I Just Got My First Fishing Kayak: My First Impressions

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my progression as a bass angler; it could be a maturity thing, but I think a large part of it is the longing …


Ocoee Chain Beater (#11 Carnage for All 2018)

<b>Published on</b> mars 24th, 2018 | <i>by Kayak Session</i><p>Watch the Purdue students getting beaten one after another, and on top of each, at Broken Nose on the …

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Kayaker rescued after capsizing off shore in South Taranaki

A kayaker has been rescued after capsizing off the coast of South Taranaki.


This Tiny Tow-Behind That Sleeps Three Is The Ultimate Summer Camping Upgrade

The Little Guy MyPod weighs only 630 pounds and tows behind even the smallest of cars.<p>By<p>Mar 23 2018, 6:09 PM<p>When it comes to family camping, there …


OPINION: Why Water Filters are Dumb

A recent set of pro and con articles about the need to filter water in the backcountry got me thinking, and reflecting on my own habits over 40+ …

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HUGE Texas Blue Catfish While Kayak Fishing!!

What a monster! Texas provides! « The most monstrous catfish of my life! »

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In the Eye of the Storm

<i>Breathe. Focus. It's the biggest rapid I've ever run. I've spent half an hour scouting and visualising the perfect line. I'm as fit and sharp as I'll</i> …

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NSW kayaker braves rough storm waters in dangerous waterfall plunge

A kayaker has risked all to descend a swollen waterfall in a death-defying stunt.<p>Video posted to Facebook by Michael Taylor yesterday shows the …

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Dream Job Alert: You Can Own an Adorable Tiny Rental Cottage Community With Private Beach Access

Everyone dreams of summering in the Hamptons, but what if you could summer in the Hamptons <i>and</i> make money while doing it? Meet the Beehive Bungalows, …


Kayak Fishing Alaska's Remote Prince William Sound

Alaska is, by nature, a wild place.<p>The capricious and often-volatile waters of the Gulf of Alaska can turn inhospitable in a hurry. But when quiet, …


Brown Trout Fishing Milwaukee NFN Kayak Adventure on Lake Michigan

Beautiful catch right in front of the skyline! Lunch break pays off 😉

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Should paddlers be required to register their watercraft?

Share This:<p>Not too long ago, when Great Lakes water levels were too low to launch my 14-foot motorized boat, I started using a canoe and rowboat for …

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Bear Creek, North Georgia - Usa

<b>Published on</b> mars 22nd, 2018 | <i>by Kayak Session</i><p>Bear Creek, North Georgia – Usa<p>Following the rain left by Hurricane Irma, the usual suspects headed to …

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Kayaker Paul Gaastra hauled to safety in Northland seven months after being rescued at Opotiki

A man left clinging to his kayak for three hours in rough seas and darkness off Northland was winched to safety in a text book rescue and would not …

New Zealand

Send | Hundo

Follow Bren Orton and Adrian Mattern as they attempt to run the 128ft Big Banana falls in Mexico, the second largest waterfall successfully ran in a …

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Full Moon Paddle - March 29 - University Recreation

March 29, 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.<p>$30 – $40<p>There isn’t much that’s better than paddling under the stars with a full moon lighting the way. Come explore …


Kayak Fishing for Sailfish & Mahi Mahi Offshore | Field Trips Florida

« In this episode I’m kayak fishing for sailfish, mahi mahi (dorado), tuna and more off the coast of south Florida with Deep Blue Kayak Fishing and …


Serrasolses Brothers Program #1: Futaleufu, Chile

Check out the first edition of the Serrasolses Brothers Program in Futaleufu in Patagonia, Chile.« SBP is born out of our desire to give back through …

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The Fishing Gear You Need for 2018

Spring is here! Which means it’s time to break out the gear, dust off the rods and sharpen the hooks. Soon enough we’ll all be back out on the water, …


HUNDO – the Making Of Running 128ft Big Banana Waterfall (Mexico)

Awesome edit showing the backstage of Bren Orton and Adrian Mattern ‘s run down 128ft Big Banana falls in Mexico.By: Send/ Adrian Mattern, Bren …

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Michael Ferraro Upside Down on Tomata 2 (#10 Carnage for All 2018)

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Swapping Paddles for Pedals

Just as adventurers, activists and authors Dave and Amy Freeman announced their latest effort--a 1,750-mile bike ride to Washington, D.C.--to …

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From Warrington (Uk) to the Little White river (Usa)

<b>Published on</b> mars 21st, 2018 | <i>by Kayak Session</i><p>Finally free from all the adulting I had to get done back home, I hopped on a flight to the states to …

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Jackson Kayak MixMaster Ocoee Opening Day with EJ

Testing the new Jackson Kayak Mixmaster with Eric Jackson on the Ocoee!

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Bonafide Kayaks SS127 Does It SURF???

« Does the Bonafide Kayaks SS127 an offshore boat?<br>I was asked many times if the bonafide ss127 could be used offshore so we decided to put it to the …

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Sit In VS Sit On Kayak - Pros, Cons (Fishermen, Beginners, Comfort)

One of the first decisions you need to make when purchasing a new kayak lies in the age-old argument of sit in vs sit on kayak. These are the two …

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12 Best Kayaking Places To Paddle in Texas

Texas kayakers are blessed with a number of great waterways, lakes and reservoirs perfect for paddling in the Lone Star State. The kayaking spots on …

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5 stunning locations to explore in the UK by kayak this summer

Author: Naomi Dunbar<p>There’s just something special about exploring places by kayak. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I feel more connected to nature …

Loch Lomond

St Johns River Story: Part II

<b>Words and photos by Drew Ross</b><p><b>It was 2 am when the ground started to shake.</b><p><b>I knew camping on an airboat crossing was a bad idea</b> and now we're all …

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How to Throw a Rope 4 Ways

Check out this rundown of the basic steps to coil and throw a rescue rope four different ways, presented by Boreal River Rescue and Five 2 Nine …

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