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Jimmy Page tells the story of “Kashmir”

Open Culture:<p>One of the most original and distinctive songs Led Zeppelin ever recorded was the exotic, eight-and-a-half minute “Kashmir,” from the …

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Watch Jimmy Page in a Hawaiian shirt play a surprise gig with The Beach Boys in 1985

<b>Jimmy</b> <b>Page</b>, legendary session guitarist, member of The Yardbirds and co-founder of <b>Led Zeppelin</b>, found himself at a small loss for what to do in the …

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Happy Birthday, Jimmy Page! Watch a Rare 1970 Solo Acoustic Performance

Kevin OwensJanuary 9, 2018<p>In honor of Jimmy Page’s 74th birthday today, we’re turning back the clock to highlight his rare solo-acoustic performance …

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Quick: Which Rolling Stones Hit Features Jimmy Page on Lead Guitar?

If you've ever wondered how it would sound if Page were in the Stones in the mid Eighties—and surely at least 12 of you have wondered about …


Previously Unheard Led Zeppelin Material To Be Released In 2018 Says Jimmy Page

A few years back, <b>Jimmy Page</b> headed into the vaults to pluck previously-unreleased material to augment reissues of each and every <b>Led Zeppelin</b> album. …


Jimmy Page Hints At 'Surprises' For Led Zeppelin's 50th Anniversary

Next year marks the 50th Anniversary of the formation of English rock icons Led Zeppelin and fans who are hoping the group will commemorate the …


Jimmy Page Is Planning On Marking Led Zeppelin’s 50th Anniversary In 2018 With New, ‘Unheard’ Material

As Led Zeppelin fans are keenly aware, 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the group’s formation. Many have been hoping that the band might celebrate the occasion in some way, shape, or form, and according to the group’s guitarist and latter-day musical curator Jimmy Page, that’s exactly what they …


Jimmy Page Promises "All Manner of Surprises" in 2018

<b>Jimmy Page</b> <b></b>says he's working on releasing some rare <b>Led Zeppelin</b> material next year for the band's 50th anniversary.<p>"There'll be Led Zeppelin product …

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Namedropper: I Attended the Led Zeppelin Reunion as a Guest ... of Jimmy Page's Ex-Wife

Bucks Burnett has met most of his music idols, and he's not afraid to share the details. In this column, he reveals tales from the front lines and …


Learn the Guitar Habits of Jimmy Page

No matter what your stance is on Jimmy Page, examining his guitar habits and approaches will make you a better guitar player. Who doesn’t want …


Before Led Zeppelin: 13 Best Songs You Didn't Know Jimmy Page Played On

The young guitarist contributed licks to some of the biggest hits of the British Invasion.<p>Before Jimmy Page was a bona fide guitar god with rock …


Jimmy Page Teases The Arrival Of A Long, Lost Yardbirds Live Album

Jimmy Page has spent the last several years curating the release of a number of remastered versions of iconic releases by his seminal band Led Zeppelin. Now, with the cupboard seemingly bare on the Zeppelin front, he’s apparently decided to look back even further into his illustrious career by …


Jimmy Page Producing New Yardbirds Compilation, Including Early "Dazed and Confused"

0<p>SHARES<p>Before he wielded the hammer of the gods—and a Gibson Les Paul or two—as a member of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page was a Telecaster-wielding …


Robbie Williams apologises to Jimmy Page after home row comments

Singer Robbie Williams apologises to Jimmy Page after saying his behaviour in home row was similar to a “mental illness”.

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Robbie Williams Is Very Sorry He Accused Jimmy Page of Spying on Him

Finally putting a stop to the beef that has shaken British music.<p>Back in November, Robbie Williams had some strong words for Jimmy Page—as in, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page—who is his neighbor. Speaking off-air on Italian radio station Radio Deejay, he complained that Page was exasperated with the …

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Robbie Williams Apologizes for Insinuating Jimmy Page Is Mentally Ill

U.K. neighbors Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams still probably won't be attending one another's barbecues anytime soon, but the pair's long-running …

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Robbie Williams apologises for calling Jimmy Page ‘mentally ill’

Singer issues public statement amid row over mansion renovation<p>Robbie Williams has issued a public apology to his neighbour Jimmy Page for suggesting …

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The Robbie Williams-Jimmy Page Mansion Renovation Feud Is Over

You can turn your Google Alerts off now: It seems there’s been a détente in the years-long feud between Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and ex-Take …

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Watch Jimmy Page and Puff Daddy Perform "Kashmir"—I Mean "Come with Me"

<b>Twitter @iamdiddy</b><p>On this date (May 9) in 1998, Jimmy Page appeared on <i>Saturday Night Live</i> with Sean "Puffy" Combs (aka Puff Daddy) and a 40-piece …


Robbie Williams' builders fined £3,000 for disturbing neighbour Jimmy Page

ES News Email<p>Pop star Robbie Williams' builders have been fined £3000 for disturbing his next door neighbour, rocker Jimmy Page, by taking apart a …

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No, Jimmy Page Was Not the First to Play Bowed Guitar

0<p>SHARES<p>We've all seen the classic, grainy clips of Jimmy Page dragging a violin bow across the strings of his Telecaster or Les Paul to produce …


See Robert Plant’s First “Kashmir” Performance Without Jimmy Page

4<p>SHARES<p>Robert Plant performed Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” for the first time without former bandmate Jimmy Page on Tuesday, March 14.<p>The performance …

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ROBERT PLANT Performs LED ZEPPELIN's 'Kashmir' In Full For First Time Without JIMMY PAGE

<b>Robert Plant</b> joined renowned violinist <b>Nigel Kennedy</b> on stage Tuesday night (March 14) at London's Royal Albert Hall to perform two songs: a cover of</b> …

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Guitar Lesson 8: Unpacking the riffs, licks and styles of Jimmy Page and Gary Moore


Jimmy Page and the Yardbirds cover the Velvet Underground in 1968

In honor of what would have been Lou Reed’s 75th birthday, here’s the Yardbirds covering the Velvet Underground <i>in 1968.</i><p>You may recall that …


Deconstructing Jimmy Page’s Riff to Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”

2<p>SHARES<p>“Kashmir” is one of the best-known songs in Led Zeppelin’s catalog. The track first appeared on their sixth album, 1975’s <i>Physical Graffiti</i>, …


A Hard Day’s Night … with Jimmy Page?

Mike Tiano explores the often-overlooked role that future Led Zeppelin star Jimmy Page played in the Beatles' 1964 film 'A Hard Day's Night.'

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Jack White Shows Jimmy Page and The Edge How to Properly Play ‘Seven Nation Army’ on Guitar

In an amusing clip from the 2008 Davis Guggenheim documentary <i>It Might Get Loud</i>, musician Jack White teaches guitar great The Edge and the legendary …


Jimmy Page: Who Inspired Me to Play Guitar

jomatami<p>Ultimate Guitar<p>jomatami<p>[+] bio<p>UG News editor since early 2013. King Crimson fan. I handle the 'news' around here.<p>Posted Jan 16, 2017 …

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Jimmy Page: “Four Guitarists and One Record Label That Inspired Me to Play Guitar”

0<p>SHARES<p><b>PHOTO: Brian Rasic | Getty Images</b><p>Uncut recently posted an archived interview with Jimmy Page. The story consists of Page answering questions …