Airline furious over ‘hostie orgy’ video rumours

A series of steamy videos showing at least six nude people was uploaded to Chinese blogging site Weibo and were then shared widely on social …

This Robot is Better At Basketball Than You

Are robots going to take over the world? Sure, we like to make jokes about a robot takeover, and things can sometimes get a bit too real when our …


This Joke Writes Itself

Ford Mustangs getting up to no good at car meets have transcended most punchlines and shot straight to international meme-dom, but it doesn’t stop …

Ford Mustang

75 Hilarious "Harry Potter" Jokes That’ll Put You On A Train To Haha-Hogwarts

"I'm not above yelling Harry Potter spells at you until you go away."

Social Media

A ‘Swim Mom’ Becomes the Competitor - WSJ

Most parents coach their children in sports. But Faith Pescatore credits her daughter, Skylar Schambs, with helping fine-tune her flip turn and swim stroke ahead of the 2017 National Senior Games.<p>Ms. Pescatore, 61 years old, jokes that she went from being a dedicated “swim mom” to a dedicated …


Man furiously accuses woman of being ‘too nice’ after she turned him down

Oh, Brad.<p>Brad decided to ask a woman to ‘Netflix and chill’.<p>That woman turned him down, explaining that she has a boyfriend.<p>Brad then proceeded to …

Spanish Resources

El Capitán Enojado: Preterit vs Imperfect (estábamos incorrectly pronounced but otherwise cute and quick example)<p>See More<p>Best way to learn spanish …

Language Learning

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Wedding Officiant Had Sweet Words & Silly Jokes About The Big Day

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding day is almost here and the excitement over the event can't be contained. As noted by <i>People</i>, Justin Welby, …

Archbishop of Canterbury

Watch: Comedian’s film about cycling in London is an internet hit

<b>Comedian and singer Jay Foreman turns the attention of his 'Unfinished London' video series to look at why more people don't cycling in Britain's</b> …

Bicycle Racing

‘Saturday Night Live’ Accused By Comedians of Stealing Jokes and Being Homophobic to Gay Men

Comedians James Adomian and Jake Weisman tell The Daily Beast that the NBC sketch comedy series is bigoted when it comes to casting openly gay …


8 Signs A Marriage Won't Last, According To Wedding Coordinators

The stress of planning a wedding can bring out the best or the worst in a couple.<p>If the pair has a strong foundation, they'll work through any …


Fox NASCAR segment includes tasteless jokes about Daniel Suarez

Fox Sports ‘NASCAR RaceHub’ aired a segment Thursday afternoon with comedian Sarah Tiana that was supposed to be funny.<p>It was not. Instead, it was …


Klingon Language Tests on Duolingo Have Unexpected 'Star Trek' Jokes

Who are Torg and Mara anyway?<p>If you have a serious interest in learning the Klingon language, you can now take a course online that pretty quickly …

Science Fiction

Dear Michael Che, As a Black Woman STFU

Comedians. For all their complaining about youths and safe space, freedom of speech and the need for us to stop being so sensitive, they allow their …


Chuchel is a point-and-click cartoon, and it’s absolutely hilarious

Plenty of laughs in this slapstick, surreal puzzle game<p><i>Chuchel</i> sets out to make us laugh — no easy task in a video game — and delivers in spades. Only the dourest soul could fail to crack a smile at its silly antics.<p>The humor is a mix of anti-establishment surrealism, vaudeville slapstick, video …

Gaming Reviews

UP Principal, Who Virtually Administered Her School Despite Paralysis, Passed Away At 64

Every time her life took a turn for the worse, Uma Sharma emerged even stronger. The gritty principal of National Public School in Saharanpur, UP, …

Bachelor's Degree

Trump Touts Irish Ties, But Jokes About Country's Taxes

President Donald Trump praised the close ties between Ireland and the United States on Thursday at a series of events celebrating St. Patrick's Day, …

Donald Trump

Watch Desus & Mero Clown DJ Envy For Leaving Interview, Fans Join In

The co-host of nationally syndicated radio show “The Breakfast Club” became the butt of a series of nationwide jokes after he confronted comics Desus …

The Breakfast Club

The Illusionists Is an Exciting, Astonishing, Beautiful Magic Show

by Christopher FrizzelleAnd this guy, Colin Cloud, did some things with the crowd I can't stop thinking about. <i>The Illusionists</i> plays through this …


‘I have no comment’ — Kerr jokes about dance moves at Steph’s party

There were many highlights from Stephen Curry’s 30th birthday party on Monday night. It’s difficult to find any that match head coach Steve Kerr — …

Steve Kerr

A Brief Complaint From a Salty Triathlete: I Am the Coolest (And So Are You)

There’s a big difference between actually being a jerk and thinking someone is simply because they’re OK with themselves.The post A Brief Complaint …

Time I

No skits, same bad jokes: St. Patrick’s Day breakfast going ‘down to its roots’

Gone are the towering video screens and pre-recorded skits. The dais, undoubtedly, will be smaller, its head table tighter. And the bad jokes — well, …

Rhode Island

Underbelly March 16 - Tariff fights, Presidential Jokes & The Infinity War!

Avengers: Infinity War

Juvenile charged in Madison Walmart bomb threat

"...these events are neither jokes nor are they funny."


Kansas needs its 'old head' Devonte Graham more now than ever

Facts only: Devonte Graham is older than Perry Ellis was his senior year.<p>Graham came to Kansas with a face that looked like a baby's doll, and that …

College Sports

2018 NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Day 1 Viewing Guide

UMBC wins: 1<br>Perfect brackets: 0<p>— SB Nation (@SBNation) March 17, 2018<p>Yep, that’s 16 seed UMBC slapping their sticker up on the bracket after knocking …

College Basketball

10 of the funniest St Patrick's Day memes you should share today

No matter what your family tree says, we're all a bit Irish today, aren't we?In honour of St Patrick, patron of tasty alcoholic beverages (don't …

St. Patrick's Day

REAL 92.3 - LA's New Home for Hip Hop

Do you ever wonder if celebrities as big as Kim Kardashian read your comments? Well they KIM does read comments so she's seen your #GetOut comments & …

Rap & Hip-Hop

‘The Voice’ Blind Audition Outtakes: Adam Jokes About Making Blake ‘Suffer’ — Watch

HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE clip of the most hilarious blind auditions outtakes of season 14 featuring Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and more! Watch …

Alicia Keys


Global warming is officially not funny in Iceland, so stop making jokes about it already:

Climate Change