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The Yelp Index of Economic Growth

<i>Words on the Street highlights the best writing on the built environment we’ve encountered recently at New Urbs. Post tips at @NewUrbs.</i><b>Using Yelp to</b> …

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Listening to the City | Smithsonian Folkways Magazine

<b>Tony Schwartz</b> was arguably the second greatest sound recordist in American history. The only person more important was Alan Lomax, and in some …


The Slow Decapitation of America

The powerful are winning the war against the institutions that protected society.

Canadian News

The Morality of the City

In his new book <i>The Ordinary Virtues</i>, the writer and politician Michael Ignatieff reveals the “moral operating systems” that keep cities together.<p>For those monitoring the headlines, the Age of Morality can hardly seem a likely title historians will use for our current period. But look closer—in your …


Vital Little Plans review – why the ideas of Jane Jacobs are still vital

These short pieces showcase Jacobs’s opposition to top-down bureaucratic arrogance and big-money property development<p>The need for Jane Jacobs and her clear-eyed human-scale urbanism is as strong as ever. Her masterpiece <i>The Death and Life of Great American Cities</i> (1961) described in brilliant detail …


Did the State Destroy the Best Model for Affordable Urban Housing?

The New York City region has a high concentration of cooperative apartments (“co-ops”), a method for creating owner-occupied, high-density housing …

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New front entrance, more space planned for Worcester library

WORCESTER - The library's front facade overlooks the Common, hundreds of new apartments under construction, and a revitalizing neighborhood. Now, an …

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A West Village Warrior Fights, and Writes, On

“Poetry Reading, 6 p.m.,” read the sign taped outside the doorway of the Bethune Street townhouse where Otis Kidwell Burger, 93, has lived for nearly 60 years.<p>Inside, from a rocker cushioned with red velvet, Ms. Kidwell Burger presided over the dozen or so poets gathered in her parlor, a cozy haven …

New York City

Your Guide to the 2017 Houston Cinema Arts Festival

Our must-see picks for the city's most ambitious film event.


Building Community Through Inclusive and Equitable Parks

Hayden Plaza, New Orleans / Design Jones LLCNew parks can become agents of gentrification if they are not planned with <i>all</i> of the community. Often, …


Untapped Staff Reads: Smashing Pumpkins With the Parks Dept, Offers to Rebuild Jane Jacobs–Developed Housing Complex

<b>Smash Your Pumpkins with the Parks Department This Weekend [Brokelyn]:</b> Anyone can awkwardly stuff a half rotten pumpkin into a trash can, or even …

Urban Planning

Jane Jacobs: New Urbanist Who Transformed City Planning

American and Canadian writer and activist Jane Jacobs transformed the field of urban planning with her writing about American cities and her …


These Are the Architecture & Design Films You Need to See at This Year's ADFF

Film subjects range from REM Koolhaus, Zaha Hadid, and Frank Gehry to Jane Jacobs and Italian Radical Design<p>The Architecture & Design film festival has returned to New York's Cinépolis Chelsea for its 9th year, offering a curated selection of films that touch a wide array of topics within the …

Frank Gehry

Madison Equities offers to rebuild Jane Jacobs-developed housing complex if it can build luxury units

Developer makes pitch as residents of West Village Houses grapple with end of tax-exempt status<p>Residents of West Village Houses, a 420-unit …

Urban Planning

Inclusive planning process should be goal of every city to make it truly sustainable

CITIES, the American-Canadian author Jane Jacobs once observed, are engines for national prosperity and economic growth. But in their current form, …


Jane Jacobs Took It to the Streets

I first met Jane Jacobs on an airplane. Not literally. While flying over the Atlantic Ocean, on a return trip from London, I noticed, as I flipped …

Urban Planning

Desperately Seeking Cities

Most city dwellers, it turns out, live lives of quiet desperation for Amazon. What was happening to Philadelphia disclosed the emptiness not just of …


On platforms and sustainability

A few years ago, I read this disturbing Rip van Winkle post by Hossein Derakhshan. He’d been incarcerated for six years, and wrote about how the Web …

Urban Planning

Qatar Under Blockade Is a Mix of Time-Sucking Layovers and a Fascinating Crossroads

We touched down for a brief visit in Doha recently. And although the blockade doesn’t appear to be having huge impact on day to day life in the …

Qatar Airways

Jan Gehl: “In The Last 50 Years, Architects Have Forgotten What a Good Human Scale Is”

<i>This interview was initially published in Spanish by City Manager as “Jan Gehl, ciudades para la gente.”</i><p>Jah Gehl is recognized as a follower of Jane …


Rare photos of the High Line being demolished in the 1960s tell the story of a changing West Village

<i>Crane with wrecking ball mounted on the trestle. Photo by Peter H. Fritsch (1962). Photo courtesy of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic</i> …


‘Everything is gentrification now’: but Richard Florida isn't sorry

Fifteen years after The Rise of the Creative Class, the ‘rockstar of regeneration’ has seen his blueprint for urban creativity blamed for gentrification and inequality. Richard Florida says mistakes were made – but he regrets nothing<p>He’s the prophet of placemaking, the king of the downtown revival, …


Book Review: Urban Re-Industrialization edited by Krzysztof Nawratek

<i>In</i> <b>Urban Re-Industrialization</b><i>, editor</i> <b>Krzysztof Nawratek</b><i> brings together scholars to discuss the constitutive elements of the image of the creative</i> …


Google’s plan to revolutionise cities is a takeover in all but name

Parent company Alphabet would provide services in response to data harvested<p>Last June Volume, a leading magazine on architecture and design, published an article on the GoogleUrbanism project. Conceived at a renowned design institute in Moscow, the project charts a plausible urban future based on …

Canadian News

Citizen Jane

Studio: IFC Films<p>The struggle between private citizen and the business world is an all too familiar one, where the needs of “progress” often trample …


Sidewalk Labs Is Building Its Own City

The Toronto waterfront (Photo by Alex Shutin)In May, Bloomberg Technology reported that Downtown Toronto could be getting a “smart city” development …


“100 Most Influential Urbanists” you don’t know about, but should!

When we saw Planetizen’s “100 Most Influential Urbanists” list last week, our reaction went something like: “Cool!” followed by, “Wait, we know a ton …


Transforming urban waterfronts

<i>“The waterfront isn’t just something unto itself. It’s connected to everything else,”</i> said Jane Jacobs, a prominent urbanist. <br>This connection is …


Intimate spaces

In his Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard created a philosophy of at-homeness, rich in emotion and memory<i>By Gillian Darley</i>Read at Aeon

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AGH film festival: Seeking wisdom from Citizen Jane

NewsOct 15, 2017 by Emma Reilly Hamilton Spectator<p>Mary Lou Tanner remembers the moment the proposal for the perimeter road died.<p>Tanner, the chief …