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GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's unhidden agenda

The federal Liberals always used to talk about Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “hidden agenda” to remake Canada in his image.<p>So today, let’s discuss …


At least five ex-Tory leadership candidates still paying off campaign debt

At least five of 16 former Conservative leadership candidates still have outstanding campaign debts, two months after the contest wrapped with a …

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When did the CPC become the party of permanent outrage?

Until around four years ago, I was a relatively prominent voice on Canada’s political right. I hosted a prime-time television show for 16 years, …

Andrew Scheer

Online campaign with Conservative ties working to kill CBC Comedy

Kellie Leitch’s former campaign spokesman has launched an online campaign to de-fund the CBC’s satire project, CBC Comedy. The site, …

Andrew Scheer

Liberal MP welcomes debate with Scheer over Khadr settlement

Liberal MP Chandra Arya says he welcomes Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s suggestion to debate the Liberal government’s settlement with Omar …

Andrew Scheer

Does Canadian Media Have a Right-wing Bias?

When CBC journalist Hannah Thibedeau tweeted last week that Gavin McInnes would be her guest on <i>Power and Politics</i>, the CBC’s daily news show, it was …

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Donald Trump is making America consider what greatness really means

Polls suggest Americans are reflecting on their values, says Bruce Anderson—inadvertently giving Trump the consequential presidency he sought<p>Donald …

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Syrian Refugees Are Already Making Canada A Greater Nation

The project to bring Syrian refugees to this country, now 18 months old, remains a great symbol of the potential of what we can do when we work …


Who gets to decide Canada’s identity?

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called his country the world’s “first post-national state” with no “core identity” or “mainstream,” he was offering a prescription, not a description. As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday this week and stares into the uncertain future ahead, his words …


We're quick to label refugees as either 'good' or 'bad', but they're all entitled to protection

A refugee I met last year in Canada has been charged with beating his wife. The ensuing coverage has encapsulated the extremes of the immigration debate<p>“Man who beat wife said he didn’t know it was against the law,” read the headline. Underneath, a photo of a man I knew very well – a man I’d once …


A time for Canadian pride but also vigilance: Harper

So we really hate Donald Trump. According to Pew Research, we are a nation of anti-Trumpers.Our virtues are sung on the front page of the New York …

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One continent, two planets: Trump is driving Canada and the U.S. further apart

Canada Day will be bigger than usual in Ottawa this year, while the annual Fourth of July celebrations at the U.S. ambassador’s residence next week …


Canadians deserve extensive reporting on refugee issue

The recent intake of Syrian refugees to Canada is a big topic. It deserves fair and responsible coverage.

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Andrew Scheer distances himself from Kellie Leitch's Syrian refugee tweet

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says party members endorsed his positive message on immigration during the leadership campaign, suggesting former …

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Looking for reason in unreasonable times: Mallick

Rage is shouting down the house while moderation hesitantly puts up its hand and then leaves the room, Heather Mallick writes.

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Muslim women need to challenge the patriarchy in their own faith

An international forum on women’s rights recently organized a two-day conference in Mississauga to address the status of women in various segments of …

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The World’s Most Powerful Women: June 21

In the early hours after CEO Travis Kalanick resigned from Uber on Tuesday, the ride-hailing company he helped found, rampant speculation about his …

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Kellie Leitch blasted for condemning Syrian refugee program

Kellie Leitch, the firebrand who lost her recent effort to lead the Conservative Party, has ignited a bit of a firestorm with her online sharing of a …

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Socialism Is Back. Is the NDP Listening?

The first 2016 Democratic Presidential debate had just begun when the moderator, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, summoned the spectre that many assumed would …

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HÉBERT: Some stars shine on the hill, some not so much

With the House of Commons adjourning for the summer, time for a look in the rearview mirror at four leading MPs who were on their game over the first …

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Scheer missed a chance to censure Leitch over refugee tweet, say strategists

Sooner or later, say Conservative strategists, Andrew Scheer is going to have to draw a line on former Conservative leadership rival Kellie Leitch’s …

Andrew Scheer

A Tweet Stirs Up Canada’s Immigration Debate

Kellie Leitch, the Canadian firebrand who lost her recent effort to lead the Conservative Party, has ignited a bit of a firestorm with her online sharing of a column about a Syrian refugee who beat his wife with a hockey stick.<p>“A battered wife and a bloodied hockey stick. That’s the legacy of …

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Andrew Scheer Dodges Questions About Kellie Leitch's Refugee Tweet

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is leaving it to former rival and Tory MP Kellie Leitch to explain a tweet on the Syrian refugee program that …

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Scheer ducks question about Leitch’s refugee tweet

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is refusing to criticize his caucus colleague and former leadership rival Kellie Leitch for a caustic remark she …

Andrew Scheer

Kellie Leitch criticized over tweet attacking Syrian refugee program

Conservative MP Kellie Leitch is facing new criticism after she issued a tweet portraying the legacy of the Liberals’ Syrian refugee program as a lone domestic violence case involving a Syrian refugee in Fredericton.<p>Social media erupted after Ms. Leitch tweeted Sunday: “A battered wife and a …


Politics Briefing newsletter: Liberal access-to-information reforms don’t quite meet promises

The Liberals have finally introduced legislation to fulfill one of their campaign promises: reforming Canada’s access-to-information law. For users of the law, which allows the public to access government documents under certain guidelines, the long-awaited Liberal bill is a mixed bag: it boosts …


Kellie Leitch Tweet About Syrian Refugee's Domestic Violence Sparks Anger

While on the campaign trail this spring, then-Conservative leader hopeful Kellie Leitch insisted to Canadians she's not a racist.<br>She couldn't …

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Social media erupts over Leitch’s latest attack on Syrian refugee program

Social media is exploding again over Conservative MP Kellie Leitch’s newest attack on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Syrian refugee resettlement …

Justin Trudeau

Canada must also be on guard for violent rhetoric

There is no doubt that political rhetoric in the United States is incredibly heated.

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Today's extreme vilification of the right paves the way for violence

An important reaction to Wednesday morning’s shooting of Republican politicians playing baseball in Virginia came from Congressman Rodney Davis:

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