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Mitch McConnell undermines Trump narrative on one of his biggest enemies

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) undermined Monday the narrative from the Trump administration that the mainstream media is comprised of “fake news.” He made the comments to the media, as reported by Politico.<p>“What I do every morning,” McConnell told the media, “there a couple of …

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Flawed binary choices suck: 2017 hard pass edition

Posted August 21, 2017 12:02 PM by Steve Deace<p>kutaytanir | Getty Images<p>Font Size<br>• A<br>• A<br>• A<p>Print Images<p>I think I’m starting to hate everyone, and there are …

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Facebook accused of 'not moving fast enough' to stop fake news in Australia

Senate powerbroker Nick Xenophon has accused Facebook of not acting fast enough to stamp out fake news during a spirited encounter with the social …

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CNN's Jim Acosta Slams Trump for 'Not Waiting for the Facts' — Hours After the Facts Are In

Waiting for all the facts before responding to a situation is a good idea, especially when your reaction is going to be seen and evaluated by …

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Bannon’s unhinged ‘American Prospect’ call blew up carefully negotiated exit deal: NYT

Bannon’s unhinged ‘American Prospect’ call blew up carefully negotiated exit deal: NYT<p>20 Aug 2017 at 23:07 ET<p>Fired White House chief strategist …

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After Boston, Media and Politicians Give Antifa Another Pass

In the aftermath of the “Unite the Right” rally turning into a riot, many people correctly condemned the part the white supremacists played in …


CNN’s Acosta tries to catch Trump in fake news, and gets lit up instead

The media spotlight was firmly posted on the “free speech” rally in Boston, Massachusetts, Saturday, but when CNN’s Jim Acosta tried to contradict President Donald Trump’s statement about it, he got slammed on social media.<p>Acosta focused on this tweet from the president, which identified the …

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Trump and the Nazis: Our troll-in-chief has a deep affinity with the alt-right — and with their ancestors

After the outrage in Charlottesville, Donald Trump emerges as the leading alt-right troll, a Hitler of lulz<p>It must, over and over again, be pointed out to the adherents of the movement and in a broader sense to the whole people that the Jew and his newspapers always lie and that even an occasional …


Has the Trump presidency permanently changed how the media cover the presidency?

Quick quiz: Name just one press secretary who served under President Obama or George W. Bush.<p>If you’re Googling for answers, congratulations, and condolences: You’re no different than most Americans.<p>Now ask yourself the same question about President Trump’s administration. It’s likely you’re …

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Steve Bannon Is Reportedly Out As White House Chief Strategist

After prolonged speculation about his future in the Trump administration, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon reportedly resigned from his position.<p><i>The New York Times</i> reported Friday afternoon that President Trump told his aides he wanted Bannon out, and the discussion then turned to how and …

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Limbaugh: No Bannon, But at Least 'Stephen Miller Is Still There'

For those lamenting <b>Friday's departure</b> of White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh sees the continuing …

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Trump's fall from TV grace

CNN's Bill Carter sums up Trump's TV fallout from Charlottesville: "On late night TV, Trump's no laughing matter anymore," noting, "Charlottesville …


After Charlottesville, how do we cover an immoral president?

What if things go back to normal?<p>President Donald Trump’s response to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, sparked a tidal wave of criticism from journalists. During his August 15 press conference, Trump argued “many fine people” attended the white supremacist rally and …


Late-night TV: 'Is Donald Trump a racist? I'll let you decide yes for yourself'

Comics, including Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert, discussed Trump’s disastrous press conference and his enraged tweets<p>Late-night hosts on Wednesday discussed the details of Donald Trump’s press conference, where he defended many of those who marched in Charlottesville to protest the removal of a …

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Curt Schilling 'Absolutely' Supporting Trump ... He's No Racist!

