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John Oliver is the man making a mockery out of American politics

If you're looking for brainless levity from your late-night comedy to quash that existential dread and banish the anxiety dreams that have defined …

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John Oliver on Astroturfing

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver August 12, 2018: Astroturfing John Oliver’s YouTube channel Official Website: I am John Oliver The post John …

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John Oliver’s Segment On “Astroturfing” Takes On Organizations That Mislead Their Supporters

One popular late-night comedian aired a segment on fake grassroots movements — who practice "astroturfing" — on Sunday. On his <i>Last Week Tonight</i> show, …


John Oliver on How to Spot Fake Grassroots Movements

Astroturfing, the term used to describe marketing campaigns that are camouflaged as activism, is becoming more prevalent. That's why "Last Week …

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Grace Notes: From late night's John Oliver, not one but two local hits

Every now and then, a segment on a late night talk show starts, and you just know that Louisiana is about to take a hit. And usually, it’s …

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John Oliver Goes Off on ‘Racist’ Fox News Host Laura Ingraham

The ‘Last Week Tonight’ host also mocked the pathetic turnout for the ‘Unite the Right 2’ white nationalist rally in Washington, D.C.<p>“As we tape this …

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John Oliver rips ‘racist’ Laura Ingraham

On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver,” John Oliver had a few choice words for Laura Ingraham.<p>The Emmy-winning Oliver cited a clip from …

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John Oliver explains the genius of Lithuania’s strange “G-spot” tourism campaign

Coming up with a tourism slogan that lures travelers, doesn’t sound corny, and is distinctive enough to remember is a hard task for even the most established of travel destinations. But last week, tourism officials in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, broke through the noise with a sexually …

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John Oliver teaches us about astroturfing, a concept that is way shadier than it sounds:

Paid protestors are real, but they're not who you'd think.

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John Oliver Exposes the 'Ray Liotta of Dogs' in Astroturfing Takedown

“Last Week Tonight” host shreds shady practice of “astroturfing,” which produced this “needlessly Italian” pooch<p>On Sunday, John Oliver came down hard …

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John Oliver Finds Himself In 'Pure Straight-Up Opposite World'

You can't trust the names of advocacy groups, Oliver says, because some are designed to be "deliberately misleading."<p>John Oliver of “Last Week Tonight” wants to make sure Americans aren’t fooled by “astroturfing,” which he said is the “fake grassroots” practice of “corporations or political groups …


John Oliver explains how to spot 'astroturfing,' admits it isn't easy, warns that cynicism is 'toxic'

On Sunday's <i>Last Week Tonight</i>, John Oliver tackled the phenomenon of "astroturfing," and he kicked it off with a pretty vulgar joke. Then he got down …


John Oliver: Donald Trump is a racist the way Kermit is a frog ‘You have to admit he’s a f*cking frog’

HBO host John Oliver began Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight” addressing the Unite the Right rally in Washington, DC on Sunday that resulted in “a massive, …

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John Oliver Confronts Fake Grassroots Movements on Last Week Tonight, Taking the Fight to 'Astroturfers'

Astroturfing is not the latest teen craze, John Oliver explained on Sunday night’s episode of <i>Last Week Tonight.</i> While it sounds like something teens …

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HBO's John Oliver takes on Entergy and astroturfing on 'Last Week Tonight' |

Late night host John Oliver tackled the issue of astroturfing on HBO's "Last Week Tonight" on Sunday evening (Aug. 12), calling out Entergy New …

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From paid protestors to Dr. Evil, John Oliver spotlights corporate-funded "astroturfing"

The Emmy-winning <i>Last Week Tonight</i> has made its comedy bones by exposing bottom-feeding charlatans, bigots, and the unjust. And that’s even before …

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John Oliver Takes on "Astroturfing" - Those Fake Corporate Grassroots Movements

<i>(PG-13: Language)</i> John Oliver tackles the very real and very dangerous idea of corporations and their intermediaries that set up supposed …

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John Oliver says ‘astroturfing’ is ‘serious threat to our public discourse’

Warning: Video contains explicit language<p>The topic of the monologue on the latest episode of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”: …

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Link Tank: Microsoft's A.I. Creates Chinese Poetry

Aug 13, 2018Microsoft, John Oliver, McDonald's, and more in today's daily Link Tank! Microsoft's A.I. can created Chinese poetry from just a couple …

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John Oliver Shines A Light On 'Astroturfing,' Fake Grassroots Movements Created By Big Business

Paid demonstrators are real, but they're not the George Soros-funded Antifa protestors people keep claiming exist (they don't). Instead, they're far …

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Watch: John Oliver's segment on astroturfing includes Entergy's appearance at City Council

On yesterday's <i>Last Week Tonight With John Oliver</i>, Oliver went deep on the topic of "astroturfing" — corporate interests ginning up support for their …

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John Oliver calls out ‘astroturfing’ organizations that pay protestors and fake grassroots movements

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver called out the alarming movement known as astroturfing — where corporations usually disguise themselves as the …


Workplace Sexual Harassment | 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver'

John Oliver interviewed Anita Hill about the #MeToo movement on Sunday's Last Week Tonight, which aired just two days after CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves …

Sexual Harassment

That was no cyberattack on the FCC, inspector general says -- just John Oliver fans

<b>Washington (CNN) —</b> The Federal Communications Commission's website did not fall victim last year to "deliberate attempts by external actors to bombard the FCC's comment system," a government investigation has determined.<p>The surge in traffic was actually due to viewers of comedian John Oliver.<p>An …


John Oliver blasts the misconduct of prosecutors

<b>John Oliver (HBO)</b><p>“Prosecutors were responsible for concealing exculpatory evidence in 25 percent of all exonerations,” a study said.<p>Sarah K. Burris<p>August 8, 2018 12:20am (UTC)<p>This article originally appeared on Raw Story.<p>The main story on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight” focused on the part of criminal …

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HBO's John Oliver lampoons Harry Connick, other Louisiana prosecutors |

A handful Louisiana prosecutors were held up of example of what law enforcement should <i>not</i> do during "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" on HBO …

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John Oliver Knows Who Really Holds All The Power In A Courtroom

Hanging over the criminal justice system is a misplaced belief that prosecutorial discretion is synonymous with a just result.


John Oliver on Donald Trump's defence strategy: 'There's so much wrong there'

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver discussed the president’s evolving defense of his son Donald Trump Jr and the first days of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s trial.<p>“We begin with yet another development in the scandal that we’ve been calling Stupid Watergate,” said Oliver. “Like …

Paul Manafort

John Oliver Mocks Paul Manafort's "Ostrich Outfit" & Other Equally Bizarre Fashion Choices

The host of <i>Last Week Tonight</i> has shown that he can tear apart fashion faux pas with a ferocity that would make Joan Rivers proud. John Oliver mocked …

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John Oliver on the power of prosecutors

John Oliver had another excellent rant/segment on criminal justice last night, this time on the power and influence of prosecutors. Much of the video below will be familiar for regular readers of The Watch. But it’s nice to see these ideas reach a mass audience.