Joan of Arc

England's first 'prisoner of war' discovered

<b>The earliest known use of the term "prisoner of war" in England has been discovered by a historian at the University of Southampton.</b><p>Court documents from 1357 show the term first used for the Count de Ventadour, captured at the Battle of Poitiers.<p>"It's possible this early use of the phrase was …

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Tri NOLA: 25 of 300 Things We Love About New Orleans

In honor of the city’s tricentennial, each month during 2018 we are highlighting a few of our favorite things (25 things x 12 months = 300 things we …


Perhaps historians have the advantage in evaluating Trump’s mental health

I lack the authority to pronounce grandiosity a mental disorder, but I do know it can be dangerous — especially to the subjects of a ruler who exempts himself from human fallibility.<p>So it was disconcerting to realize I was regularly glancing at my cellphone’s screen while reading “Fire and Fury: …

Donald Trump

‘Hard Sun’ Creator Neil Cross: “Apocalyptic Dramas Are Essentially Reassuring”

There is a simple reason why shows like <i>The Walking Dead</i> are so captivating, according to Neil Cross, creator and EP of Hulu’s new drama <i>Hard Sun</i>.<p>“I …


Are East Asian first names gendered?

The question comes from George Amis:<p>I wonder– are first names gendered in Mandarin? That is, is it possible to tell that Tse-tung or Wai-wai are …


From a lager-drinking ghost to a UFO - a recent history of Cornwall's most intriguing and spookiest paranormal activities - Cornwall Live

Cornwall has always been a mysterious place.<p>With some of the most haunted places in the UK and the legendary King Arthur being born at Tintagel, …


Remembering James Joyce, 77 years to the day after his death

After the ‘Ulysses’ author died, in 1941, Ireland declined to honour him as it had WB Yeats<p>about 2 hours ago<p>When Frank Cremins, an Irish diplomat …


Megan Fox shares rare snap of youngest son, Journey River

<b>Meghan Fox</b> has shared a gorgeous photo of her youngest son, Journey River. In the cute snap, the proud mum is smiling to the camera with her …

Megan Fox

Ahed Tamimi Offers Israelis a Lesson Worthy of Gandhi | Palestine

This Palestinian schoolgirl – possibly facing a long jail term for defying her oppressors – has quickly become a social media icon.<p>17 year-old Ahed …

Ahed Tamimi

Korn's Jonathan Davis, Deftones, Parkway Drive, Etc. Featured On 'American Satan' Soundtrack

<b>Korn</b> frontman <b>Jonathan Davis</b> will release a new single later this month titled “<b>What It Is</b>“. It will be released as part of the ‘<b>American Satan</b>‘ …

Jan 11, 1914 Oscar winning Costume Designer for films such as Joan of Arc to Young Frankenstein Dorothy Jeakins was born ⋆

“I can put my world down to two words: Make beauty. It’s my cue and my private passion.” – Dorothy Jeakins<p>Login To Take Quiz.<p>Fresh Dailies


Anna Mae Hays, 97, U.S. Military’s First Female General, Dies

Anna Mae Hays, a front-line nurse who was named the United States military’s first female general after serving in three wars — braving snake-infested jungles in India during World War II, enduring numbing cold in Korea and seeking to reduce a punishing casualty rate in Vietnam — died on Monday in …


Why is a Piece of Joan of Arc's Dungeon in the Smithsonian?

Larry Bird, author of Souvenir Nation, reveals rare artifacts from deep within the American History Museum's archives (4:17)


Likability is one thing. Artistic communication is another.

Tara Erraught is a bonny Irish lass who is almost aggressively likable. That’s her personality as a performer, and she plays it up to the hilt. Erraught is a mezzo-soprano who’s doing well for herself in Europe and, since her 2015 U.S. debut in the second cast of the Washington National Opera’s …


Anna Mae Hays, the US military’s first female general, has died

• <b>Anna Mae Hays was a legendary Army nurse.</b>• <b><br>She was also the first woman in the U.S. armed forces to wear the insignia of a brigadier general.</b>• <b><br>Hays recently died at the age of 97.</b><p>Anna Mae Hays, a legendary Army nurse and the first woman in the U.S. armed forces to wear the insignia of a brigadier …


5 Books For the Girlboss Who is Ready to Take It to the Next Level

Ready to take the next step in your career or personal endeavors? These books will help you!<p>0<p>SHARES<p>Sometimes you run across a book that's a <i>game</i> …

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

What Trump’s Physical Exam Might Not Reveal

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Transgender military service is as American as apple pie

As the military quietly greeted the New Year by accepting transgender recruits, let’s not forget that first gender changer in military history was a …

Trent Franks

Watch An Old ‘Blade Runner’ Favorite Come to Life in this VFX Breakdown

Sean Young’s Rachael, impeccably rendered, graces the big screen once more in ‘Blade Runner 2049.’<p>Some <b>Blade Runner 2049</b> secrets are revealed in a new …


How Three Kings’ Day is Celebrated Around the World

Christmas spans 12 days beginning with Christmas Day, but for many countries with a strong Christian heritage, Christmas Day is just the beginning of …

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Germaine de Staël’s Guide to Haters: The First Modern Woman on Meritocracy, the Psychology of Why the Masses Rejoice in Tearing Down Successful Individuals, and the Only True Measure of Genius

“The life of man, so short in itself, is still of longer duration than the judgment and the affections of his contemporaries.”<p>Napoleon is said to have recognized only three powers in Europe: Britain, Russia, and <b>Germaine de Staël</b> (April 22, 1766–July 14, 1817) — the brilliant Swiss-French woman of …


Joan of Arc parade said happy birthday to the saint. We you there? |

The 10th annual Joan of Arc foot (and hoof) parade rambled through the French Quarter to begin the Mardi Gras 2018 season on Saturday (January 6). …


Saturday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles still have a lot to do

Hello, friends.There are now 82 days remaining until Orioles Opening Day. That’s quite a long time, really, and a lot can happen in 82 days... …

Baltimore Orioles

Murder over the World's First Supermodel at Madison Square Garden

©wikicommons<p><i>M</i>adison Square Garden is one of New York’s most well known landmarks. It is arguably one of the most famous arenas in the world. …


10 events to kick-off Carnival |

Carnival kickoff in Metairie<p>Bywater Bakery dogs<p>Joan of Arc parade 2017<p>Phunny Phorty Phellows usher in Carnival season 2017<p>10wishservice

New Orleans

Rachel Reaches Out | Ben Pester

Rachel reached out to Theo, and then she waited.<p>Theo was supposed to have come back to her days ago, but he had not come back to her. She was now …

Great Books

Here’s Everything Steven Soderbergh Watched and Read in 2017

It’s time for <b>Steven Soderbergh</b> to put all of us to shame with his multi-tasking habits again. The ever-busy filmmaker keeps a detailed log of …

Steven Soderbergh

A Symbol of the Palestinian Resistance for the Internet Age

Viral videos of the Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi confronting Israeli soldiers reveal how the conflict is evolving with technology.<p>Confrontations between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian civilians are nearly as old as Israel’s military presence in the occupied territories itself. Confrontations …


The Bannon Fallacy

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Tonya Harding Nancy Kerrigan Scandal Media Exaggeration

<i>Twenty-four years following a scandal that rocked the world, Margot Robbie takes on the role of figure skater Tonya Harding in a behind-the-scenes</i> …

Nancy Kerrigan