p><i>Pokémon Go</i> is getting some better parental control options in the near future, with developer Niantic adding a new Niantic Kids log-in platform that will let parents better manage their children’s privacy in the augmented-reality app.<p>Niantic Kids adds a new portal that gives …


6-year-old buys $300 worth of toys on mom's Amazon account

(Meredith) -- A Utah mother let her 6-year-old daughter order a Barbie on Amazon for her birthday. The next day, she was surprised to see a delivery …


Could you forget YOUR kids in the car? Don't Be So Sure!

Just Now<p>Kars For Kids researched parents and found they are susceptible to forgetting a kid in the car. There are simple precautions all parents and …


Would you take your child to a kid-friendly drag show? Meet the mums who have

"We've had kids feel quite confused at the beginning, they look at us like 'What are they?'" Glamrou, one of five drag queens who form Denim, is standing back stage in frothy yellow chiffon and blue lipstick.<p>The band is getting ready to perform one of their two cabarets a day at the Edinburgh …


Biltmore Beach Club in Massapequa is tops for summer fun

The Biltmore Beach Club is located in Massapequa. There is a bay, and a pool to swim in. You can play sports there. It has a handball court, and you …

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