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Marco Rubio Credits Trump With 18 Nuclear War–Free Months in Office

Marco Rubio and President Trump.<p>In 2016, Marco Rubio warned that it would be dangerous to give “the nuclear codes of the United States to an erratic …

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WRONGTHINK: Liberal Columnist Jonathan Chait Admits He’s Sort Of Glad Trump Won, Leftists Go Nuts

On Thursday, the <i>Huffington Post</i> revealed an absolute bombshell: liberal columnist Jonathan Chait of <i>New York</i> magazine announced at an all-hands staff …

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Jonathan Chait Admits That Trump's Win Isn't All Bad--For Him

This week’s <i>New York Magazine</i> all-hands meeting featured a conversation between writers Rebecca Traister and Jonathan Chait, moderated by <i>New York</i>’s …

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European Commissioner Used Colorful, Very Simple Cards to Explain Trade to Trump

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, came to Washington to try to persuade President Trump to stop his trade war with the …

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Trump-Created European Trade Crisis Averted by Fake Deal

Last night, the Trump administration announced with maximum fanfare that the trade war with the European Union was over. “This was a big day for free …

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In Off-The-Record Meeting, Jonathan Chait Says Part Of Him Is Glad Trump Won

"Maybe that makes me a sociopath," the columnist told his colleagues.<p>On Wednesday, New York magazine’s periodic all-hands staff meeting came with a little bonus for the assembled staff: a 15-minute, onstage discussion between writer-at-large Rebecca Traister and columnist Jonathan Chait, with the …

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Another Trump-Created Crisis Averted by Fake Deal

Jonathan Chait: “Last night, the Trump administration announced with maximum fanfare that the trade war with the European Union was over. ‘This was a …

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The Double Down From Hell: Trump Invites Putin to D.C. for Second Meeting

Of all the advice the White House has heard about how the president can help his party going into a tough, crucial midterm election, I am reasonably …

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Trump & Putin

Even many Republicans say President Trump is beholden to Russia rather than the United States. Investigative reporters tell Warren that’s nothing …

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Trump: Russia Is a Friend, Journalists Are the Enemy

Despite the fact that his display of subservience has thrown the Republican political class into panic and disarray, President Trump is …


Trump Denies Russia Is Still Targeting U.S. Elections

Trump’s director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said the “warning lights are blinking red again” on a Russia attack on the U.S. electoral system. …

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Trump Betrays His Country for Russia in Plain Sight

At the summit in Finland, President Trump and Vladimir Putin engaged in collusion in front of the entire world.<p>Read Full Article »

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CNN 'Reliable Sources' Panel: What Playbook Will Putin Use To Influence Trump?

CNN National Security Analyst Samantha Vinograd says President Donald Trump has proven to be a tool of Russian President Vladimir Putin to spread …

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How the press should cover Trump-Putin summit

Presidents Trump and Putin cannot be trusted, Brian Stelter says. So how will we know what really happens when the two men meet? How should journalists best tackle the story? Carl Bernstein, Samantha Vinograd, and Jonathan Chait weigh in.

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Chait: Unlikely But Possible That Trump Has Been Russian Intel Asset Since 1987

New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait lays out the most extreme possibility of Trump-Russia collusion: that Trump has been a Russian intelligence asset …

Donald Trump

Could Trump be a Russian intelligence asset?

New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait lays out the most extreme possibility of Trump-Russia collusion: that Trump has been a Russian intelligence asset …


Trump Plans One-on-One Meeting with Putin

President Trump “plans to meet one-on-one with Vladimir Putin at the start of their July 16 summit in Helsinki, Finland… before allowing other aides …

Donald Trump

The Other Russia Scandal Breaks Wide Open

Jonathan Chait: “In 2016, Vladimir Putin reaped two of his greatest foreign policy triumphs in quick succession. The United Kingdom voted narrowly to …


The Laziest President In History?

Jonathan Chait: “Donald Trump possessed less relevant experience and subject expertise for the job of president than any person ever elected to the …

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Giuliani Deflects Incriminating Video Clip

Jonathan Chait: “Historically, when an interviewer springs the old video clip of the talking head advocating an embarrassing position, he has to come …


Republican Congressman Denies Trump Has Ever Lied a Single Time

Ohio U.S. Representative Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, was asked by Anderson Cooper if President Trump lies frequently, as James …

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OMNIVORE: The gangsterization of America

Scott Pruitt’s ethics problems are conservative ideology in action

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New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait: Why Won't These Stupid, Nasty Republicans Just Join Us?

On Monday, Jonathan Chait wrote a piece in <i>New York Magazine</i> asking why so many Republicans hadn’t jumped to the Democrats after President Trump’s …

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The Podcast Killed Kevin Williamson, But God Save the Podcast!

The week-long Atlantic scribe got done in by something he said on a podcast. There’s a reason—people are more open on podcasts. That’s just why we …


Is Trump's corruption the key to stopping him?

New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait argues that it's not Russia or Stormy Daniels that can stop the president, but rather the disconnect between his …


The President’s ‘greatest political liability’

In a New York Magazine piece published today, Jonathan Chait writes that Donald Trump's greatest political liability isn't racism, sexism or even …


New York Magazine: It's the corruption, stupid

Donald Trump

Nobody Is Left to Save the World From Trump Now

From the outset of his presidency, to which he was elevated with barely any preparation, Donald Trump was surrounded by a protective cordon of …

Donald Trump

Alan Dershowitz’s Audition to Be Trump’s Lawyer Is Not Going Well

Alan Dershowitz has carved out a role as Donald Trump’s favorite legal mind, a position he has previously held for such figures as Claus von Bülow …

Donald Trump

Trump and trade and zombies

Almost four decades have passed since Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously declared, “Of a sudden, the GOP has become a party of ideas.” And his …