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Danish researcher finds 95 new planets

The discovery was made by a Danish Ph.D. student with the help of the once damaged Kepler telescope, reports ScienceNordic.<p>Andrew Mayo from the …


Astronomers’ Dark Energy Hopes Fade to Gray

A star-crossed mission nearly 20 years in the making that was intended to seek an answer to the most burning, baffling question in astronomy — and perhaps elucidate the fate of the universe — is in danger of being canceled.<p>The Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope, or Wfirst, was being designed to …



The hunt for exoplanets has mostly been an exercise in counting pale, barely distinguishable dots spinning anonymously in space — until now. New and …


NASA preps new exoplanet-hunter for April lift-off

Originally planned to lift off last year, the TESS mission will place wide-field cameras into high-Earth orbit to search for small, rocky and icy …


Earth holds the key to detecting life beyond our solar system

New research in to how Earth's atmosphere evolved over time could hold the key to detecting life on exoplanets, according to scientists from the …


Exoplanet-hunting satellite arrives in Florida for April launch -- Astronomy Now

Exoplanet-hunting satellite arrives in Florida for April launch – Astronomy Now<p>Scientists hope to find thousands of exoplanets with TESS, including …

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NASA's Next Planet Hunter Arrives in Florida Ahead of April Launch

NASA's next exoplanet-hunting space telescope has arrived in Florida, two months ahead of its planned launch.<p>The Transiting Exoplanet Survey …

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When Will We Finally Find A Truly Earth-Like Exoplanet?

There are many definitions of an Earth-like exoplanet. Some say it's a planet that orbits a star at just the right distance for liquid water to exist …


James Webb Space Telescope challenges artists to see in infrared

With an astronomer’s toolkit and an artist’s eye, Zoltan Levay has transformed raw data from the Hubble Space Telescope into stunning space vistas …


The Spudis Lunar Resources Blog

Posted on February 14, 2018 by<p>The new direction. This time, they got the emphasis right.<p>When new budgets are issued, our first instinct is to see how …

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Week In Images

Our week through the lens:<br>12-16 February 2018


Scientists have discovered nearly 100 new planets outside of our solar system

Exoplanet hunting has become a dedicated field of astronomy ever since 1995 when European astronomers Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz discovered a planet outside of our own solar system orbiting around its own sun-like star. To date, we’ve uncovered 3,600 of these planets, and scientists believe …


NASA gears up for brisk launch pace, starting with weather satellite

The first stage of the Atlas 5 rocket set to launch NOAA’s GOES-S weather satellite was lifted atop its mobile launch platform Jan. 31 inside the …

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Dwarf planetary systems will transform the hunt for alien life

It would be disappointing and surprising if Earth were the only template for habitability in the Universe. <br>Read More


The White House budget: Defunding science

Yesterday, the White House released its budget request for Fiscal Year 2019, and if you've paid even the slightest attention to politics over the …

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Animation Tool Helps Alien-Hunting Scientists Track a Planet's Habitable Zone

A planet orbiting in the "habitable zone" of its parent star has the potential to host liquid water on its surface — a critical ingredient for life …


The NASA Space Telescope Trump Wants to Cancel

The president’s budget proposal has some troubling news for the space agency’s next big astronomy mission.<p>The Trump administration has released its budget proposal for fiscal year 2019 and put dozens of federal programs on the chopping block, including a brand-new NASA space telescope that …

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Trump's Budget Would Scrap Top-Priority Telescope

President Donald Trump’s 2019 budget request would nix the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), and scientists aren’t happy.<p>The WFIRST …

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What Would It Mean for Astronomers If the WFIRST Space Telescope Is Killed?

The White House budget proposal has called for the cancellation of the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), a move that could be …

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Executive Summary

Page 1<p><b>Suggested Citation:</b>"Executive Summary." National Research Council. 2010. <i>New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics</i>. Washington, DC: …


Trump's NASA Budget Would Cancel Space Telescope & 5 Earth Science Missions

The Trump administration's budget request for fiscal year 2019 calls for work on a major NASA space observatory and five Earth-science missions to be …

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A window into the cosmic past

This image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the galaxy cluster PLCK G004.5-19.5. It was discovered by the ESA Planck satellite through …

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The James Webb Space Telescope

Jonathan Homan, Project Manager for Webb's Chamber A Testing, talks about how the James Webb Space Telescope has been designed, built, and tested, …

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Are you rocky or are you gassy? Astronomers unlock the mysteries of super-Earths

A star about 100 light years away in the Pisces constellation, GJ 9827, hosts what may be one of the most massive and dense super-Earth planets …


The James Webb Space Telescope Takes a Road Trip

A little cross-country journey before the giant leap into the unknown.<p>The Hubble Telescope's spiritual successor, the James Webb Space Telescope, is now slated or a 2019 launch. The Webb will mainly be looking at the Universe in infrared with a larger mirror than Hubble, meaning that it will be …


NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Arrives in California for Final Assembly (Photos)

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has arrived in California for final assembly in preparation for launch in 2019.<p>The two halves of the James Webb …

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Morning Edition for February 8, 2018 : NPR

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A new recipe for hunting alien life

Oxygen, which might be a deadly poison for most life out there, might make such creatures easier to find<p>Imagine stepping into a time machine, one that could traverse not only billions of years but also countless light years of space, all in search of life in the universe. Where would you find most …


Oversized planet WASP-18b wrapped in smothering stratosphere

A NASA-led team has found evidence that the oversized planet WASP-18b is wrapped in a smothering stratosphere loaded with carbon monoxide and devoid …


Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy rocket launches successfully

<b>US entrepreneur Elon Musk has launched his new rocket, the Falcon Heavy, from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.</b><p>The mammoth vehicle - the most powerful since the shuttle system - lifted clear of its pad without incident to soar high over the Atlantic Ocean.<p>It was billed as a risky test flight in …

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