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'Love Notes to Newton' is documentary about the before-its-time '90s Apple product

"Love Notes to Newton," which premieres this week, looks at the rise and quick fall of Apple's John Sculley-era personal digital assistant, and talks …

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Former Apple CEO John Sculley Shares 4 Key Strategies for Growing and Marketing Your Business

John Sculley helped build brands including Pepsi and Apple into what they are today. Here's how he did it.<p>6 min read<p>With a business resume like John Sculley’s, you can’t help but name-drop.<p>He was the president of PepsiCo, CEO of Apple and a founding team member at MetroPCS. Now, he’s CMO at …


PODCAST: Former Apple CEO John Sculley On Learning To Zoom Out

“You want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?” That was Steve Jobs’ response to John Sculley after he rejected Jobs’ offer to become Apple’s CEO in order to remain PepsiCo President.<p>A week later John Sculley started as the CEO of Apple.<p>…


John Sculley Weighs In On Amazon, Health M&A And The Future Of PBMs

We’ve also all heard about the joint venture of Buffet, Bezos and Dimon (Berkshire – Amazon – JPMorgan Chase) that will be headed by Dr. Atul Gawande, despite not actually knowing what the organization will do exactly. But the context is the same. Big players, coming together in unique ways in the …


PillPack just the first step for Amazon to scale in the pharma biz, says RxAdvance John Sculley

John Sculley, RxAdvance chairman & CMO and former Apple CEO, discusses his outlook for the pharmaceutical industry following Amazon's acquisition of …

John Sculley

This week on AI: Previews of Apple's iOS 12 & tvOS 12, 2018 iPhone rumors & more

The most popular stories this week revolved around this fall's iOS 12 and tvOS 12 -- and as you might expect, Apple's upcoming iPhones.To keep up on …


25 years ago, Apple's board of directors pushed out CEO John Sculley

The CEO who famously won a power struggle with Steve Jobs in 1985 surrendered the chief executive position a quarter-century ago, placing the …

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Today in Apple history: John Sculley steps down as Apple CEO

<b>June 18, 1993:</b> John Sculley steps down as CEO after a 10-year run at Apple.<p>Sculley is asked to leave by the Apple board after AAPL shares collapse from a high of $4.33 in 1992 to $0.73 the following year. He hands over the CEO role to Michael Spindler, before briefly taking the role of Apple …

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Watch Apple apologize for the 1984 Mac introduction

At events such as this week’s WWDC keynote, Apple routinely shows that it’s as good as any company in the world at orchestrating onstage product announcements. But on January 24, 1984–the day the company unveiled the original Macintosh at its annual meeting—it was still a relative neophyte at the …


Former Apple CEO John Sculley talks healthcare's cultural stagnation, impact of Apple, Amazon

When it comes to the challenges of raising an up-and-coming young company into a major player in its industry, former Apple and Pepsi CEO John …


Forbes Biz Briefing With Frederic Neumann

Forbes Asia will now be posting a weekly video summarizing the week’s key economic news. Our first briefing (May 10 2018) comes from HSBC’s Co-Head of Asian Economics Research, Frederic Neumann.

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Former Apple CEO John Sculley on How to Beat a Big Gorilla

John Sculley fought the cola wars as president of Pepsi and helped transform the computer industry with Steve Jobs. At 79, he's sharing his tips for taking on huge challenges<p>You probably have at least one big gorilla problem in your life or business; that seemingly impossible task, competitor, or …


Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs loses control of the Mac

<b>April 10, 1985:</b> During a fateful meeting, Apple CEO John Sculley threatens to resign unless the company’s board of directors removes Steve Jobs as executive VP and general manager of the Macintosh division.<p>This triggers a series of events that will ultimately result in Jobs’ exit. The marathon …


Today in Apple history: John Sculley takes over as Apple CEO

<b>April 8, 1983:</b> John Sculley, former president of PepsiCo, takes charge as Apple’s third CEO.<p>Despite a total lack of experience selling tech products, Sculley is lured to Apple by Steve Jobs himself. The Apple co-founder famously pitched the Pepsi exec with the line, “Do you want to spend the rest …


