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Where Is Taylor Swift At The 2017 AMAs? Fans Were Hoping The Star Would Attend

The year 2017 has been nothing if not completely full of Taylor Swift. I'd go so far as to say it's been rampant with her. With the build up and drop …

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Committed To Making Relationship Work During Tour — ‘They’re In Love’

Taylor Swift is on top of the world with her new album ‘Reputation’ and an amazing relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Find out how the close …

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Is Taylor Swift Getting A ‘Make-Under’?

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 23: Recording artist Taylor Swift performs onstage at the 2014 American Music Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on …


Why Nashville Still Roots for Taylor Swift Despite 'Reputation' Being a Far Cry From Country

When Taylor Swift’s hit shelves last week, it marked the star’s furthest departure yet from the country sounds of her adopted hometown of Nashville …

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Ed Sheeran Refutes Fan Theory That Taylor Swift's "Dress" Is About Him

"I've never had a buzzcut haircut."<p>Taylor Swift's latest album <i>Reputation</i> has only been out for one week, but that's more than enough time for fans to comb through the lyrics for hints as to who each song might be about. One of <i>Reputation</i>'s sexiest songs, "Dress," has inspired plenty of speculation …

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The 17 most talked-about celebrity moments of 2017

As 2017 draws to a close and the holidays bear down upon us, there's going to be plenty of time to reflect on the year with the people you love. But if you're worried you might find yourself grasping for conversation starters with Uncle Chad between bites of turkey, look no further.<p>We've rounded up …

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Ed Sheeran Doesn’t Think Taylor Swift’s Song ‘Dress’ Is About Him

Ed Sheeran recently debunked rumors that Taylor Swift’s new song, “Dress,” was about him.<p>During a recent Instagram live stream on AugustMan (via …


Inside Taylor Swift's Reputation: From the feud to the fans

Unpacking the making of a pop superstar masterpiece

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We count the ways young Hollywood are showing the world they're in love

How do you show your love? A throwback Instagram every other day? A handwritten card on a special occasion? A monthly dinner at a fancy restaurant? …

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Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn May Be Getting Serious — She Was Just Spotted With A Shocking Ring

HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 24: Musician Taylor Swift arrives at the premiere of Relativity Media's 'Romeo<p>Taylor Swift recently showcased her love for …


Taylor Swift Stalked Her Fans In Target And Had The Absolute Best Time

It looks like the Old Taylor has officially risen from the dead.

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This Lyric On Taylor Swift's "Gorgeous" Might Be A Genius Reference To Her New Boyfriend

Sunset & Vine isn't just an intersection.

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Video Of Taylor Swift Surprising Fans In Target Proves She's The Coolest Ever

Taylor Swift has a post-album release tradition where she goes to Target with her friends to buy a copy of her latest album, and the <i>Reputation</i> album …

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Taylor Swift Wears a $2,429 Token of Affection for Joe Alwyn

In addition to the 7+ <i>Reputation</i> songs seemingly inspired by her muse British boyfriend Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift dedicated a bit of her latest street style look to him. Swift was spotted leaving <i>The Tonight Show</i> Monday night wearing two rings: a snake one and a $2,429 Jessie VE Pisces constellation …

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Ed Sheeran Finally Addresses Rumours That Taylor Swift's Song 'Dress' Is About Him

The 'Perfect' singer has finally spoken out about those romance rumours.<p>From collaborating on hits such as <i>Everything Has Changed</i> and <i>End Game,</i> to …

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Ed Sheeran Wants You to Know Taylor Swift Was Not Talking About Him on "Dress"

Ed Sheeran wants to make it known that Taylor Swift was definitely, 100% percent, forsure forsure, absolutely not talking about him on her <i>Reputation</i> …


Why Is Taylor Swift Hiding Her Boyfriend Joe Alwyn?

<i>Welcome to</i> <i>You Know What I Heard,</i> <i>the Cut’s weekly celebrity gossip column about the peregrinations of the rich and famous. Have gossip? Email me at</i></i> …


Ed Sheeran Denies Rumors of Taylor Swift's 'Dress' Being About Him: 'I've Never Had a Buzzcut Haircut'

It’s not a Taylor Swift album without fans speculating about who each song is about, despite Swift warning everyone not to do it for <i>Reputation</i>. Even …

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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn: A timeline of their relationship

It's fair to say that a lot of people know about Taylor Swift's relationship history, in great detail.<p>This is because she's written not-so-subtle songs about exes (*cough cough* "Dear John" ) and a lot of the men she's dated are famous in their own right. So, combine them with Taylor and boom it …

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5 Things Taylor Swift Should Have Addressed on 'Reputation' but Didn't

Her "bad rep" was about a lot more than Kanye West.<p>R<i>eputation</i>, the latest album from Taylor Swift, was presumably inspired by the hit that her public image took when Kim Kardashian released unflattering recordings of a phone call between Taylor and Kanye West last year.<p>The Kimye drama *is* a …

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Taylor Swift’s Latest Appearance Sparks More Pregnancy Speculation

The pregnancy rumors are once again swirling around Taylor Swift after the singer made an increasingly rare public appearance on <i>Saturday Night Live</i> …


A Helpful Guide to Everyone Taylor Swift Calls Out In ‘Reputation’

On Taylor Swift’s sixth album, <i>Reputation,</i> she’s leaving ballads behind for perky, petty synth-pop. Swift is infamous for calling out her exes in less …

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Taylor Swift Sparks Weight Gain Rumors After Her 'Saturday Night Live' Performance

Are you ready for it?! After performing songs from her new album Reputation on Saturday Night Live last night, fans are wondering if Taylor Swift has …

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It's Taylor Swift's World, We're Just Living in It

When it comes to Taylor Swift, there are three kinds of people in this world: the loyal supporters, the haters, and those on the fence — whose …

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5 Songs From Taylor Swift's Reputation That You Won't Be Able to Get Out of Your Head

The verdict is in, and Taylor Swift's <b>Reputation</b> is a smash. On Nov. 10 at midnight, dedicated Swifties were blessed with a gift that has been more …

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All The Drama Of Taylor Swift's 'Reputation', Decoded By A Superfan

To mark the release of <i>Reputation</i>, we’ve enlisted Taylor Swift stan KAITLYN PLYLEY to give us a superfan’s read of 2017’s most headline-grabbing album.<p>…

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Newscaster Sneaks Taylor Swift Song Titles into Her Traffic Report — and the Singer Loves It

This newscaster’s reputation certainly won’t suffer after getting approval from Taylor Swift herself.<p>Laura Hettiger, who works for St. Louis’ KMOV …

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People Style

1 of 6<p>Joe Alwyn, 2017: A Button-Up Shirt<p>The old Taylor can't come to the phone, because she's dead. the <i>new</i> Taylor has been dating Joe Alwyn under the …

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10 times Taylor Swift's reputation sounds like a love letter to Joe Alwyn

<i>Reputation</i> is finally here — and so are all the references to Taylor Swift’s British boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, and his “ocean blue eyes.”<p>Prior to …

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We Finally Know Which Celeb Baby Is the Voice on Taylor Swift's "Gorgeous"

Ever since Taylor Swift's "Gorgeous" dropped last month, fans have speculating about the baby voice at the beginning of the song. People thought that …

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