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<b>I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the support you’ve given me up to this point. But now I need you more than ever.</b><p>Too many people aren’t being …

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Jacqui Lambie versus the ‘Canberra dunderheads’

Ex-senator Jacqui Lambie is fundraising for a crack at taking on what she calls the “crop of dunderheads in Canberra”.<p>Jacqui Lambie. Picture: Brodie …


Coaches accept ice bucket challenge

Ulverstone Footy Club raises funds for MND

Motor Neurone Disease

Jacqui Lambi tells the Catholic Church to 'suck it up'

'Pay for your sins': Jacqui Lambie tells the Catholic Church to 'suck it up' and sell some of their buildings so they can properly compensate victims …


Keeping up with the crossbenchers: all the Senate changes since 2016

Pauline Hanson’s attempt to boot Brian Burston from One Nation is merely the latest in a turbulent 23 months for the Senate. Politicians have switched parties multiple times, quit politics, and fallen victim to the dual citizenship crisis. Here’s how it all happened


Jacqui Lambie tells Catholic Church to ‘pay for your sins’

Outspoken former senator Jacqui Lambie has told the Catholic Church to “pay for your sins” and properly compensate victims of sexual abuse in an …

Child Abuse

The problem with personality politics: Why Pauline Hanson's troubles are inevitable

One Nation's failure to act in good faith, or to pursue a consistent line on company tax and other issues, is symptomatic of a party built around an …

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Q&A: June 4

<b>Q&A</b> is Live from Melbourne on Monday.Joining host Tony Jones are:<i>Former Tasmanian senator, Jacqui Lambie</i> <i><br>Author and broadcaster, Rosie Waterland</i></i> …

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From Jacqui Lambie to Love Island: TV shows us romance is just another consumer experience

Sunday night’s television was a snapshot of contemporary romance: how love is negotiated in the age of apps. Where once there was, as Philip Larkin wrote, “A shame that started at sixteen / And spread to everything,” now the shame has been upended. A generation or so ago, we were taught to feel …


Miranda Live: MH370 abandoned, and the Human Headline

OUTSPOKEN former Senator Jacqui Lambie’s quest for love has prompted a strange response from a former colleague.

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Nationals hail shock Senate recruit in Tasmania

The Nationals have hailed a shock Senate recruit in Tasmania. Steve Martin has joined the party, three months after replacing his one-time party …


Jacqui Lambie's dating mistakes

When Lambie was seen swiping on Bumble, I recognised two of the single men. And they only showed three faces.


Jacqui Lambie savaged by politicians and viewers for 'cringeworthy' interview about her love life 

'You're better than that… vomitville': Jacqui Lambie is savaged by viewers and politicians for 'cringeworthy' TV interview about her love life<p><b>New</b> …

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Jacqui Lambie's replacement senator, Steve Martin, joins National party

Jacqui Lambie’s replacement in the Senate, Steve Martin, has joined the Nationals, and become the first National to represent Tasmania in 90 years.<p>The surprise move brings the Coalition’s Senate numbers to 31, slightly easing its task in negotiating contentious legislation past a crowded crossbench.<p>…

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From vibrators to Tinder and sexting: Former senator Jacqui Lambie reveals her VERY risque forays into the world of dating

• <b>Former federal senator Jacqui Lambie hunting for love after a 15-year drought</b>• <b><br>Channel 7 program Sunday Night followed Ms Lambie on her quest for</b> …


Independent crossbencher Steve Martin joins Nationals, giving the party a Tasmanian presence

The government has picked up another Senate crossbencher to add to its numbers, with Tasmanian independent Steve Martin announcing he has joined the …


Independent joins the Nationals in boost for Coalition

The Turnbull Government has boosted its numbers in the Senate, with Independent Tasmanian, Steve Martin, joining the National Party.<p>Senator Martin …

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Steve Martin, Tasmanian independent senator dumped by Jacqui Lambie Network, joins Nationals

Independent Tasmanian senator Steve Martin has announced he is joining the National Party.<p>Senator Martin replaced former Tasmanian senator Jacqui …

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Crossbencher Steve Martin to join the Nationals, boosting Coalition's Senate numbers

A "delighted" Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader Michael McCormack compared his new colleague to the Tasmanian tiger, which became extinct in …

Malcolm Turnbull

The Coalition just recruited another independent senator to the government

Tasmanian independent senator Steve Martin – Jacqui Lambie’s replacement after she was forced to leave because she was a dual citizen – will join the …


Jacqui Lambie unhappy as Steve Martin joins Nats

Tasmanian senator Steve Martin’s decision to join the National Party has drawn a ferocious response from his former party leader Jacqui Lambie, who …


Jacqui Lambie sets out on a new crusade — to find love

In Parliament, she was loud and confrontational. But when it comes to men, she’s ... cautious.<p>Seven’s <i>Sunday Night</i> followed the 47-year-old single mum …


Sunday Night confirms Barnaby Joyce interview

<b>Sunday Night</b> has confirmed limited info on its interview with Barnaby Joyce & Vikki Campion:<p><i>Seven’s Sunday Night will this weekend air an exclusive</i> …

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Sunday Night: May 27

Former Senator Jacqui Lambie, now “47, unemployed and dateless” is curiously subjecting herself to the dating game for <b>Sunday Night</b> cameras this …

TV (Australia)

Jacqui Lambie opens up on struggles of finding 'partner for life'

From Tinder to lingerie shopping - and a touch of botox: A single Jacqui Lambie opens up on her dating techniques - and reveals the ONE thing she …


Lambie keeps her heart for the Senate

Former senator Jacqui Lambie has ruled out making a run for the federal lower house should a Labor MP resign over dual citizenship.


When the War is Over - AUSTRALIAN STORY 09/04/18

<b>Introduced by Archibald prize-winning artist Ben Quilty</b><p>“<i>The fact that Mick had been in second commando unit meant that he was someone, he was really</i> …

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Australian Story: Apr 9

Monday’s <b>Australian Story</b> profiles former military commando Mick Bainbridge who, after struggling with PTSD, is now helping other veterans.“When the …

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Dual citizen MPs, including Joyce, Nash, Ludlam, Roberts, have debts waived

Half a dozen MPs who lost their jobs won't have to repay their salaries and expenses to taxpayers after it was found they acted "in good faith".<p>A …

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