Former Apple CEO John Sculley Says AI is the Future of Marketing

Marketing and advertising are two rapidly changing fields. The days of targeting wide swaths of people are waning. Instead, businesses are beginning …

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At Uber, a New C.E.O. Shifts Gears

Dara Khosrowshahi is charged with turning the scandal-plagued startup into a traditional company—without sacrificing what made it successful.<p><b>Audio:</b> Listen to this story. To hear more feature stories, download the Audm app for your iPhone.<p>The Indian city of Gurugram, which in Hindi means “village of …

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Mr. Cook goes to Washington: Apple CEO spotted on Capitol Hill

Tim Cook visited Washington D.C. on Tuesday, having lunch with Senator Mark Warner, vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who has shown considerable interest in the subject of digital encryption and privacy.<p>A photograph taken by NBC News producer Frank Thorp showed Cook on Capital …

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Centene invests in PBM upstart RxAdance

Centene (NYSE:CNC) has made an initial investment in cloud-based pharmacy benefit manager RxAdvance. It has certain rights to expand its investment …


Centene Invests Stake In Pharmacy Benefit Manager RxAdvance

Centene said it has made an investment in RxAdvance, a cloud-based pharmacy benefit manager that is trying to tap into the rapidly consolidating and changing PBM industry.<p>Run by former Apple chief executive John Sculley, RxAdvance is a “full-service” PBM that Centene says will help the insurer …

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Biotech breakthrough: Placenta said to make 100 the new 60

Celularity, a leading U.S. biotechnology company, is seizing on an opportunity to use cells to target diseases. The CEO, Dr. Robert Hariri, says placenta can be used to augment longevity and immunity.<p>“The vision here is how do we have a healthier longer life and how do we use these stem cells and …


New-kid-on-the-cell-therapy-block Celularity formed with $250M in initial capital

Celularity, a new company focused on developing off-the-shelf cell therapies, has officially been created by stem cell pioneer Robert Hariri, M.D., …


Obi Worldphone SF1

Named after the city where it was designed — San Francisco — the Obi Worldphone SF1 has global aspirations. It's aimed at emerging markets but is far …

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Former Apple CEO Speaks Out About Berkshire Hathaway,, and JPMorgan Chase's Disruptive Healthcare News

John Sculley shares his thoughts on what this moonshot announcement could mean for the U.S. healthcare industry.<p>"The ballooning costs of healthcare …


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Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley Buys $15 Million Mansion in Palm Beach

The oceanfront home has a pool and cabana with access to the beach<p>John Sculley, who formerly lead Apple and PepsiCo, has bought a beachfront Palm …

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Got questions for the former CEO of Apple? John Sculley is joining us on TNW Answers

<b>Due to scheduling conflicts, our TNW Answers session with John Sculley has been cancelled. Check out next week’s session with AI expert, Judith Redi!</b><p>What do you hope is the future of healthcare? What was it like working with Steve Jobs? How did you create the marketing plan for the original Mac? …

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John Sculley: Why AI Is the Tech Trend to Watch in 2018

Former Apple CEO John Sculley talks about the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show and how AI is disrupting industries.

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Source code for Apple’s historic Lisa computer to be made public next year

Before there was an iPhone, iMac or Macintosh computer, Apple had Lisa.<p>The Lisa computer — which stands for ” “Local Integrated Software …

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Apple's Legendary Lisa Operating System Is Coming To Your Desktop For Free

Apple's Lisa project might be the most loaded chapter in the company's lore, and thanks to the Computer History Museum, you'll soon be able to play …

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A doomed-but-revolutionary operating system spearheaded by Steve Jobs will be free to download in 2018

Nearly 35 years ago, in January 1983, Apple released the Lisa, the first computer for the workplace with a graphical user interface. The Lisa was a famous flop, but it's still an important moment in Apple history — it set the stage for a conflict between cofounder Steve Jobs and CEO John Sculley …

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