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Ozark / Season 2

The Byrdes are back. Even though Camino Del Rio is out of their hair, things aren't looking up for Marty and his family. Jason Bateman and Laura …

Jason Bateman

58 Future Jason Bateman Films

Today we read the following story of how the Jason Bateman vehicle <i>Game Night</i> came to pass.<p>It got us thinking that pretty much every modern Jason …

Man Caves

Jason Bateman will star in and direct his very own crime drama

Finally unleashing the dead-eyed anti-hero that’s always lurked just beneath the surface of his snarky sitcom persona, Jason Bateman is getting into …


Laura Linney Says Jason Bateman Regrets New York Times Interview ‘Terribly’

In a new interview with <i>The Hollywood Reporter</i>, Laura Linney defended her <i>Ozark</i> castmate Jason Bateman after his poor showing in that now-infamous New …

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The Week In Deadline Videos & Podcasts: Jason Bateman, Jonathan Tucker, And The ‘Queen Sugar’ Cast

From <i>Arrested Development</i> and <i>Ozark</i> star Jason Bateman to the cast and showrunner of <i>Queen Sugar</i> to our Contenders Emmys video series, there are tons of …


Jason Bateman On “Scratching That Itch” With Netflix Drama ‘Ozark’ – The Contenders Emmys Video

From the Netflix series <i>Arrested Development</i> to feature comedies like <i>Game NIght</i>, Jason Bateman is known for bringing the funny. But with the Netflix …


Watch: Bill Hader & Jason Bateman Talk ‘Barry’, ‘Ozark’, and More in 40-Minute Interview

It’s Emmy season, which means it’s time for various roundtable conversations to make their way online. These kinds of longform discussions can often …


Jason Bateman Reveals New Details About ‘Ozark’ Season 2 – Variety

Audience members at “Ozark’s” Netflix FYSee event at Raleigh Studios were treated to a handful of small hints and details about the shows upcoming …


Jason Bateman Shook Trump’s Hand From Across The Country

Added by Viral Syndicator May 25, 2018<p>Plenty of actors can say they’ve done a scene with Donald Trump. But ‘Arrested Development’ star Jason Bateman …

The Late Show

Jason Bateman says that he wants to play a woman in the future

"But in a very real way"<p><i>Arrested Development</i> actor Jason Bateman has revealed that he wants to play a woman moving forward in his career.<p>As a part of …

Arrested Development

Jason Bateman Discusses His Directing and Acting Process for 'Ozark' | Drama Actor Roundtable

"It changed the way in which I performed the character, because I knew I would just be noting myself," Bateman told the Drama Actor Roundtable.<p>Jason …


Best TV Quotes — May 27, 2018 | TVLine

<i>ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT</i><p>“You’re running for office?”<p>“As a matter of fact, I am. I want to be part of the problem, Michael!”<p><i>Lindsay (Portia de Rossi)</i> …

Arrested Development

Jason Bateman wants to play a woman 'but in a very real way'

<i>Arrested Development</i> star Jason Bateman is eyeing up a new role - he wants to play a woman.<p>In a <i>Hollywood Reporter</i> round table with Darren Criss, Jeff …

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Jason Bateman Says He’d Like To Play A Woman

Jason Bateman has some ideas about what kind of character he’d like to play in the future.“I’d love to play a woman…[b]ut in a very real way,” he …

Arrested Development

Jason Bateman Should Probably Stop Talking Now

He said in a recent interview that he’d like to play a woman<p>Last week, <i>The New York Times</i> published a group discussion with the <i>Arrested Development</i> cast<i>.</i> While talking about Jeffrey Tambor’s alleged verbal abuse toward actress Jessica Walter, things got tense. The men—most prominently, Jason …

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Jason Bateman 'Would Love to Play a Woman'

In an interview for <i>The</i> <i>Hollywood Reporter</i>’s Drama Actor Roundtable, published on Thursday, the mag’s TV editor Lacey Rose asked Jason Bateman, Darren …

Arrested Development

Jason Bateman Wants to Play a Woman, Like in Tootsie, Sort of

Jason Bateman, careening full-on into “just saying whatever” territory, decided to tell his industry colleagues at a <i>Hollywood Reporter</i> roundtable …


The Actor Roundtable: Exclusive Photos of Jason Bateman, Matthew Rhys, J.K. Simmons, Jeff Daniels, Michael B. Jordan and Darren Criss | Hollywood Reporter

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Jason Bateman apologizes for “excusing” Jeffrey Tambor’s on-set behavior

Culture Writer for the New York Times Sopan Deb describes what it was like to be in the room for an emotional “Arrested Development” interview.

Arrested Development

With 30 burials a day, Arlington National Cemetery is running out of space

Sunday TODAY<p>Claire Danes on how ‘Homeland’ seems to predict real-life events<p>08:47<p>Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade’s deaths spotlight alarming public health trend<p>04:32<p>Life well lived: Last surviving ‘Wizard of Oz’ munchkin, Jerry Maren, dies at 98<p>01:21<p>Highs and Lows: Bug crawls on FSU athlete, Steve …

Remembrance Day

Jason Bateman’s apology was actually good

Based on listening to the NYT interview and hearing people’s thoughts online, I realize that I was wrong here.<br>I sound like I’m condoning yelling at …

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Jason Bateman Got in Trouble for Swimming in Universal's Jaws Attraction When He Was a Teen

Jason Bateman took advantage of his fame in funny ways as a teenager.<p>The <i>Game Night</i> star, 49, reminisced about his earlier years appearing on the …


ShowBiz Minute: Weinstein, Bateman, Bond

Jeffrey Tambor

Jason Bateman Apologises for Jeffrey Tambor-Jessica Walter Comments – Variety

Jason Bateman has issued a series of apologetic tweets amid a growing backlash over comments in which he was seen to have defended Jeffrey Tambor …


‘Arrested Development’ Controversy

Jessica Walter gets emotional as she details verbal abuse she suffered from co-star Jeffrey Tambor, while Alia Shawkat shuts down Jason Bateman after …

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What is Jason Bateman’s net worth? Arrested Development star’s wealth revealed ahead of season 5

• <b>Jason Bateman will return as Michael Bluth in Arrested Development season 5</b>• <b><br>The actor was criticised for his response to Jessica Walter's Jeffrey</b> …


Jason Bateman Apologizes to Jessica Walter for ‘Mansplaining’ and Dismissing Her Harassment on Set

Bateman received backlash for trying to downplay Jeffrey Tambor's verbal harassment of Walter during "Arrested Development" production.<p>Jason Bateman …

Arrested Development

People Are Mad That Jason Bateman Tried To Normalize Jessica Walter's "Arrested Development" Harassment Story

"This interview is a trainwreck." Update: Bateman has apologized on Twitter.<p>"In like almost 60 years of working, I’ve never had anybody yell at me like that on a set. And it’s hard to deal with, but I’m over it now," Walter said.<p>Tambor himself has acknowledged that his behavior was unacceptable and …

Arrested Development

Jason Bateman Responds to 'Arrested Development' N.Y. Times Interview Backlash: "I Was Wrong Here"

The actor says he's "incredibly embarrassed" and deeply sorry to have underestimated the feelings of co-star Jessica Walter.<p>Jason Bateman has …

Arrested Development

Jason Bateman Won’t Do Another Season of ‘Arrested Development’ Without Jeffrey Tambor

Bateman is standing by Tambor after sexual harassment allegations.<p>Jason Bateman is open to doing more “Arrested Development,” but he won’t stay with …

Arrested Development