Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer: Bitcoin Is Monopoly Money, Will Get Annihilated

Jim Cramer, the outspoken host of ‘Mad Money,’ has called Bitcoin ‘Monopoly Money,’ and has suggested that the futures market will ‘annihilate’ the …


Bitcoin futures trading begins on Cboe exchange in Chicago

<b>Bitcoin has begun trading on a major exchange for the first time in what is being regarded as step towards legitimising the digital currency.</b><p>The Cboe Futures Exchange in Chicago opened trading in Bitcoin futures at 23:00 GMT on Sunday.<p>After opening at $15,00, Bitcoin futures soon rose to $15,600 …


3 Things to Know About the Stock Market Before Tomorrow Happens

There is so much more to discuss than record stock markets...<p>Bitcoin Is Growing Up<p>Sunday has taken on a big game feel as bitcoin fans and Wall Street …


Futures trading to begin for Bitcoin

One of the largest exchange holding companies will launch trading of Bitcoin futures Sunday, as the value of the popular digital currency surges.<p>Trading on Bitcoin futures through the CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE) was scheduled to start at 6 p.m. ET, to coincide with the start of global trading hours.<p>…


Don't Look for Tesla's Truck to Move the Stock's Needle

In contrast, according to telematics company Geotab, the average MPG for a Class 8 fleet of varied ages was about 6 miles per gallon in a recent U.S. …


Bitcoin futures are about to launch, and it could be a wild ride

After a wild eight years, bitcoin is trying to go straight.<p>Cboe, the options and derivatives exchange, is launching the first-ever regulated futures …

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Cramer Remix: Bitcoin is the least transparent bubble I've ever seen

<b>- "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer provided his thoughts on bitcoin as investors brace for its trading debut on the futures exchange on Sunday.</b><p>Quotes in …


Bring On the Bitcoin Futures Trading Insanity!

<b>This quote says it all about bitcoin:</b> Be honest about three things this Saturday: (1) You hate bitcoin; (2) You don't get bitcoin; and (3) You wish …


Fragile: Handle With Care

Last night, I did two things I normally don't do and one of them involved watching Jim Cramer.<p>I was surprisingly pleased with what I heard from Jim, …


Palo Alto Networks Is 1 of These 9 Emerging Winners in New Age of Cybersecurity

Industry leaders see cybersecurity among the top risks to their businesses, while consumers fear for their personal security. Governments see …

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Homebuilding CEO says 'California is really in a housing crisis' in terms of supply

Jim Cramer touched base with Tri Pointe Group CEO Doug Bauer about the housing market, taxes and the wildfires in California.


CNBC's Jim Cramer Calls Bitcoin "Monopoly Money"

CNBC on Wednesday ran a segment claiming bitcoin is a bubble. The segment began showing CNBC “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer calling bitcoin “monopoly …


Bond market's unusual reaction to jobs report

Jim Cramer noted the bond market's unusual reaction to the nonfarm payrolls number and explained why it's good for the economy.


Major Investment Scams Every Investors Must Know How to Spot

Fraudsters are rampant during the holiday season and are typically one step ahead of investors, luring unsuspecting people with their scams to …

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Apple's Rumored 2018 iPhones and iPads Should Let It Cash in on 2017's Advances

After launching a phone this fall that's promised to "set the path" for smartphone technology for the next decade, it's not realistic to expect Apple …

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Tyson the best way to play bull market in protein

Jim Cramer laid out his theory on the protein bull market and shared a menu of top stocks to buy on the trend.


Economic Growth Without Inflation Makes This Jobs Report Worth Celebrating

Oh Lordy, if anyone had ever told me that we would get a non-farm payroll number that increased by 228,000 and interest rates wouldn't immediately …


Buying Fox Would Bring X-Men, Fantastic Four Home to Disney Once and For All

Buying Twenty-First Century Fox Inc.'s (FOXA) film and television studios and other assets would give Walt Disney Co. (DIS) a vast library of new …

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The Bitcoin Whales: 1,000 People Who Own 40 Percent of the Market

On Nov. 12, someone moved almost 25,000 bitcoins, worth about $159 million at the time, to an online exchange. The news soon rippled through online …


Cramer: Bets against bitcoin will 'annihilate' the digital currency once futures begin trading

Bets against bitcoin will "annihilate" the digital currency once futures begin trading over the weekend, CNBC's Jim Cramer predicted on Friday.<p>Cboe …


Top 12 Stocks to Own Should Bitcoin Price Rally Continue

Bitcoin is on fire, but are you cashing in?<p>You should be, according to Fundstrat analysts in a Friday. Dec. 8, note. Led by managing partner Thomas …

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Nobody at the White House Seems to Understand Bitcoin

Despite its exploding valuation, the Trump administration appears utterly lost when it comes to talking about cryptocurrency.<p><b>Gary Cohn,</b> the former investment banker whose most well-known trade has become exchanging his credibility for an advisory role in the White House, doesn’t seem to know what …

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Bitcoin hit a record $19,000 on Thursday—here’s how to buy it

Bitcoin hit a record high on Thursday, skyrocketing to a value of $19,340 on the popular exchange platform Coinbase before falling back down to …


Bitcoin Billionaires The Winklevoss Twins Back Blockstack Initial Coin Offering

The initial coin offering (ICO) of developer platform Blockstack has gained a pair of high-profile investors.<p>The New York-based decentralized …

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Health Net became the favored insurer of drug abuse patients in California. Then it stopped paying their bills.

In 2014, Gary Millman signed up his 28-year-old son James for health coverage with Health Net for a very specific reason. James had been battling drug addiction for close to a decade, and the Woodland Hills insurer offered the best coverage in California for substance abuse treatment.<p>Millman, a …

Health Care

Leveraged Bitcoin Purchases Will Worsen Bubble, Yet Here Come Futures

Institutional investors and hedge fund traders are coming heavy to Bitcoin.<p>Futures contracts go live this weekend, adding an additional form of …


'Do It'- Elon Musk just dared Boeing CEO to make good on his claims of reaching Mars before SpaceX

Musk plans to initiate the mission to Mars with his Big Falcon Rocket in 2022.<p>Setting up a new standoff in the space arena, Elon Musk has dared …


Freedoms for an Age of Nonstop Botherers

When I was a kid, the only thing I wanted out of life was for my dad to stop bothering me. Whether I was playing my guitar, reading a book or phoning my girlfriend, he bothered me. In his view, the best thing about being a parent was the opportunity to ceaselessly annoy smaller people. I couldn’t …


Jim Cramer Loves Microsoft for 2018 and Beyond

Jim Cramer recently bought shares of Microsoft (MSFT) for his charitable trust, and he likes the software giant's prospects for 2018 and beyond.<p>"We …


Cramer's lightning round: Auto stocks like GM are not my cup of tea

General Motors: "I don't like the auto stocks. It's just has not been my cup of tea."<p>U.S. Steel: "Why would you want to do that when we have Nucor …