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Know When -- and What -- to Give Up in Order to Move Forward

Giving up is often looked down upon but can be your key to success.<p>It’s likely that you’ve seen this meme pop up in your Facebook feed from time to time: A mugshot of Winston Churchill, with his characteristic bow tie and cigar, rallying readers to “Never, never, never give up.”<p>Well, Churchill …


Airdate: Shark Tank (US)

Hot on the heels of TEN’s success with <b>Shark Tank,</b> Discovery will screen the US <b>Shark Tank</b> from August.<p>The US edition, based on Japan’s <b>Dragon’s Den</b>, …


Aaron Rodgers’ latest clutch performance helps contestant win on ‘The $100,000 Pyramid’

The final answer had a clue about Terry Bradshaw.<p>Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks to ever sling a football — but he might be even better at game shows.<p>Rodgers was on <i>The $100,000</i> <i>Pyramid</i> Sunday night on ABC, where he helped a contestant win the show’s version of the Super Bowl. The …


With Andrew Scheer, it will be trench warfare

The Liberals’ worst fears have come true.

Canadian News

Canada Doesn’t Know How to Party

TORONTO — July 1 is Canada’s 150th anniversary, but nobody seems particularly eager to join the party. The muted attempts at celebration have so far produced either awkwardness or embarrassment. A giant rubber duck, six stories tall, is supposed to arrive in Toronto Harbor on Canada Day, but its …


In Amazon’s Crosshairs: The Companies Most Likely To Be Hurt By The Whole Foods Acquisition

Amazon recently agreed to buy high-end grocery chain Whole Foods for $13.7B, a 27% premium on where it was trading yesterday. The move was …

Whole Foods

‘Shark Tank’ star Kevin O’Leary: There’s ‘not a chance in hell’ I will invest in your start-up if you still have a day job

In the era of the side hustle, star of ABC's "Shark Tank" and self-made millionaire Kevin O'Leary has a harsh stance on the subject. He will not, …


How Kevin O'Leary Landed 'Shark Tank' Thanks to a Cold Call

Kevin O'Leary honed his investing over the years--but his 'wonderful' charm has been there from the beginning.


Initiative launches to support more diverse Canadian entrepreneurship

Old, white, male and quite possibly dead – that’s the image most Canadians have of homegrown entrepreneurs, according to a survey conducted by the newly established Canadian Entrepreneurship Initiative.<p>When asked to name Canadian business innovators, most of the 2,000 people surveyed pointed to …


The Shy Person’s Guide To Dealing With An Aggressive Negotiator

One way to keep aggression at bay is to have a goal or a plan in place before the negotiation even starts.<p>By Kristin Wong<p>If you’ve ever seen the television show “Shark Tank,” you know that a big chunk of its appeal comes from its cringe factor. The show is built around high-pressure, high-stakes …


The Shy Person’s Guide to Dealing With an Aggressive Negotiator

If you’ve ever seen the television show <i>Shark Tank</i>, you know that a big chunk of its appeal comes from its cringe factor. The show is built around …


Here's Why Kevin O'Leary Won't Invest in Your Company

The famed 'Shark Tank' investor shared some business insights, from his entrepreneurship style to what it takes to land an investment from him.<p>When it comes to defining success, Kevin O'Leary says it's all about "staying in business." The <i>Shark Tank</i> judge took questions during a Facebook AMA session …


Mr. Wonderful: “The Advisory Business Is Going to Be Here Forever”

Most Americans know him as the outspoken Mr. Wonderful on ABC’s <i>Shark Tank</i>. But Kevin O’Leary is also making a name for himself in wealth management …


‘He actually understood what it meant to be a candidate’: Andrew Scheer the ultimate political animal

Lorne Nystrom’s opponent didn’t look like much on paper. He was 25 years old. He wasn’t from the riding — he’d barely lived in the province two years …

Canadian News

Arlene Dickinson doesn't want money to define her

Arlene Dickinson won't say how much she's worth, but she is willing to talk about how she feels about money.<p>"It's the wrong handle to have people …


No fear: Wall Street volatility drops to 23-year low

The low volatility plaguing the market looks here to stay, after traders hoping for a spike this week got the opposite.<p>The CBOE Volatility Index …


Scheer has doused the Conservative Party’s mini-rebellion

Partly out of genuine concern, partly out of sheer devilment, supporters of Maxime Bernier stirred up trouble for new Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer over the past week. But the rebellion fizzled, in part because of a funny line.<p>The Bernier camp insists it was someone from outside their ranks who …

Andrew Scheer

Kevin O'Leary's pitch to pay back leadership race debt rejected

O'Leary, Bernier, Leitch campaigns all in debt from Conservative leadership race<p>Kevin O'Leary is a businessman who loves a good deal, but his attempt …


Politics Briefing: Liberals announce change in defence policy

Today is the second hit in the Liberals’ one-two policy punch.<p>Yesterday, Chrystia Freeland laid out the government’s post-Trump vision for foreign relations. You can read the full half-hour speech here. The tl;dr version is: because the United States has shrugged off “the burden of world …


Kevin O’Leary calls for recount of leadership vote, but party insiders say it would offer same result

Print<p>OTTAWA — Kevin O’Leary says a recount would clear a “cloud” hanging over the recent Conservative leadership election after questions arose about …

Canadian News

Kevin O’Leary calls for recount of leadership vote, but party insiders say it would offer same result

OTTAWA — Kevin O’Leary says a recount would clear a “cloud” hanging over the recent Conservative leadership election after questions arose about …


Kevin O’Leary calls for Conservative Party to recount digital ballots

Former Conservative leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary is calling on the federal party to recount the digital imprints of its ballots so that newly elected Leader Andrew Scheer doesn’t start his job with a “cloud” hanging over his head.<p>Mr. O’Leary, who dropped out of the leadership race in April …


Conservative Party stands by leadership voting process as questions mount

Kevin O'Leary, who backed runner-up Maxime Bernier after dropping out of the race, wants a recount<p>The naming of a new leader was supposed to be a …


Conservatives face mounting calls for voting probe

Supporters of failed Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier want to see an investigation into the party's ballot counting process because …


How to Prepare Your Business For Uncertainty In a Time When Speed Is Everything and Loyalty Is Dead

Fear of future uncertainties is normal--but the best business minds tackling these problems head on.<p><i>Inc</i>.'s GrowCo conference was great again this year and there's no place like New Orleans to let the good times roll.<p>I had a chance to catch up with a bunch of old friends and get up-to-date on their …

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Inside Andrew Scheer's unlikely triumph

How an under-the-radar MP from Regina overcame the high-profile distractions in a war for the soul of Canadian conservatism<p>It’s an eternal truth of …

Andrew Scheer

Why won’t Kevin O’Leary go away, ever?: Salutin

Our major national institutions won’t let him.

Canadian News

Kellie Leitch's problem now is that you only get one tearful apology

It's hard to see Leitch coming back from this weird, divisive campaign<p>There were 12 people who didn't win the leadership of the Conservative Party of …

Kellie Leitch

We asked eight cosplayers for their thoughts on the Conservative leadership race

This weekend’s Conservative leadership convention shared space at the Toronto Congress Centre with the (much better-attended) 2017 Anime North …

Canadian News

O'Leary: Supply management cost Bernier the Conservative leadership

Kevin O’Leary called Andrew Scheer’s win over Maxime Bernier for the Conservative leadership “absolutely surprising” but said it was the result of …