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Meet The Seoulful Korean Que Dawg Heating Up Twitter

Happy #QueAppreciationMonth #QueDawgTwitter pic.twitter.com/q0k8WORBil— SEΩULCityDon (@SpicyKoreanQ) November 1, 2017Justin The Que Is 2 Lit 4 UYou …

Indie Focus: Studying character with 'Mudbound,' 'A Fantastic Woman' and 'Roman J. Israel, Esq.'

Hello! I’m Mark Olsen. Welcome to another edition of your regular field guide to a world of Only Good Movies.<p>It’s easy to get cynical about awards season. Last weekend’s Governors Awards ceremony set in motion what soon will be a conveyor belt of accolades, as the machinery of the season grinds on …

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'Mudbound,' 'A Fantastic Woman,' 'The Breadwinner' and other movie picks for Nov. 17

<i>Movie recommendations from critics Kenneth Turan and Justin Chang.</i><p><b>Battle of the Sexes</b> This enjoyable and entertaining film, with the gifted and innately likable actors Emma Stone and Steve Carell as Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, respectively, is most involving when it deals not with sports or …

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‘Mudbound’ reviews: Netflix period drama ‘plays like great literature on the screen’

“Mudbound” opened November 17 simultaneously in limited theatrical release and streaming on Netflix, and while critics treasure the big-screen …


Ingrained Prejudices Collide With Wartime Trauma In 'Mudbound'

Dee Rees' sweeping epic follows two families in the Mississippi Delta during the 1940s. Reviewer Justin Chang says <i>Mudbound</i> is "easily one of the year's most ambitious American movies."


Mindy Kaling Loves Rom Coms (And Being The Boss)

Kaling's Hulu series, <i>The Mindy Project,</i> recently ended after six seasons. In 2012, the actress told <i>Fresh Air</i> that her character on the show was inspired by her late mother, who was an obstetrician.


Remembering Syndicated Gossip Columnist Liz Smith

Smith, who died Sunday, started her daily column for <i>The New York Daily News</i> in 1976. In 2000, she told <i>Fresh Air:</i> "I always held back from writing things that were intentionally hurtful."


GOP Tax Plan Takes a Big Step, but an Even Bigger One Remains

The fight over the Republicans’ tax revamp shifts to the U.S. Senate, where lawmakers will consider a much different bill that changes Obamacare too.<p><b>TOP STORIES</b><p><b>The GOP Tax Plan Takes a Big Step, but an Even Bigger One Remains</b><p>House Republicans have approved a tax overhaul bill, with most of …

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Alex Gibney revisits the Irish Troubles in his angry true-crime doc 'No Stone Unturned'

On June 18, 1994, two masked men armed with assault rifles entered a pub in Loughinisland, a village in County Down, Northern Ireland, where locals had gathered to watch the Irish Republic trounce Italy in the World Cup. The assailants opened fire, killing six patrons, all of them Catholic men, and …


Two Southern families bound by war and prejudice in Dee Rees' magnificent ensemble drama 'Mudbound'

The camera rarely sits still in “Mudbound,” a sweeping epic of racial discord set during the 1940s, when Jim Crow held sway in the American South and Hitler loomed over Europe. At times the movie, directed with striking verve and sensitivity by Dee Rees, shuttles back and forth across the Atlantic, …

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Jason Mitchell on lessons to be learned from 'Mudbound'

Perhaps the most emotionally charged role of the 2015 blockbuster “Straight Outta Compton” is that of late N.W.A rapper Eazy-E, as played by Jason Mitchell. In a number of scenes, after Eazy-E finds out he had AIDS, Mitchell captures a level of sensitivity not often afforded black men in media; …

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2018 Oscars Buzzmeter

It’s that time of year again when the multiplexes are crowded with movies hoping to build that all-important buzz on the way to the 90th Oscars ceremony at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on March 4.<p>As usual, questions abound. Will the newly diversified group of voters provide a boon to smaller …

The Shape of Water

'Aquarius'' tale of social and political decay is richly told

The critic-turned-filmmaker Kleber Mendonça Filho (“Neighboring Sounds”) has proved an unusually incisive chronicler of life in his native Brazil, telling stories that blend analytical insight with rueful humanity. In his marvelous 2016 feature, “Aquarius,” newly available on DVD, he turns a …


Los Angeles Times film critic Justin Chang sits down with a panel of distinguished directors behind some of the most talked-about and acclaimed …

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'Murder On The Orient Express' Moves In Inspired Fits And Starts

Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Agatha Christie's 1934 mystery novel features a cast that rips into individual roles with gusto — but never fully jells as an ensemble.


