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Renewables will drive 'steep decline' in wholesale electricity price in Australia – report

Exclusive: Frontier Economics’ modelling commissioned by government says 6,000MW of renewable capacity entering market will reduce prices in 2018-20<p>Modelling commissioned by the Turnbull government as part of its efforts to back in the national energy guarantee says renewables will drive the first …


Energy ministers urged to avoid 'unacceptable' emissions reduction target

Open letter from business leaders, academics, economists and investors calls for more ambitious reduction targets<p>Australian state and federal energy ministers have been urged to set a more ambitious emissions reduction target in any potential national energy guarantee in an open letter signed by …


NEG will kill large scale renewables boom, rooftop solar soars

The proposed National Energy Guarantee using the Turnbull government's preferred greenhouse gas emissions reduction target would snuff out the boom …

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Alinta buys Loy Yang B brown coal power station in $1.1 billion deal

French energy giant Engie and Japan's Mitsui have sold the Loy Yang B coal-fired power station to Alinta Energy for more than $1 billion.<p>Alinta and …

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Australia’s citizenship saga projects an insular image

The current saga concerning dual citizenship of Australian parliamentarians goes far beyond electoral politics. Australia needs a serious …

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Pressure on Labor to back energy guarantee plan

Malcolm Turnbull has called on Labor and the states to get behind his National Energy Guarantee after independent modelling showed it would deliver …


Renewables could reliably contribute 50% to power grid, says Alan Finkel

Chief scientist warns in new report that Australia risks missing out on global growth industry of energy storage because of ongoing policy uncertainty<p>Australia’s power grid can reach penetrations of 50% renewable energy without a significant requirement for storage to support reliability, according …


'A groundswell of action': Canberra on show at UN climate talks

The role of cities like Canberra in affecting progress against global warming has been considered in the latest United Nations climate talks, with …


Citizenship crisis delivers poetic justice to the culturally privileged

If the citizenship fiasco was a TV comedy it might be called <i>Poms Out of Work</i>. For wogs, the parliamentary crisis is sweet revenge, sweet as a spotted …

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Climate talks close with enough progress

The world will gather in 2018 to work out exactly what must be done to limit warming to 1.5 degrees.


'Political watershed' as 19 countries pledge to phase out coal

New alliance launched at Bonn climate talks hopes to signal the end of the dirtiest fossil fuel that kills 800,000 people a year with air pollution<p>A new alliance of 19 nations committed to quickly phasing out coal has been launched at the UN climate summit in Bonn, Germany. It was greeted as a …


Fears for Great Barrier Reef as deforestation surges in catchments

Calls grow for the federal government to step in as erosion from intensified land clearing in Queensland threatens coral<p>A deforestation surge in Queensland, which the latest government data suggests is about to accelerate dramatically, is heavily concentrated in catchments for the Great Barrier …


The dual citizenship saga shows our Constitution must be changed, and now

It is time to accept that section 44 of the Australian Constitution is irretrievably broken. In its current form, it is creating chaos that is …

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The very misunderstood Alan Finkel

I have been chatting with Alan Finkel about artificial intelligence for 18 minutes when the Chief Scientist invites me to make a "substantial …

What Frydenberg was told about why NEG was bad policy

Lane Crockett at IIG’s Mount Majura Solar Farm.<p>By now, it’s clear that the government’s latest energy policy, the National Energy Guarantee (the …


Australia fails again in climate rankings, but states get honourable mention

Australia's "unambitious, uninspired" climate policyagain puts it near bottom of global rankings. States get a mention for taking "independent …


IEA predicts Australia will become world energy leader

The International Energy Agency predicts Australia will have a growing role as a world energy leader as gas exports rise to meet the global …

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Aust gets blue about carbon at UN summit

Within hours of arriving at the UN climate talks in Germany Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg was handing out cash.


UN climate talks move to political stage

World leaders and environment ministers are arriving in Germany as the UN climate talks move into their more serious and political stage.


Rhinos and elephants: Australia does what South Africa won’t

Australian MP Jason Wood, who introduced the motion last month, says an Australian domestic trade ban “is about stopping illegal poaching and illegal …


US coal miner applauds Turnbull power plan

Australia's energy policy is a great example to the world, according to the US coal industry.<p>A Trump administration panel on fossil fuels at the UN …


Federal and State governments fiddle while koalas burn

<i>As State, Federal and Local Governments continue to sign off on corporate developments that will see koalas (and other wildlife) completely wiped</i> …

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Australia questioned over coal support

Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg will arrive at the UN climate conference in Germany next week keen to tout Australia's leadership on land use …


The nation is in a political crisis … and we really don’t care anymore

If you’re interested in federal politics then you’re probably transfixed by the rolling omni-shambles that is the citizenship debacle.But not …

Richard Di Natale

Turnbull's citizenship crisis

On the day the High Court’s citizenship judgement shattered Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s hopes of ending the year on a high, his predecessor …

Malcolm Turnbull

An Unfolding Humanitarian Emergency

The Australian government formally closed the Manus Regional Processing Centre on 31 October. The MRPC was an offshore immigration detention facility …


How to flee persecution to Australia properly and other nonsense rhymes

<b>'Fleeing the Nazis (or maybe the Commies)', 'We can't let you out because you might sneak in', 'That boat is not a boat!', and many other family</b> …


s44 and the Right to Return — the genie to the bottle

<b>By mobilising the Holocaust defence, Turnbull has ensured the "citizenship debate" now turns entirely on emotional responses — which is a danger to</b> …

Barnaby Joyce

Citizenship saga: the latest Australian politicians under the microscope – explainer

Pauline Hanson is reportedly clarifying her status with UK authorities and there is a cloud over six other parliamentarians<p>Justine Keay – Labor, Braddon<p><b>Issue:</b> Renounced her British citizenship but not in time for the close of nominations on 9 June 2016. Keay did eventually get confirmation she had …


Let's not rush to write off government's National Energy Guarantee (NEG)

With help from their new Energy Security Board (ESB), Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Energy and Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg recently …