37 Little Things You Did In The '90s That You've Completely Forgotten About

For anyone who continued to use the kids door at Imaginarium, even though they were WAY to big for it.<p>Posted on April 27, 2017, 18:31 GMT<p>1. Making the Warner Bros. Studio Store your first stop whenever you went to the mall:<p>2. Using the kids door any time you went into Imaginarium — even if you were …


Video Nails the Total Lack of Privacy Moms Get in the Bathroom

This mom vlogger perfectly captures the struggle of getting just a few minutes of alone time in the bathroom when you've got kids.<p>Raise your hand if you are a mom and you haven't had a moment alone in the bathroom since giving birth.<p>Meredith Masony, the hilarious That's Inappropriate vlogger, has …


Too Cute! Lester Holt Celebrates #TakeYourKidtoWorkDay with His Journalist (and Adult) Son Stefan

is proving to parents everywhere that their children are never too old to participate in #TakeYourKidtoWorkDay.<p>In honor of the day dedicated to …

Lester Holt

This Hackable Playhouse Turns Kids Into Architects

T-square not included.<p>Playhouses have come a long way from ramshackle backyard forts and plastic Fisher Price cottages. From miniaturized versions of Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe’s work to Bauhaus-inspired jungle gyms, it’s never been a better time to be a kid.<p>advertisement<p>Grimshaw–the …


Kids Make Jimmy Fallon Crack Up Trying To Explain Their Parents' Jobs

"The least favorite part of the job is having to agree with all the clients."<p>Jimmy Fallon decided to find out how much children know about their parents’ jobs in a “Tonight Show” segment for Take Your Child to Work Day.<p>In “Take Your Parents to Work Day,” Jimmy interviewed kids to see exactly what …


Ask Amy: Should I tell my kids the truth about Grandma?

<b>DEAR AMY:</b> My mom died several years ago, and my father has remarried. The woman he married is an alcoholic.<p>Dad seems to be in denial about this fact, …


Mom and 6 sons cut their hair, donate it to kids in need

One family in Cheektowaga, New York donated more than 17 feet of hair to an organization that helps kids in need.<p>Phoebe Kannisto along with her six …


Bill Nye Wants to Punish People Who Have 'Extra Kids'

I don’t even know what to say about this. Bill Nye, formerly called “the Science Guy,” has just quit trying to say things that make sense. On his …

Bill Nye

The Nazi Board Games of World War II

During World War II, the Nazis fueled children’s enthusiasm for both their war effort and genocide partly by stocking toy stores with …

Children's Books

The One Potential Problem With Fantastic Playgrounds

Do stunning structures leave enough room for kids' imaginations?<p>“Why play in a playhouse if you can play in a moon rocket, a submarine, a giant snail shell, a clown head, or a Trojan horse?”<p>Such is the philosophy of the Danish company Monstrum, which has created more than 150 figurative, …


The Best 'Lazy Games' For Exhausted Parents To Play With Their Kids

Great ideas!<p>Playing with energetic kids can be pretty exhausting. But thankfully the funny ladies of The BreakWomb have a solution.<p>In their newest comedy video, “Lazy Games to Play With Kids,” the moms share some of their favorite ways to avoid expending energy. The “lazy games” for parents include …


Kids Now Casting: Nonunion Drama ‘Un-Shame On You’ and More

Two young actors are needed for dramatic supporting roles in “Un-Shame On You,” a nonunion play set on one Friday evening in which “shame is put on …


A mother of 6 responds to 'Must be nice to have a husband who helps like that.'

<br>I need to get something off my chest: It would be nice to live in a world where men took care of their children and it wasn’t considered …


BBC interview-bombing kids could get their own cartoon pilot

The adorable toddlers who crashed the BBC's interview with their father Robert Kelly are now being immortalised as a cartoon.<p>This is the world we live in -- where 15 minutes of viral fame can be spun out into an internet phenomenon. It worked for Grumpy Cat, and now it's happening for the children …


Kits, Bundles, and Theme Bags: Do You Have Them, and, What Do You Call Them?

Are you looking for new and different ways to get learning resources into the hands of your patrons? For the past couple of years, my library (the …


Speaking Out in Troubled Times

Produced by Carmen Mendoza and Julia Schmalz<p>F. King Alexander, president of Louisiana State University, says he will continue to speak out for public …


How kids in Germany are using Playmobil to reenact the Protestant Reformation

From Martin Luther narrowly missing a lightning strike to his 95 theses, children in Germany have replicated scenes from the reformer's life - using Playmobil. They are on show to mark 500 years since the Reformation.<p>A project created by a child is something other children are bound to understand. …


5 Surprising Signs You’re Actually Ready to Be a Dad

Nothing can fully prepare you for parenthood or the monumental changes that come with it. But there does come a time when you feel those first …


Secret bilingual language

My wife and I used to have a private language that was full of bilingual, cryptic references such as the following:<p>Yáo Shùn Yǔ 尧舜禹 (the names of …


This Entrepreneur Uses Toys To Evangelize For Engineering

Coding has been called the “Job of the Future” and a “Must-Have Job Skill” by the likes of Fast Company and Mashable. Initiatives to teach children coding have sprung up in schools in recent years, and a host of online education platforms offer courses that promise people proficiency in various …


Why schools are banning fidget spinners - and angering parents of kids with special needs

<b>The Manchester Evening News reports that schools are banning fidget spinners and cubes because they are causing too much distraction in class.</b><p>They …


Kids compete in the ultimate PB&J challenge, learn how to make healthier options

Nutritionist Maya Feller teaches the kids which ingredients to use for healthier peanut butter and jelly sandwich options.


Father Mods Little Tykes Cozy Coupes Into Mad Max Vehicles For His Two Young Children

These are a handful of shots of the Little Tykes Cozy Coupes that father Ian Pfaff modded into Mad Max style vehicles for children, two-year old …

Mad Max

Southern Charm's Cameran Eubanks Announces She's Pregnant

<i>Welcome to</i><i>Mothership</i> <i>: Parenting stories you actually want to read, whether you're thinking about or passing on kids, from egg-freezing to taking home baby and beyond. Because motherhood is a big</i> if <i>— not</i> when <i>— and it's time we talked about it that way.</i><p><i>Southern Charm</i> star Cameran Eubanks is pregnant! …


KS2 SATS 2016 - Reading Comprehension - Fox on the Run

Fox on the Run has been written especially for our short reading comprehension.<br>This paper is out of 25 marks (the Reading SATS being out of 50) and …


British cartoonist Leo Baxendale, creator of the Bash Street Kids, has died aged 86

Leo Baxendale, the British cartoonist known for creating <i>The Beano</i> strip the <i>Bash Street Kids</i> and <i>Minnie the Minx</i>, has died aged 86.Read more

Comic Books

Chef Josh Capon shares kid-friendly recipes on 'GMA'

The chef, with his children, shares healthy and simple recipes that kids can make themselves.


American Girl Introduces New Korean-American Doll 'Z'

Meet Z Yang! She's a Korean-American girl from Seattle who loves photography, and she's the latest addition to the American Girl collection.<p>You may recall how in February, American Girl introduced a new collection of dolls called "More Characters To Love," which included its first full-sized boy …


Rozwell Kid Reveal Video For UHF On DVD

<b>Rozwell Kid have a dropped a video for UHF on DVD.</b><p><i>“Nostalgia has always been part of my inspiration for songwriting,”</i> says frontman Jordan Hudkins.</i> …