Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson of 'Splitting Up Together' play 'The Newlywed Game' on 'GMA' Video

The stars of the upcoming ABC series answer questions about one another ahead of the comedy's March 27 premiere.

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The Watch List: "Roseanne" Returns To TV, "Ready Player One" Zaps Into Theaters

<i>The Normal Heart</i> playwright Larry Kramer wrote the screenplay for Ken Russell’s stylish adaptation of D.H. Lawrence’s novel about two sisters (Glenda …


Oliver Hudson's face is very punchable in Splitting Up Together: EW Review

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but what about adjacency?<p>In ABC’s new family comedy <i>Splitting Up Together</i>, miserable marrieds Lena (<i>The Office</i>‘s …


Oliver Hudson Hilariously Compares Splitting Up Together's Characters to The Office's Jim & Pam

Attention all <i>Office</i> fans, Oliver Hudson has a message for every ‘Jim and Pam‘ enthusiast out there.<p>While promoting their new ABC series <i>Splitting Up</i> …

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Zach Braff delights in playing ‘a guy in over his head’

Alex, Inc.<p><b>Wednesday, 8:30 p.m., ABC</b><p>Alex Schuman (Zach Braff) quits his job as a journalist to start his own podcast company in the new ABC comedy …

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Utah’s biggest TV star — Roseanne — brings back her sitcom, and it’s still good

You could argue there are bigger TV stars from Utah than Roseanne Barr ­– but you’d be wrong.<p>Sure, the Osmonds were big, but their fame was not …


Emmys 2018: Will ‘Atlanta’ supporting actors break through in year 2 like the cast of ‘Veep’ did?

“Atlanta” was one of the biggest Emmy breakthroughs of 2017, earning six nominations including Best Comedy Series and winning Best Comedy Actor and …


'Roseanne' returns with timely oomph

Roseanne Conner and her rowdy family prove you can go home again.In an unexpectedly potent revival of “Roseanne,” the struggling working-class family …


Jenna Fischer & Oliver Hudson Explain How 'Splitting Up Together' Works (VIDEO)

How adorable are the stars of the new ABC comedy together? See for yourself!

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The Top 50 Episodes of ‘The Office’, Ranked

The premise of <b>The Office</b>—borrowed from its original U.K. counterpart—is as simple as a blank sheet of paper. A documentary crew decides to follow the …

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Jenna Fischer Encourages Jim and Pam Fans to 'Hate Watch' New Show 'Splitting Up Together' (Video)

No one is John Krasinski — which is why the “Office” alum is gonna let you hate on new co-star Oliver Hudson<p>Look, Jenna Fischer can’t give you back …


‘Splitting Up Together’ Stars Jenna Fischer And Oliver Hudson Talk Chemistry, Brazilian Waxing On ‘Ellen

Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson have incredible chemistry on-screen, despite having completely different backgrounds.<p>The “Splitting Up Together” …

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'Splitting Up Together' review: An enjoyable comedy with room to grow

<i>Splitting Up Together</i> is an entertaining new comedy starring Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson that doesn’t quite find its legs in the first few …


Jenna Fischer Says Her New TV Romance Will Win Over 'Angry' Jim and Pam Shippers

Jenna Fischer promises her new TV romance is just as good as her old one.<p><i>The Office</i> star opened up about fans "angry" to see her move on from Jim and …

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Jenna Fischer Talks ‘Splitting Up Together’

Big Brother Canada<p>ET Canada Awards<p>Top Stories<p>Latest Videos<p>Uncut<p>Vikings<p>Trailers<p>Full Episodes<p>From The Vault<p>Royals<p>Celebrity Big Brother<p>Canada 150<p>The …

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Rebooted Roseanne is a proud ‘deplorable.’ Can she be the Trump era’s Archie Bunker?

They wake in their creaky bed, as if thawed from cryogenic storage, and immediately begin telling jokes in a 2018 context. Mostly about age. He’s wearing a CPAP mask for sleep apnea. “I thought you were dead,” Roseanne Conner tells her husband, Dan.<p>“I’m sleeping,” he snorts. “Why does everyone …


Ellen DeGeneres welcomes two Parkland students

On Thursday, Ellen DeGeneres welcomes two students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School ahead of Saturday’s March For Our Lives rally in …

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5 St. Patrick's Day-themed TV episodes to binge-watch this weekend

Brace yourselves — the wild and wonderful St. Patrick's Day weekend is here.<p>As much as you may love to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, your favorite TV …


L.A. Times Festival of Books Will Feature Black Eyed Peas, Dave Eggers, Vivica A. Fox, Patton Oswalt, Jorge Ramos, Maria Shriver and Hundreds of Authors, Experts and Storytellers

The festival’s Newstory zone, in its inaugural year, will showcase creative storytelling including podcasts, virtual reality, music, film and television<p>The Los Angeles Times today announced the lineup for the Festival of Books, the nation's largest literary festival, held the weekend of April 21-22 …


I Might Get the Hazelnut

Nothing that happens on the train approaches the strangeness of the preceding half hour, which reprises Stone, Skarlatos, and Sadler’s backpacking …

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All the TV shows coming in spring 2018 — and whether you should watch them

It's still winter in most of the United States, but spring television shows are quickly coming our way, which means that no matter how much better the weather gets, you still have plenty of valid reasons to stay inside.<p>We put together a list of all the notable new and returning shows coming in the …


John Krasinski Has a Great Idea for the 'Office' Reboot

John Krasinski still hasn't received a call from the higher-ups at NBC about that rumored reboot of "The Office." But while he waits, the actor-writer-director is busy dreaming up his ideal scenario for the new version of the series -- and it's a great nod to the show's original British inspiration.<p>…

John Krasinski

John Krasinski's Idea For 'The Office' Revival Would Bring Dunder Mifflin Back To Its Roots

Rumors are still swirling and gaining momentum regarding NBC reportedly developing a revival of <i>The Office</i>. Fans and the original U.S. cast really, …

John Krasinski

Scoop: Coming Up On Series Premiere Of SPLITTING UP TOGETHER on ABC - Tuesday, March 27, 2018

From executive producers Ellen DeGeneres, Emily Kapnek ("Suburgatory"), Jeff Kleeman ("Little Big Shots") and Dean Holland ("Parks and Recreation") …


Spring arts preview: Plan for music, theater, festivals and more

5 sec ago<p>The spring concert season heats up to summertime levels with its upcoming offerings. Here’s a chronological listing of more than 70 must-see …

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Camila Cabello set to take career to next level with Ellen performance

Camila Cabello is set to perform on The Ellen Show, and fans are already talking.<p>It is no secret that Camila Cabello is absolutely killing the music …

Camila Cabello

'Slither' Duo Elizabeth Banks and James Gunn Reteaming for New Horror Movie

<i>Slither</i> was delightful. Hopefully you saw it. Now, 12 years later, <i>Slither</i> star Elizabeth Banks and director James Gunn are reuniting for a new slice …

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21 Surprising Facts About "The Office" That'll Make You Lose Your Freaking Mind

Cousin Mose did what?!


They Don't Just Act: 17 Celebrities With Books That Are Worth a Read

Some Stories<p>A short story collection written by Tom Hanks – need we say more? The beloved, two-time Oscar-winning actor has written his first fiction collection, with seventeen short stories that are poignant, relevant, and thought-provoking, proving that he’s just as good with pen and paper as he …


"The Office" may have included a super secret clue about Jim and Pam in the first episode

Have you binge-watched <i>The Office</i> a million times? You’re not alone. The best part about smart comedies like <i>The Office</i> is that every time you rewatch, …