Fever Stickers Exist And You’re Going To Want To Buy Some

Fever stickers are magic when dealing with sick kids.<p>We’ve all been there. Your kid is sick and running a fever. After all day of being miserable …


Madonna Unveils All 6 Kids At 59th Birthday Bash

This is the first pic we've ever seen of <b>Madonna</b> with her 6 kids.<p>The photo was taken in celebration of the singer's 59th, gypsy-themed birthday party …

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Oldest Kids In Class Do Better, Even Through College

Support the news<p>Children who start school at an older age do better than their younger classmates and have better odds of attending college and …


17 Kids’ Bedroom Designs

Up the eco factor<p><b>More:</b> Sustainable treetop home<p>This eco-conscious room uses sustainable resources like no-VOC wall paint and organic cotton bedding …

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Pink Shares a Super-Cute Video of Her Daughter Willow Talking About the Tooth Fairy

The singer, who is currently across the pond with her family, interviewed her daughter on-camera about her latest loose tooth.<p>Pink continues to share adorable glimpses at her family life on social media -- even while on-tour across the pond! The pop star most recently took to Instagram to post a …


It’s time to get your kids ready for school again – here are some things to consider

<b>The summer holidays may have dragged on for parents (especially with this unpredictable weather) but blink a few times and suddenly it will be the</b> …


Kids Learn What It Takes To Be An Astronaut

As summer winds to a close, we've been highlighting interesting camps for kids. For decades, a favorite has been Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala.

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At the PNE, a walk down toy memory lane | The Province

To enter Toyopia is to wander down a lane of memories and history.<p>The exhibit, new this year to the PNE, is also a hands-on educational opportunity …

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Defining identity for the kids the system left behind

Countless children in South Africa are missing documentation to prove their identities. Without birth certificates, many are refused entry into …

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Best coding toys and games for kids

Improve your child's STEM skills with these fun games and toys that help them learn how to code<p>It's never been a better time to learn about …


This 13-year old boy is the same size as a toddler

A teenage boy has been diagnosed with a condition which means he's the same size as an average toddler.<p>Angus Palmes, who weighs just 2st and 2lbs, …


‘America loves the theory that all men are created equal, but doesn’t love the practice’

At a children’s birthday party, Nicola Yoon was taken aback when the balloon artist told her that the faces on the princess balloon figures only came in peach<p>During the first couple of years or so of my young girl’s life, I worried primarily about keeping her alive. During infancy, everything was a …

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Here's Why the Oldest Kids in Kindergarten Are More Likely to Go to Harvard

Parents are actually 'red-shirting' their 5-year-olds.<p>All kinds of factors affect whether your kid will go to a top college, but here's one you may …


What To Do If You Don't Have Fun With Your Kids

Families are the busiest they’ve ever been. According to a Pew Research Center report, nearly half of all two-parent families have two partners who work full time, a sharp increase from previous decades. With schedules often bursting at the seams between work, school, appointments, and …


6 back-to-school apps you need to download immediately

Get ready for the academic year ahead with apps that can aid with homework, getting to school on time, packing lunches, and more.<p>There’s plenty to …


How to Teach Your Kid a Second Language Even if You Suck at It

The idea of teaching a child a second language can sound intimidating. If you, yourself, are rusty in that language (say, you haven’t conjugated a …


Here Is A Brilliant Way To Talk To Kids About Privilege And Class

How is class like ice cream?<p>Kids are curious creatures ― and its our job to help them better understand the world around them.<p>Our favorite LGBTQ web series for kids, “Queer Kid Stuff,” is currently producing a collection of episodes focused on helping kids understand privilege and how it shapes …


Amazon makes the best tablets for kids, and they’re on sale right now

<i>The</i> <i>Insider Picks</i> <i>team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.</i><p>A few months ago, Amazon released updated versions of its kid-friendly Fire Kids Edition Tablets, and today both models are on sale.<p>Before …


Lego Education Won’t Brick Your Kid’s Brain

You can make anything out of Lego bricks. Race cars, dream homes, giant robots, 3D printers, whatever. That’s the joy of the toy. Increasingly, you …


Target's Awesome New Line of Clothing Is Designed for Kids With Special Needs

No one likes an itchy tag at the back of their neck or a harsh metallic zipper digging into their waist, but for kids with sensory-processing issues, …


Virat Kohli Shares Disturbing Clip Of A Woman Forcibly Teaching A Kid & It’s Wrong On So Many Levels

In India, we take our education very seriously. While kids around the world start their formal education at the age of 4-6, in India, we send our …

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Back to school: How to avoid overscheduling your kid

So you've agreed to let your child play hockey, run cross-country, join the swim team, learn piano, star in the school play, take voice lessons, join robotics club, take SAT prep, volunteer at the food pantry, volunteer at the animal shelter, work part-time, keep up with National Honor Society and …


In ‘unorganized baseball’ games, kids play by their own rules

In this week’s Sunday Closer, NBC’s Harry Smith meets a group of young baseball players who are setting their own rules on the field – and parents are told not to get involved. On Tuesday nights in this Oklahoma town, the kids play in a league of their own.


What To Feed Kids Who Play Sports

Active children need extra nutrition to get them through their days.<p>The older kids get, the more involved they become with the activities they love. …


5 tips for kids learning to SUP |

<i>This story was originally published on SUP Magazine. Words by Jack Haworth.</i><p>Whether splashing around a pool or having a blast at the beach, water days …


What Exactly Is a Back-to-School Cocktail?

For many moms and dads, Monday will be the happiest day of year. Aside from a solar eclipse, the 21st marks the first day of school for thousands of …

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Stinking good! There's a Garbage Pail Kids documentary wafting to theaters

I love Garbage Pail Kids. I got my first card around age 6, and I still remember my favorite card: K.O. Kody, a little redhead kid that had had the …


Papier Machine booklet features electronic toys that are made from its pages

French designers Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage have designed a set of 13 electronic toys that are cut, folded and assembled from paper printed …

NFL pro Martellus Bennett is on a mission to inspire kids

His growing company is churning out children's books, cartoons, clothing, apps and toys – all with the goal of sparking creativity

Martellus Bennett

Skills, thrills and chills: Why the Shaw Charity Classic is great for kids

Quincy Bonny-Barr is honest about his golf game.<p>“I’m not the best putter,” says the 10-year-old.<p>But combine the putting with the rest of his game, …