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Acosta: Trump Sending Message to San Juan Mayor With Latest Puerto Rico Tweets

This morning, President <b>Donald Trump</b> sent off a series of tweets telling the people of Puerto Rico that the federal government wouldn’t be providing …

Donald Trump

Trump calls to 'challenge' NBC's license. FCC responds: 'Not how it works'

NBC News and other media outlets have continued to try to hold the Trump administration accountable for months despite a barrage of criticism from …

Donald Trump

President Trump asks Penguins if the Capitals are 'tough,' White House crowd boos

Tuesday afternoon, the Pittsburgh Penguins officially accepted an invitation from the White House and celebrated their 2016-17 championship victory …

Donald Trump

Donald Trump just used Mike Pence for a PR stunt

<b>Washington (CNN) —</b> On Saturday, Vice President Mike Pence was in Las Vegas honoring the victims of the largest mass shooting in modern American history. Less than 24 hours later, he was in Indiana walking out of the Indianapolis Colts game against the San Francisco 49ers after several of the …

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Battle of the Sexes: That Time Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Raced High School Girls

And all to prove that men run faster than women<p>A lengthy profile on White House advisor Stephen Miller in Monday’s New York Times shows he was a …


CNN Asks Why Sarah Sanders Is Smiling at the WH Podium. Her Response Takes Their Breath Away

Sarah Huckabee Sanders took the White House podium Friday for a colorful round of questions.<p>No one, however, could have prepared the room for what …

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Jim Acosta to Sanders: Does it give you some weird satisfaction when Trump says something that freaks everyone out?

The correct answer to this question is that anything that annoys Jim Acosta is satisfying. It’s the political equivalent of a child’s laugh or a …

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Top WH aide's DACA demands threaten to scuttle legislative fix

<b>Washington (CNN) —</b> Demands by top White House policy adviser Stephen Miller during sensitive negotiations about protecting young undocumented immigrants from deportation could derail congressional efforts to find a legislative solution, a source familiar with the matter tells CNN.<p>The source said …


Investigating news orgs? -- Milo’s white nationalist ties -- Thrush vs. Abramson -- NYT’s Weinstein bombshell -- St. Louis arrests mount

<b>FOR A MOMENT,</b> it looked like the White House was going to knock down President Trump’s dangerous suggestion on Twitter that the Senate Intelligence Committee start looking into news networks he dismisses as “fake.”<p>-<b>- “Should Congress investigate news outlets?”</b> CNN correspondent Jim Acosta asked …


White House chides media: ‘You have a responsibility to tell the truth’

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders boiled over with frustration at the press during Thursday's news briefing, telling CNN White House …

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Stephen Miller solidifies influence in White House

Stephen Miller is a survivor in President Trump's White House.

The White House

MRC's Brent Bozell Slams Media's Fact-Deprived Russian Collusion 'Drumbeat'

<p>MRC president Brent Bozell appeared on the Fox Business program <em>Varney & Co</em>. on Friday morning to discuss media outrage over a tweet by …

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CNN's Acosta: If Congress investigated news outlets like Trump wants, then "we are something less than the United States of America"

JIM ACOSTA: We've been talking about -- before my question, the Second Amendment and this issue of bump stocks that you were just talking about, so I …

Sarah Sanders

'Trump dossier' on Russia links now part of special counsel's probe: sources

WASHINGTON - The special counsel investigating whether Russia tried to sway the 2016 U.S. election has taken over FBI inquiries into a former British …


CNN’s Jim Acosta calls Trump’s behavior on his Puerto Rico trip exactly what it was

The president threw rolls of paper towels into a crowd of hurricane victims<p>This article originally appeared on AlterNet.<p>CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta did not hold back in assessing the train wreck that was President Donald Trump's visit to Puerto Rico.<p>“It seems when the …

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Sarah Sanders battles CNN’s Jim Acosta: You have a 1st Amendment ‘responsibility’ to be ‘positive’ about Trump

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders warned media this week that they had a responsibility not to report “fake news” but she was not as …

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Trump hates the media, but he's really got it in for CNN

When President Trump, or one of the aides manning his Twitter account, decided recently to retweet a mini video clip that appeared to show him …

Donald Trump

‘Words matter’: Reporters slam Sarah Sanders for rationalizing and excusing Trump’s ‘madman’ behavior

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders caught hell from reporters during Friday’s press briefing when she blandly explained away …

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Trump's war on the NFL started with Fox News, not racism

A tip for David Brooks and every journalist obsessed with President Trump's psyche: To watch Fox News is to understand Trump.<p>On Trump's days-long …


CNN’s Acosta: ‘The White House knows it was not a joke’ and Trump was serious about the IQ test

CNN’s Jim Acosta on Tuesday said Donald Trump “wasn’t joking” when he challenged Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to an IQ test, noting the president …

Donald Trump

President Trump only wants refugees who can 'successfully assimilate' and 'contribute' to the U.S.

President Donald Trump wants to prioritize refugees to favor those with a higher chance for "successful assimilation" into American culture above …

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Acosta Fact Checks Trump On Number Of MAGA Hats [VIDEO]

True journalism

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Report: CNN Devoted Far More Coverage To Republican Senator's Trial Than Menendez Trial

CNN has exposed itself as a left-wing propaganda network since the election of President Trump, as evidenced by one of their reporters threatening to …

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Trump at private dinner on NFL feud: 'It's really caught on'

<b>Washington (CNN) —</b> President Donald Trump sounded very satisfied with his recent remarks on patriotism and the NFL in a dinner with conservative group leaders at the White House Monday night, according to a person who attended the event.<p>"It's really caught on. It's really caught on," Trump said of …

Donald Trump

When NFL players protest racism, some critics see only ‘millionaire athletes’ who should be silent

Some critics have said they have no interest in hearing the concerns of NFL players because they are “millionaire athletes.”<p>Former Republican congressman Joe Walsh (Ill.) tweeted as much Sunday when he called the NFL protests “b-------" and the athletes “ungrateful.”<p>And if there was any hope that …


Donald Trump is baiting the sports media into the culture war he wants

Donald Trump picked a fight with black athletes and the leagues that employ them. Before an audience of his white supporters, Trump implored NFL …

Donald Trump

Carlson, Concha Rip Media Bubble’ Disconnect on NFL Protests ‘Giving...Rhetorical Finger’ to America

Leading off his eponymous Fox News Channel show on Monday, Tucker Carlson delayed bringing on a liberal guest to debate the day’s news in order to …

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CNN’s Jim Acosta on NFL Protests: Trump Is ‘Pleased With This Uproar He’s Ignited’

NFL players protesting the national anthem is President <b>Donald Trump’s</b> new culture war of choice — and CNN’s <b>Jim Acosta</b> says the nation’s leader is …

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WATCH: CNN's Acosta's Latest Racial Gaffe

On Monday, CNN’s Jim Acosta accused President Donald Trump of peddling racial agitation via Twitter.

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Trump and the NFL Protesters Picked the Wrong Fight

Once again, one is left asking, “What is Trump doing?” Having navigated hurricane season with a certain aplomb — and having avoided attracting any …

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