Kellie Leitch

Quebec's new religious neutrality law offers a special level of hypocrisy

All this took place beneath the National Assembly's official crucifix, which hangs over the speaker's chair<p>I grew up in Quebec, but I last lived …


Could There Be a Canadian Trump?

Canadians have a complex relationship with the United States. On the one hand, Canadians share the world’s longest undefended border with the U.S., …

Liberal View

The Mounties’ Muslim-targeting border quiz was stupid and pointless

“Canada is a very liberal country that believes in freedom of religious practice and equality between men and women. What is your opinion on this …


Near majority of Canadians back legal pot but it doesn't look like a vote-getter in 2019: poll

Canadians are divided on legalizing recreational marijuana, with nearly half supporting the sale and distribution of the illicit substance, however …

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Constitutional challenge to Canada's segregation laws begins today

A civil liberties group that has launched a constitutional challenge to Canada's segregation laws told a Toronto court today that the rule of law …

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With perks and punishments, Scheer tries to keep the CPC coalition together

Late last week, long-time Saskatchewan member of Parliament Gerry Ritz announced he was calling it a career — that he would not be returning to his …

Andrew Scheer

Militarism Won't Silence The Debate Over Toronto Air Show

Labour Day weekend in Toronto means the end of the summer, start of the school year and, unfortunately, enduring the Canadian International Airshow. …

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France to ban oil, gas output on home soil in symbolic step

France’s government is unveiling a law to ban all production and exploration of oil and natural gas by 2040 on the country’s mainland and overseas …

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LEGER: Scheer gives clearest signal yet of Canadians’ rejection of Trumpism

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has issued a clear signal about where he expects Canadian Conservatives to stand on the race-and-class politics of …

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Scheer makes a smart move to exclude Kellie Leitch

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer announced his new shadow cabinet Wednesday, giving his leadership rivals some prominent portfolios. It’s not …

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Kellie Leitch Shut Out Of Andrew Scheer's Conservative Shadow Cabinet

OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer excluded controversial former rival Kellie Leitch from his party's shadow cabinet Wednesday, keeping the …

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Scheer names Poilievre finance critic, leaves Leitch out of shadow cabinet

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has named Pierre Poilievre his finance critic – a role that was sought by his key leadership rival, Maxime Bernier …

Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer unveils full shadow cabinet leaving Kellie Leitch off front bench

Ottawa area MP Pierre Poilievre takes on the role of finance critic<p>Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer unveiled his full shadow cabinet Wednesday …


No room for Leitch in Scheer's shadow cabinet, but a big seat for Poilievre

The Conservative leader introduces his government-in-waiting<p>So it seems Kellie Leitch didn't pass the values screening required to enter Andrew …

Andrew Scheer

United Conservative candidate urges Alberta to buy Churchill port for oil sales

A candidate to lead Alberta’s new United Conservative Party says one way to jump−start the province’s lagging oil industry may be to buy a piece of …

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Canadian Conservatives Face Their Alt-Right Problem

‘There was some naivety and some appeasement of really nasty elements... that will end now,’ predicts former leadership hopeful.

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GIBBONS: As Rebel implodes, Conservatives debate their way forward

Wow. The implosion of Rebel Media has been truly epic, its ruin both welcomed and overdue for an unconventional digital media outlet that had drifted …

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Tories fundraising off of tax changes, warn healthcare system is “under fire”

In the latest sign the federal Tories see the Liberals’ proposed tax reforms on ‘income sprinkling’ as a winning issue to champion, the Conservative …

Health Care

Trudeau’s unhidden agenda

The federal Liberals always used to talk about Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “hidden agenda” to remake Canada in his image.


GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's unhidden agenda

The federal Liberals always used to talk about Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “hidden agenda” to remake Canada in his image.<p>So today, let’s discuss …


At least five ex-Tory leadership candidates still paying off campaign debt

At least five of 16 former Conservative leadership candidates still have outstanding campaign debts, two months after the contest wrapped with a …

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Bernier raises more than Scheer in final sprint of Conservative race

OTTAWA -- Maxime Bernier lost the Conservative leadership race, but he remained the top fundraiser right to the end.<p>Newly released figures from …

Andrew Scheer

Online campaign with Conservative ties working to kill CBC Comedy

Kellie Leitch’s former campaign spokesman has launched an online campaign to de-fund the CBC’s satire project, CBC Comedy.<p>The site, …

Andrew Scheer

Does Canadian Media Have a Right-wing Bias?

When CBC journalist Hannah Thibedeau tweeted last week that Gavin McInnes would be her guest on <i>Power and Politics</i>, the CBC’s daily news show, it was …

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Donald Trump is making America consider what greatness really means

Polls suggest Americans are reflecting on their values, says Bruce Anderson—inadvertently giving Trump the consequential presidency he sought<p>Donald …

Donald Trump

Syrian Refugees Are Already Making Canada A Greater Nation

The project to bring Syrian refugees to this country, now 18 months old, remains a great symbol of the potential of what we can do when we work …


Who gets to decide Canada’s identity?

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called his country the world’s “first post-national state” with no “core identity” or “mainstream,” he was offering a prescription, not a description. As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday this week and stares into the uncertain future ahead, his words …


We're quick to label refugees as either 'good' or 'bad', but they're all entitled to protection

A refugee I met last year in Canada has been charged with beating his wife. The ensuing coverage has encapsulated the extremes of the immigration debate<p>“Man who beat wife said he didn’t know it was against the law,” read the headline. Underneath, a photo of a man I knew very well – a man I’d once …


A time for Canadian pride but also vigilance: Harper

So we really hate Donald Trump. According to Pew Research, we are a nation of anti-Trumpers.Our virtues are sung on the front page of the New York …

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Canadians deserve extensive reporting on refugee issue

The recent intake of Syrian refugees to Canada is a big topic. It deserves fair and responsible coverage.

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