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Dialect Coach Judges Movie Accents: Jennifer Lawrence Criticized in ‘Red Sparrow,’ Daniel Kaluuya Praised, and More

Dialect coach Erik Singer returns to put some recent movie accents to the ultimate test.<p>Dialect coach Erik Singer went viral in November 2016 after …

Red Sparrow

Dialect Coach Judges Accents Of Actors From Jennifer Lawrence To Michael Caine

When an accent is done well and is tied to the development of the character itself, it's really a thing of beauty.

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Over Hollywood's Fake Love of Friend Chicken and Pizza

September 18, 2018 at 6:41 am<p><b>Filed Under:</b>Celebrity Gossip, Celebrity News, Celebs, comedy, dish nation, Entertainment News, fox, Funny, hilarious, …

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Jennifer Lawrence Exits CAA

She will continue to be represented by Rick Yorn at LBI Entertainment<p>Jennifer Lawrence has parted ways with Creative Artists Agency, an individual …

Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence Parts Ways With CAA

Jennifer Lawrence is no longer with CAA, Deadline has confirmed.<p>Lawrence had been with the agency for more than 10 years. During her time there she …

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Jennifer Lawrence's Russian Accent in Red Sparrow Wasn't Great

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the best actresses of her generation. She not, however, great at doing a Russian accent.<p>According to dialect coach Erik …

Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence Is A Force Of Nature

Our October cover star transformed herself from struggling actress to Hollywood heavyweight in just eight years. The best part? She did it completely …

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A few of Jennifer Lawrence's Favourite Things

Our October cover star Oscar-winning actress and Dior Ambassador Jennifer Lawrence on what makes her happy these days.<p><b>FAVOURITE BOOK</b> “<i>Anna Karenina</i>. …

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Jennifer Lawrence wants celebrities to be honest about their diets

As an actress, beauty and looking good are a big part of Jennifer Lawrence’s life. But that doesn’t stop her from being honest about things like …


Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence is on social media!

Turns out Jennifer Lawrence could not resist social media after all.<p>In an interview with InStyle, a monthly women's fashion magazine, Lawrence …

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Jennifer Lawrence wants stars to stop lying about their diet: 'If you are 20lbs underweight and talk about eating pizza that's not going to make people feel good'

Jennifer Lawrence wants celebrities to be more 'honest.'<p>The 28-year-old actress has called on her fellow A-list stars to be more open with their fans …

Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence Slams "20 Pounds Underweight" Stars Who Flaunt Harmful Diets: Be "Honest"

Jennifer Lawrence is keeping it real about "underweight" celebs who share unrealistic diet messages.<p>Jennifer Lawrence, beloved for keeping it real, …


Jennifer Lawrence says she wants more celebrities to be "honest" about dieting

We can always count on Jennifer Lawrence to tell it like it is—especially when it comes to the ridiculous body standards placed on women in …

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Jennifer Lawrence Calls Herself a Social Media 'Voyeur' After Saying She'd 'Never' Join

Jennifer Lawrence may not appear to be on social media, but she’s actually lurking in the shadows.<p>The Oscar-winning actress, 28, revealed in an …

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10 bold career risks Jennifer Lawrence has taken on 'The Hunger Games' 10th anniversary

Jennifer Lawrence, we salute you (with three fingers, naturally).<p>As Suzanne Collins' young-adult novel "The Hunger Games" turned 10 on Sept. 14, respect must be paid to Lawrence, who made her blockbuster breakthrough as the film's rebel leader, Katniss Everdeen.<p>The "Hunger Games" film series …

Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals She's Secretly on Social Media

The "Mother" actress tells "InStyle" mag that after years of staying off all digital platforms, she has a secret account. Find out where she's …

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UK Top Shazamed ads: Dior dives in with joyful Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence dresses like a ”90s sex worker who just won her case’

Jennifer Lawrence may be a fashion darling, with a longtime Dior deal and every major designer clamoring to dress her — but when it comes to her …

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Jennifer Lawrence on Why She Refuses to Post on Social Media

Jennifer Lawrence has long been vocaljen about her aversion to social media. But in an interview with <i>InStyle</i> that was published on Tuesday, she got …

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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals She's Secretly on Social Media After Years of Avoiding It

And while J. Law has changed her mind about joining the rest of the world on Instagram, Facebook, etc., she still has the same mentality about it's …

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Jennifer Lawrence Has A Finsta

Jennifer Lawrence has a net worth of $110 million, stars in multiple generation-defining cinema classics, and is the face of Dior's new perfume. But she's somehow still extremely relatable –– as a new interview in <i>InStyle</i> reveals. Just like you and I, Lawrence has a private Instagram account created …

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Jennifer Lawrence Has a Finsta, and She's Watching You

In the latest in her five-year partnership with Dior, Jennifer Lawrence is now the face of the house's first major fragrance since 1999, Joy. That responsibility has so far included diving into a pool in a tulle gown and still miraculously maintaining her perfect lipstick. In typical Lawrence …


The Super Flattering Leggings Celebrities Like Jennifer Lawrence Swear By Because They're SO Slimming

We totally love when big celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence wear accessible (aka normal) clothes. If Jennifer can rock the classic t-shirt, leggings, …


Week in Review | Emily Ratajkowski’s New Cover, Romee Strijd Models Mavi, Jennifer Lawrence for ELLE France + More

See the top stories from the last week in August. Editorials: Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off a Bob Hairstyle for Paper Magazine Ginta Lapina Wears Chic …

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Jennifer Lawrence's Comments About Exercise & Dieting Show The Importance Of Balance

Jennifer Lawrence has done it again — and by "it," I mean she's once again been incredibly honest about the pressures of certain beauty standards in …


Watch Jennifer Lawrence Jump Into a Pool

Jennifer Lawrence is filled with joy, again. The actress stars in her

Red Sparrow

jennifer lawrence's nude photo hacker has been sentenced to prison

He’s going away for eight months. Justice is sweet.<p>In 2014, 26-year-old George Garofano was part of team that hacked into a slew of celebrities' phones to steal their nude pictures. In a scandal as putrid as its name -- <i>The Fappening</i> -- Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and Kate Upton were among the …

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Jennifer Lawrence Photo Hacker Going to Prison

The hacker who helped leak Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos is going to jail. <i>The Gaurdian</i> reports that George Garogano, 26, is one of four people …


In Pics: Jennifer Lawrence's 'no dieting' mantra is the reason why she looks a million dollars

While most of us diet vigorously and avoid having our favourite delicacy to stay in shape and remain healthy, the beautiful actress Jennifer Lawrence …

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Jennifer Lawrence is our October 2018 Cover Star!

Hot off the press!<p>By the time she was 20 years old, Jennifer Lawrence had already worked on seven films and received her first Oscar nomination for …

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