<b>Curt Schilling</b> is standing by his President -- telling <b>TMZ Sports</b> <b>Donald Trump</b> is NOT a white supremacist and will continue to have his support.<p>Trump's …

Curt Schilling

Trump Campaign Video Attacks April Ryan

• <b>‘Sad day I am singled out as an enemy of the White House’</b>• <b><br>Trump Shamed Into Calling Out Racists</b>• <b><br>‘Haven’t You Spread A Lot of Fake News Yourself,</b> …

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Did Trump Call White Supremacists ‘Us’ During a Press Conference?

A transcript of Trump's remarks appeared to show him aligning himself with neo-Nazi marchers, but audio of the specific remark is unclear.

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Monmouth poll: We’re screwed

Posted August 16, 2017 09:44 AM by Steve Deace<p>PARNTAWAN | Getty Images<p>Font Size<br>• A<br>• A<br>• A<p>Print Images<p>“We the people” might just be screwed.<p>And instead of …

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Russian-Germans in focus amid fears of Moscow propaganda

About 3 million Germans have roots in Russia, with one of the far-right parties even having six Russia-German candidates for next month's poll.

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Trump campaign accuses CNN of censorship for not airing 'president's enemies' ad

President Trump's re-election campaign said CNN had blocked its latest campaign ad, accusing the network of censorship. But the network said it has not rejected the ad.<p>The ad in question blasts Democrats, the media and career politicians. Additionally, it implies that members of the media are "the …

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CNN refuses to air new Trump ad criticizing journalists

President Donald Trump’s ongoing feud with the media, and CNN in particular, continues apace.<p>The latest flare-up comes from CNN refusing to air a new Trump ad that maligns specific anchors on the network as enemies of the president. Titled “Let President Trump Do His Job,” the ad blames both …

Donald Trump

Media Baffled by Trump's Early Morning Twitter Gaffes: 'Why Did Trump Tweet This?'

The president takes a beating on social media after deleting a tweet calling him a “fascist”<p>Political Twitter is baffled Tuesday morning after …

Donald Trump

‘You’re watching a presidency go off the rails’: CNN’s Acosta unloads on Trump’s ‘strange, surreal’ presser

CNN’s Jim Acosta on Tuesday went off on Donald Trump’s “strange, surreal stunning and baffling” press conference, explaining the world witnessed “a …

Donald Trump

Why White Supremacists Find Comfort in Trump's Erratic Messaging

The White House’s inconsistent statements muddle the official story, leave aides twisting in the wind, and give alt-right leaders reason for hope.<p>Will the real Donald Trump—or perhaps the @realDonaldTrump—please stand up?<p>It’s been several days of mixed messages from the president. Monday afternoon, …

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Jim Acosta: We Saw Trump’s True Colors Today and ‘Not Sure They Were Red, White and Blue’

Following President <b>Donald Trump’s</b> insane press conference where he blamed “both sides” for the violence in Charlottesville and essentially came to …

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Trump Tweets, Deletes Meme Of CNN Getting Hit By The 'Trump Train'

President Trump's Twitter is making headlines again, this time for a retweeted then quickly deleted meme of CNN getting hit by the "Trump Train," …

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Trump Retweets, Then Deletes, Image of Train Crashing Into ‘CNN’

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump retweeted, then deleted, a user’s meme of a “Trump train” plowing into a human with a CNN logo on their face.<p>The …

Donald Trump

Donald Trump retweets - then deletes - image of train hitting CNN reporter

President Donald Trump's war with CNN went off the rails Tuesday morning after he retweeted an image of a Trump train running over a CNN reporter, …

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Watch Again: Attorney General Jeff Sessions holds news conference on sanctuary jurisdictions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions held a news conference on Wednesday in Miami, Florida. The Attorney General was scheduled to talk about sanctuary jurisdictions and immigration.

Jeff Sessions

Train Wreck: Trump Reposts Another Image Attacking CNN

I previously was highly critical of President Donald Trump for his reposting a video from his appearance at a professional wrestling bout that was …

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