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20 Facts About “Titanic” That Make Us Discover New Sides of This Movie

It’s hard to imagine, but it has been 20 years since Titanic was released. There are very few people in this world who have not seen this movie and …


Kate Winslet, Diane Keaton, Mia Wasikowska to Star in ‘Silent Heart’ Remake

Kate Winslet, Diane Keaton, and Mia Wasikowska have signed on to star in “Blackbird,” a remake of Bille August’s Danish-language “Silent Heart,” with …

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Kate Winslet, Diane Keaton, and Mia Wasikowska Team Up to Break Your Heart

Three of your favorite stars are gearing up to give you extreme situational depression, as <i>Variety</i> is reporting that Kate Winslet, Diane Keaton, and …

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Wimbledon: Kate Winslet strolls into men's final 2018 with husband

Wimbledon 2018: Kate Winslet puts on a leggy display as she strolls into the men's final on the arm of husband Ned Rocknroll<p>Kate Winslet looked chic …

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Kate Winslet Shows Off Bikini Body On PDA-Filled Vacation With Her Husband

Kate Winslet appeared to have trouble keeping her hand off her husband during this romantic getaway.<p>Kate Winslet rocked a skimpy blue striped bikini …

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Kate Winslet and Diane Keaton Sign On to Star in New Film BLACKBIRD

It has been reported by The Daily Mail, that Hollywood stars Kate Winslet and Diane Keaton have signed on for a new<p>According to reports, the two …


Kate Winslet kisses and cuddles husband Ned as they enjoy a romantic holiday in Venice

KATE Winslet looked more loved-up than ever with her husband Ned Rocknroll as she shared a kiss with him on a romantic holiday in Venice.<p>The Titanic …

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Hollywood A-lister Kate Winslet believed to be holidaying on Isles of Scilly - Cornwall Live

Rumours are circulating that Titanic star Kate Winslet is currently enjoying a getaway on the Isles of Scilly.<p>According to a source on the islands …

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Kate Winslet's Mansion in "The Holiday" Is for Sale—Look Inside

When <i>The Holiday</i> hit cinemas in 2006, we couldn't help but dream of doing a house swap thanks in part to the gorgeous Hollywood mansion Kate Winslet's …

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This Guy Got Zac Efron, Kate Winslet, Emma Stone and More to Help Him Make the Best Wedding Video Ever

Too bad you can't add this to your registry.<p>Attention every future husband ever: Skip the vows and do this instead. Journalist Joe Michalczuk created a video of A-list celebrities wishing his wife Jenny a happy marriage. We don't mean to name drop, but the lineup includes cameos from Scarlett …


Matilda by Roald Dahl, read by Kate Winslet

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Cannes: Kate Winslet and Willem Dafoe Lead Voice Cast on 'Manou The Swift'

They will play seagull parents in the animated feature from Christian Haas and Andrea Block, which Solo Media is selling worldwide.<p>Kate Winslet and …

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Kate Winslet, Willem Dafoe Lead Cast of Animated ‘Manou the Swift’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Kate Winslet and Willem Dafoe will lead the voice cast of animated movie “Manou the Swift,” which sales agent Sola Media is pitching to buyers at …

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Adele channels Kate Winslet’s character for ‘Titanic’-themed 30th birthday party

Adele celebrated her 30th birthday in “Titanic” fashion.<p>Entertainment Tonight reported that the singer channeled Rose DeWitt Bukater, the fictional …

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Adele threw a "Titanic"-themed 30th birthday party, is officially Kate Winslet's identical twin

Near, far, wherever we are, our hearts will go on for Adele. The “Hello” singer threw a <i>Titanic-</i>themed party for her 30th birthday on May 5th, and …

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15 Celebrities Who Went From Rags To Riches

by Lauren Kearney<p>– on<p>in Pop Culture<p>Who doesn't love a rags to riches story? It's especially satisfying when we hear that those superstars we see …

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Kate Winslet says she’s ‘uncomfortable’ when women wear revealing clothes

Kate Winslet has criticized women who reveal too much flesh on the red carpet in a bid to gain attention.<p>The Oscar-winning actress is famous for her …

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Kate Winslet says she feels "uncomfortable" when women show too much flesh on the red carpet

Kate Winslet is known for her non-showy, elegant red carpet style, and the star has admitted that she never wants to draw attention to herself for the wrong reasons on the red carpet, and that too much flesh on display makes her feel "uncomfortable".<p>The Oscar-winning actress also said that she's …

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Kate Winslet finds it 'uncomfortable' when women present themselves in a way that's 'designed to make people stare'

Actress Kate Winslet has urged women to cover up on red carpets, claiming that seeing "too much flesh" makes her feel "uncomfortable".<p>Winslet admitted that she "wasn't interested" in people looking at her when she walked into a room, but more in the conversation she has to offer.<p>Speaking to the …

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Kate Winslet Says It Makes Her 'Uncomfortable' When Women Wear Revealing Clothes On The Red Carpet

Hmmm...<b>Kate Winslet</b> says it makes her "uncomfortable" when women show too much flesh on the red carpet. Good thing they aren't wearing their clothes …

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20 Stars Who Need Only a Tony to EGOT, From Julie Andrews to Kate Winslet (Photos)

A select group of entertainers can round out their trophy cases with a competitive win from the Broadway League

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Best Celebrity Movie Couples (Who Never Dated IRL)!

<b>Leonardo DiCaprio</b> and <b>Kate Winslet</b> have so much onscreen chemistry, it's crazy to think they've never <i>really</i> been in love!<p>(Some <i>Titanic</i> superfans still …

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The Iconic Travel Experiences You Should Have In Your 20s

Taking time to travel in your 20s is always a good idea. The decade is a sweet spot in life — when endless doors hiding fresh experiences suddenly open up to you. Independence is at a high. The whole world is waiting. It’s a beginning. The memories, successes, and failures you collect along the way …


Hotel to host a Titanic afternoon tea 20 years on from hit Oscar winning film's release

It’s been 20 years since we all cried (or tried to convince ourselves we weren’t crying!) when Rose broke her promise to “never let go” and sent Jack …


From Weinstein to Trump: What Happens When We Torch NDAs

Lawyer Nick Rozansky says a public educated in gag orders means “you can potentially avoid them”<p>On Monday, The Weinstein Company shocked Hollywood by …

Harvey Weinstein

Just two things can fix public sector banks’ problems

If public sector bank officers are allowed to perform without fear or favour by their proximate bosses, the bulk of the problem is solved

State Bank of India

21 celebrities who are real-life heroes

These celebrities don't just play heroes in movies and TV shows— they've intervened during real crises and saved people's lives.<p>Here are 21 celebrities who have saved the day both on and offscreen.

Clint Eastwood

Nirav Modi's Expansion Plans Gave Me Palpitations, Says Vipul Ambani

With Nirav Modi boutiques in at least six cities, he was eyeing 30 more outlets in 12 countries by 2020<p>The opening of Nirav Modi's jewelry store on …


Nirav Modi, the diamond tycoon behind PNB fraud

A file photo of Nirav Modi. Modi’s company Firestar Diamond and another headed by his uncle Mehul Choksi, who is also under investigation for alleged …


Sorry, That Poster Of Kate Winslet In A Remake Of Disney’s ‘Bedknobs And Broomsticks’ Isn’t Real [Debunked]

While it comes across as a really cool idea and concept, Disney isn't quite on the train just yet.<p>Remakes are often something that people are …

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