AFI Fest boasts the best in world cinema

The AFI Fest is in full swing. The Governors Awards are coming this weekend. And Christopher Plummer might end up getting an Oscar campaign.<p>Welcome to the Gold Standard, the newsletter from the Los Angeles Times that helps guide you through the ins and outs of the awards season leading up to the …


The Accusers and the Many Accused

From Alabama to Hollywood, it’s been another week of shocking allegations with consequences for powerful men.<p><b>TOP STORIES</b><p><b>The Accusers and the Many Accused</b><p>In Alabama, the race for a seat in the U.S. Senate has been thrown into doubt after Republican religious-right candidate Roy Moore was accused of …

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Agnès Varda on making films, admiring Angelina Jolie and winning a 'side Oscar'

For most artists, winning an honorary Academy Award would mark the culmination of a long and extraordinary career. Few careers in any field are as long or extraordinary as that of Agnès Varda, but as she sits down at Le Parc Suite in West Hollywood, the 89-year-old Brussels-born, Paris-based …

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The controversy over Disney blacklisting the LA Times, explained

Disney retaliated against the LA Times for reporting it didn't like. The implications are huge.<p>As reviews of Marvel’s <i>Thor: Ragnarok</i>began rolling out in advance of the movie’s November 3 release, a review from one news outlet in particular — the Los Angeles Times — was glaringly absent. And its …

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How to Scale Yourself as a PM

I first signed up for ClassPass in the summer of 2014 on its infamous unlimited plan. For the first time, I felt like I could take advantage of …


Indie Focus: Looking ahead with Holiday Sneaks, 'Lady Bird', 'Last Flag Flying,' and 'BPM'

Hello! I’m Mark Olsen. Welcome to another edition of your regular field guide to a world of Only Good Movies.<p>The Los Angeles Times Holiday Movies Sneaks came out this week, and once again it is just packed with stories on the essential upcoming movies. Last year, I visited the set of Guillermo del …


Disney Says LA Times Showed 'Disregard for Basic Journalistic Standards'

On Friday, The Times said film critic Justin Chang was not permitted to see “Thor: Ragnarok” in advance<p>Following news that the Walt Disney Co. is …


Disney Bans LA Times Reporters From Advance Screenings After Critical Article (Update)

Mouse House refused to allow film critic Justin Chang to see “Thor: Ragnarok” before release<p>The Walt Disney Co. is leaving Los Angeles Times …


'Thor: Ragnarok' is punchy, predictable and fun in fits and starts

About halfway through “Thor: Ragnarok” — to be more precise, sometime after a bunch of people die, but long before a ton of stuff blows up — Thor does something he should have done at least five movies ago but never had the courage to pull off. He gets a haircut.<p>Sorry, I probably should have issued …

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'Lady Bird' is the word this awards season

Get used to the name “Lady Bird” because you’ll be hearing it repeatedly over the course of the next four months.<p>Welcome to the Gold Standard, the newsletter from the Los Angeles Times that helps guide you through the ins and outs of the awards season leading up to the Oscars.<p>I'm Glenn Whipp, The …

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From 'The Post' to 'Phantom Thread,' L.A. Times critics discuss the movies to look for this holiday season

<i>Pull up a chair and take notes as The Times’ film critics, Kenneth Turan and Justin Chang, discuss the holiday movies they’re most looking forward to.</i><p><b>KENNETH TURAN:</b> It’s always a relief for critics to get to the fall season in general and the holiday movies in particular, a time when the films as a …

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A Trio Of Veterans Embark On A Road Trip Together In 'Last Flag Flying'

Director Richard Linklater salutes the courage of our troops while casting a hard eye at the government machinery that sends them into battle<i>.</i> Justin Chang calls <i>Last Flag Flying</i> an elegiac comedy.<p>Transcript<p>TERRY GROSS, HOST:<p>This is FRESH AIR. Richard Linklater has directed and co-written a new film …

Three Vietnam veterans embark on a talky, touching odyssey in Richard Linklater's 'Last Flag Flying'

Few American independent filmmakers are in the sequel business, but Richard Linklater, the most experimental of mainstream directors and vice versa, has long been a fascinating exception to the rule.<p>His idea of a movie franchise — the decades-spanning romantic trilogy “Before Sunrise” (1995), …

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Kristen Stewart gives a medium-cool performance in 'Personal Shopper'

Few actresses this year have commanded the screen as forcefully, or with such seemingly little effort, as Kristen Stewart does in “Personal Shopper,” now out in a new Blu-ray/DVD edition from Criterion Collection. In this second English-language collaboration with the French director Olivier …

Kristen Stewart

The bracing, passionate French drama 'BPM (Beats Per Minute)' salutes early '90s AIDS activism

Young bodies gyrate, sway and sometimes fall into a hot embrace in the most ecstatic moments of “BPM (Beats Per Minute),” a restless, engrossing dramatic portrait of Parisian activists fighting the AIDS pandemic in the early 1990s. Pitched between the long, anxious scenes of group discussion that …