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Who Is Marvel Planning To Kill In Uncanny X-Men Disassembled?

Uncanny X-Men finally returns to Marvel Comics’ publishing slate in November, and it’s coming back with an epic 10-part weekly storyline. Borrowing …


All of the Uncanny X-Men in Marvel’s Disassembled Teaser

After teasing the return of Uncanny X-Men at Comic-Con International, Marvel Comics has finally revealed additional details regarding the title, …


20 Strange Details About Jean Grey’s Body

by Scott Baird<p>– on<p>in Lists<p>Jean Grey was one of the original members of the X-Men and has remained an incredibly important character, even when she …


Always Rising: All Of Jean Grey (And The Phoenix Force)'s Powers, Officially Ranked

In 1963, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby released the first issue of <i>X-Men</i>. Readers delved into the world of mutants, magnetism, and Marvel Girl, who was one …


X-Men: Dark Phoenix Release Date, Cast, Story, and News

The next X-Men movie will finally tell the Dark Phoenix story properly. Here's everything we know so far. Image 1 of 7 • facebook <br>• twitter <br>• google+ …


#WomensDay: 5 superheroines that have changed the game

Female superheroes have been around since the dawn of comics. While they are sometimes depicted as objects for the cishet male gaze, there have been …


X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Not Undergoing "Extensive" Reshoots; Only Scheduled For Around Two And A Half Weeks

It appears that this morning's shocking report about <i>X-Men: Dark Phoenix</i> reshoots lasting three months has been debunked. Plus, we have some …


'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Director Explains How 'Days of Future Past' Fixed His Major Mistake

X-Men director Simon Kinberg helped make a lot of fans unhappy with his script for X-Men: The Last Stand, which resulted in the deaths of many …


Freight train derailment reported near Station Square in Pittsburgh

The freight train tracks are located above the Port Authority tracks on a hillside, according to one report

Freight Train

PHOTO: Train Derailed in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh News Freight train derails near Station Square— Pittsburg NewsChan (@Pittsburgh_NC) …

Freight Train

Why must we force female superheroes to wear terrible red wigs?

This is their gift, their curse.

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants Both Confirmed for 2019 by IMAX

With Disney and Fox shareholders approving the looming acquisition, rumors began to swirl that Fox’s upcoming X-Men-centric movies were being …

New Mutants

Cable Has Begun to Investigate Extermination’s Time Anomalies

<i>WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Cable #159’s Extermination post-credits scene by Ed Brisson, Oscar Bazaldua, Erick Arciniega and VC’s</i> …


X-Men: Dark Phoenix reshoots reportedly taking place in August and September

Back in March it was announced that 20th Century Fox had pushed back the release of <b>X-Men: Dark Phoenix</b> from November 2nd of this year to February …

Dark Phoenix

Extermination Introduces a Big Twist to the Original X-Men’s Situation

When the calendar rolls around to October, the X-Men event Extermination will release its penultimate issue, and things don’t look any better for …


16 malnourished puppies found abandoned in trailer in west of Ireland

<b>SIXTEEN puppies were found emaciated and dehydrated in a horsebox in Athenry, Co. Galway.</b><p>Last week, Galway County Council were notified of an …


Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg “never” wants to stop making X-Men movies

<b>X-Men</b> producer and director Simon Kinberg has said that he never wants to stop making these movies.<p>Simon Kinberg has been involved with <b>X-Men</b> movies …


Dark Phoenix- Everything We Know About The Upcoming X-Men Film

Those who follow the <i>X-Men</i> franchise will already know who Jean Grey is. She is an extraordinarily strong telepath and a mentee of Professor X, who has helped her get her powers under control. Grey has appeared in several <i>X-Men</i> movies, but now, she is finally getting a movie that focuses on her story …


Will The X-Men Join The Avengers? Sophie Turner Really Wants It To Happen

The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be expansive, but it has yet to reach some of the comic book's most iconic superheroes. Due to tricky copywriting …

Marvel Universe

Even Dark Phoenix star Sophie Turner doesn’t know what they’re reshooting; still positive and excited for film

With the upcoming <i>X-Men: Dark Phoenix</i> film getting pushed back from November to next year to allow for reshoots, many fans are wondering what exactly …


Dark Phoenix and New Mutants are Still Alive, But Have New Release Dates

The last few months have been extremely complicated for the future of the X-Men franchise, as Disney and Fox have haggled over the latter’s …

New Mutants

27 X-Men With Totally Ridiculous Powers

The X-Men were first introduced in 1963 and have given comic book fans some of the greatest Marvel superheroes of all time. From Wolverine to Jean Grey to Cyclops to Storm, and so many more, the X-Men stands the test of time as one of the best superhero teams ever.<p>Still, that doesn't mean every …


The Most Popular Female Superhero In Each State

First off, what wasn't surprising is that some of the most popular female superheroes on the small and big screens were also the most popular in the …


When is X-Men: Dark Phoenix out?

THE X-Men film franchise is returning with X-Men: Dark Phoenix.<p>But when will it be released and who stars in it? Here's what we know.<p>The X-Men: Dark …


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Jean Grey Joins Forces with a Fan-Favorite X-Men Team in Extermination

With Ahab continuing to hunt Charles Xavier’s original, younger X-Men through the timestream, every X-Men team in existence is called to arms in …


Jean Grey is the X-Men Leader the World (Our World) Needs Right Now

The current political climate of the United States (as well as the rest of the world) is an exhausting landscape filled with vitriol, fear mongering, …


Jean Grey Takes On Fake News In X-Men Red

<i>SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for</i> <b>X-Men Red</b> <i>#5 by Tom Taylor, Mahmud Asrar, Rain Beredo and Cory Petit, on sale now.</i><p>In …


Overdue Resurrections and Heartfelt Reflections: 'X-men Red Annual #1'

X-men Red Annual #1<p>Tom Taylor Pascal Alixe<p>Marvel Comics<p>30 May 2018<p>When death and resurrection are so common that it becomes indistinguishable from an …