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OMG, Jenna Fischer And Angela Kinsey From "The Office" Are Going To Be On TV Together Again

Real-life BFFs back on TV again.


Smirnoff Adds Cast Of Diverse Celebs For New 'Fun%' Campaign

In Smirnoff’s new television and online creative, Ted Danson is back, joined by actress/author Jenna Fischer, LGBTQ TV personality Jonathan Van Ness, …

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Angela From "The Office" Just Shared Her Story Of Being Rejected By The Show

Did you know Angela was originally supposed to be Pam?

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Internet Jokes That Austin Woman Arrested is Pam Beesly After The Office

click to enlarge<p>An Austin woman is facing a theft charge for using her position in the Austin Polish Society to write checks for personal gain, but …

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A The Office Pop-Up Bar Is Coming, & You Can Go Hang Out With Jim & Pam

If you've ever wanted to have a drink with Pam, Jim, Dwight, Michael and the rest of <i>The Office</i> cast, now you can.<p>Well, with life-size cutouts of …


Disney unlikely to rehire ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn

Despite a cast letter asking for James Gunn to be reinstated as the director of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” Walt Disney Studios is currently not planning on rehiring the filmmaker who it recently fired after a series of offensive tweets surfaced, according to multiple people familiar with the …

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Jenna Fischer Wardrobe Issue On Kimmel

Jenna Fischer

Director James Gunn fired from 'Guardians 3' over old tweets

LOS ANGELES • St. Louis-raised filmmaker James Gunn was fired Friday as director of "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" because of old tweets that …

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James Gunn fired from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’

James Gunn has been fired as the director of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” after a series of offensive tweets were unearthed that made light of such controversial topics as pedophelia and rape. Disney, the studio behind the comic book franchise, made the announcement in the midst of Comic-Con, …

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THE ACTORS LIFE by Jenna Fischer Steve Carell [Fore] Read by Jenna Fischer Rainn Wilson [Fore] | Audiobook Review

Unlike recent books by her peers, Jenna Fischer's book is not an autobiography. It's an advice book about the life of the actor and the years of …


Airdate: Splitting Up Together

US sitcom <b>Splitting Up Together</b> will premiere on Seven next week.The series chronicles what happens when a couple’s marriage is suddenly reignited by …

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The Weird Food Habit The Office's Jenna Fischer Only Does In Private

You've definitely done it, too.<p>When Jenna Fischer asks you to sing or dance in exchange for some ice cream, you do it for two reasons: One, because …

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Jenna Fischer's 'Splitting Up Together' Blog: Things Get Hot in the Season Finale!

Find out how Josh the turtle wound up in that love scene!


Jenna Fischer, relatable human, told us the hilarious way Ikea and Target became her #1 parenting hack

If you loved <i>The Office</i>, it’s safe to say you loved Jenna Fischer, too. The actress played relatable receptionist Pam Beesly through the show’s nine …


The Reason Why Jenna Fischer Hasn’t Seen Her ‘Office’ Co-Star John Krasinski In ‘A Quiet Place’ Is So Sweet

Sorry, <i>The Office</i> fans, but you will have to sit tight before Jenna Fischer gives her take on the Jim-and-Pam-esque headphones moment in <i>A Quiet</i> <i>Place</i>. …

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Jenna Fischer Says She Gets Her Kids to 'Give Into the Bunny' by Reading to Them in Funny Accents

Jenna Fischer is a part of Blue Bunny’s “Give into the Bunny” campaign.<p>Come back every day at 12:00 p.m. EST to watch People Now streaming live from …

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Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson talk about ‘Splitting Up Together’


Jenna Fischer Admits She Hasn't Seen A Quiet Place Because She Doesn't Want to See Pal John Krasinski 'in Peril'

Jenna Fischer says she “got scared” when trying to purchase tickets to see the film.<p>Come back every weekday at 12:00 p.m. EST to watch People Now …

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Jenna Fischer on Why She Needs Her Mom Squad for Both Parenting Advice and Ladies Night

The Splitting Up Together actress and mom-of-two relies on her mom friends a lot. But the weirdest parenting thing she’s ever texted them? “Poop. Definitely poop.”<p>For Jenna Fischer, having good mom friends goes hand-in-hand with having good girlfriends. “Long-term friendships are so valuable and …


Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson perform Queen classic in Splitting Up Together sneak peek

Things are getting easier between the divorced-but-still-living-together couple Martin (Oliver Hudson) and Lena (Jenna Fischer) — so easy that they …

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​Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) has finally told fans what she said to Steve Carell (Michael Scott) when filming Michael's exit scene seven years ago.

It's been seven years since Michael Scott bid a tearful goodbye to Dunder Mifflin during <i>The Office's</i> seventh season.<p>The episode 'Goodbye, Michael' …

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An ‘Office’ Reunion Happened And We Have Jenna Fischer To Thank For It

The cast of 'The Office' got back together recently, and Jenna Fischer is the reason why.<p>If you’re an <i>Office</i> fan hoping for more cast reunions, talk …

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Jenna Fischer Reveals Pam’s Goodbye to Michael During His Farewell on ‘The Office’

<b>The Office</b> is so great that it’s become one of those shows people always end up watching when they can’t decide what to watch on Netflix. Now that …

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Jenna Fischer finally revealed what Pam whispered to Michael when he left 'The Office' and it will give you all the feels

If you, like me, are a diehard fan of "The Office" (aka the best comedy series ever made, don't @ me), you'll love this update: Jenna Fischer has finally revealed what she whispered to Steve Carell in his last episode of the show. In "Goodbye, Michael," Dunder Mifflin Scranton manager, Michael …

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Jenna Fischer Finally Revealed What Pam Said To Michael At The Airport On ‘The Office’

Jenna Fischer is no Bill Murray. Whereas the <i>SNL</i> great still won’t divulge what he said to Scarlett Johansson at the end of <i>Lost In Translation</i>, <i>The Office</i> star finally revealed Pam Beesly’s parting words to Michael Scott. In the lovely season seven episode, “Goodbye, Michael,” Pam follows Michael, …


Jenna Fischer Finally Reveals What Pam Said to Michael in 'The Office' Goodbye

Rewatch the scene and cry all over again.<p>Jenna Fischer just solved a little "Lost in Translation" mystery for "The Office" fans. She was answering questions via an Instagram Live video, and revealed what she as Pam Beesly Halpert told Michael Scott (Steve Carell) after his last day at Dunder …

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Jenna Fischer Reveals What Pam Told Michael During 'The Office' Goodbye

It's been seven years since NBC aired <i>The Office</i>'s "Goodbye, Michael" where Dunder Mifflin boss, Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) left the …

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Jenna Fischer shares what Pam said to Michael Scott in his goodbye episode of The Office

Sure, it may have been a semi-ripoff of the ending of <i>Lost In Translation—</i>albeit without the romantic chemistry—but it was still a very moving moment …

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Jenna Fischer Reveals What Pam Told Michael During His 'Office' Goodbye Episode

The two were off-mic when the sweet exchange happened.<p>Jenna Fischer is giving fans of “The Office” exactly what they want.<p>The actress, who played Pam Halpert (née Beesly) on the show, finally revealed during an Instagram live chat with fans what she said to Steve Carell (Michael Scott) during his …


Jenna Fischer Just Shared a Secret About Pam and Michael’s Airport Goodbye on ‘The Office’

It’s been five years since <i>The Offic</i>e ended, and seven years since Steve Carell left the series, but we still think about the show and its cast often, especially now that there are rumors of a reboot. One scene that has stayed with us all this time is Pam and Michael’s goodbye at the airport — in …

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