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Jon Hamm gets stellar acting marks for 'Mad Men' role

Yes, we have more <b>Jon Hamm</b> news, with STL's No. 1 celeb getting high praise from the Boston Globe.<p>The periodical's television critic, Matthew Gilbert, …


David Muir skips out on ‘Beirut’ premiere to anchor from Beirut

David Muir had a great reason for bowing out of the New York premiere of acclaimed indie film “Beirut” at the last minute — the “ABC World News …


Jon Hamm making waves (hair, acting) in Tinseltown

It has come to this bureau's attention that STL No. 1 celeb <b>Jon Hamm</b> has been missing from this space for three weeks. Three entire weeks.<p>So let us …


Find Out What Christopher Nolan, Kate Middleton, And Jon Hamm Have To Say

<b>Ever wonder what’s on the mind of today’s most notable people? Well, don’t miss our unbelievable roundup of the best and most talked about quotes of</b> …


‘Night Court’ Star Harry Anderson Dies at 65

‘Night Court’ Star Harry Anderson Dies at 65 (RADAR Online)<p>Khloe Kardashian Reveals Daughter’s Name (Star Magazine)<p>Kanye West Returns to Twitter (OK! …

Harry Anderson

Jon Hamm, King of Cameos

On last night’s episode of the HBO hitman comedy, <i>Barry</i>, Bill Hader’s titular assassin, who has fallen in love with a talented blonde named Sally in …


John Mulaney Looks Back On The ‘SNL’ Cast Surprising Jon Hamm With Some ‘Mad Men’ Day Drinking


Maltin on Movies #174: Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm was so good on television’s <i>Mad Men</i> that some people still associate him with the enigmatic character he played, Don Draper. But he’s shown …


Why so sad, Jon Hamm?

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Jon Hamm shines in gritty 'Beirut'

In style, "Beirut" reminds of gritty dramas such as "Sicario" and the Ben Affleck-directed "Argo."<p>It has the most in common with "Argo" in the way …

Mad Men

Here’s Jon Hamm’s Perfect, Two-Second-Long Ray Romano Impression

Jon Hamm, a noted golf-head within the Hollywood elite, enjoys dabbling in the sport with his pal Ray Romano if the opportunity presents itself. …


Review: Beirut offers a solid case for Jon Hamm, movie star

rating<p>Beirut<br>• Directed by Brad Anderson<br>• Written by Tony Gilroy<br>• Starring Jon Hamm and Rosamund Pike<br>• Classification 14A; 109 minutes<p>It is a mystery as to why Jon Hamm isn’t a bigger movie star than he is today.<p>As <i>Mad Men</i>’s drinker-in-chief Don Draper, Hamm radiated an irresistibly sly charm that could be …

Middle East

A great cast, including Zachary Quinto and Jon Hamm, can't make 'Aardvark' a winner

In "Aardvark," Zachary Quinto plays a man struggling with mental illness; Jenny Slate is his therapist. Despite the cast, the film falls flat.

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm's Impression of Ray Romano Playing Golf Is Simply the Best

The whole thing was like four words and a noise<p>Jon Hamm doing Ray Romano playing golf probably doesn’t sound as funny as it actually is — readers are …

Mad Men

Jon Hamm Is Proof That Beards Aren't Going Anywhere

We've yet to reach peak beard. In fact, we're not even close<p>Moustaches are in – that's a given. However, the advent of top lip topiary shouldn't signal the end of the beard as we know it, and the frappelappuccino swilling hipsters that are 'so over' them (and, strangely enough, the same hipsters …

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Emily Ratajkowski And Jon Hamm Go Head-To-Head In A Game Of Charades On 'Fallon'

And they are both no-nonsense, expert players.

Emily Ratajkowski

‘Dog whisperer’ Cesar Millan responds to animal cruelty probe

Famed animal trainer Cesar Millan is responding to animal cruelty accusations after a dog attacked a pig on his show “Cesar 911.” Animal activists are calling for his arrest, but he says he did nothing wrong. NBC’s Morgan Radford reports for TODAY.

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VIDEO: Jon Hamm Does a Spot-On Impression of Ray Romano Playing Golf

On last night's Tonight Show, Jon Hamm talked about golfing with Ray Romano, his former life as an eighth-grade acting and improv teacher and playing …


'Beirut' Review: Jon Hamm Adds Class, Movie-Star Charisma to Spy Thriller

Actor injects "James Bond-meets-Don Draper appeal" to mediocre story of hostage negotiation in war-torn Middle East<p>Espionage thrillers have it rough …

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Jon Hamm Is a Handsome Hostage Negotiator in Beirut

An airport novel as a movie. by Ben ColemanA perfectly serviceable airport novel of a movie, <i>Beirut</i> has enough espionage-like twists to keep you …


Police: Bank Robbery Suspect Trying to Impress Taylor Swift

Police say a Connecticut man with a crush on singer Taylor Swift robbed a bank and then went to the pop star's Rhode Island mansion where he threw …

Rhode Island

Mitzi Shore, Whose Club was a Comedy Mecca, Dies at 87

Mitzi Shore, owner of the Los Angeles club the Comedy Store and one of the most influential figures in stand-up for more than four decades, has …

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Jon Hamm Premieres ‘Beirut’

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Jon Hamm debuted the most beautiful beard, and all other beards can go home now

Every year or so, someone like Leonardo DiCaprio will be seen riding around New York City on a Citi Bike, showing off some unkempt facial hair, or …

Body Art

Jon Hamm, Emily Ratajkowski duke it out in Charades with Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon busted out an old favorite on Tuesday night, pitting <i>Tonight Show</i> guests Jon Hamm and Emily Ratajkowski against each other in a game of …

Celebrity News

Jon Hamm Nails the Sitcom High School Teacher Role on ‘The Tonight Show’

Jon Hamm decided to switch it up in an interview on <i>The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon</i>.<p>Instead of the usual routine, where the late-night host …

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Jon Hamm Has a Beard Now

I SHOULD HAVE wait wow okay Caps Lock was unexpected there. Hi everyone! Welcome to the least professional evening of my blogging life. I came home …

Jon Hamm

In Beirut, Jon Hamm Has Fully Arrived on the Big Screen

<b>This review originally ran during the Sundance Film Festival.</b><p>In the tightly plotted espionage thriller <i>Beirut</i> (which had its world premiere at the …

Middle East

In ‘Beirut,’ Jon Hamm is a beleaguered U.S. diplomat drawn into the Lebanese civil war

Rating: 3 stars<p>“Beirut,” a tense, moodily stylish political thriller set in 1982 amid the chaos of Lebanon’s civil war, stars Jon Hamm as a former U.S. diplomat who, 10 years after leaving the country in the wake of personal tragedy, is called back to negotiate for the release of one of his …

Middle East

'Beirut' is a great place for Jon Hamm

<i>In theaters Wednesday</i><p>Mason Skiles (Jon Hamm) is a labor mediator in Boston who’s never far away from a barstool and a drink. The alcohol can’t …

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