The Saudis and Israel--Again

There have been many signs that Saudi official attitudes toward Israel are changing, and today brought one of the strongest. As a headline in the …

International Relations

Sadat to Salman: Israel at the expense of Palestine

Normalisation has failed before and will fail again.<p>Israel and Saudi Arabia have been the hot subject of speculation and gossip in recent weeks. Not a day goes by without us hearing about their latest rendezvous, their winks and whims, their flirtations and fantasies.<p>I'm not sure Saudi Crown Prince …

Middle East

Divorcing the Diaspora: How Netanyahu is finally writing off U.S. Jews

Until not long ago, Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky was the go-to guy for anyone seeking assurance that Israel did, indeed, value its …

Middle East

Israeli PM to Land in Ahmedabad on 14 Jan for 4-Day India Trip

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be on a four-day visit to India starting 14 January, a little more than six months after his Indian …


Revealed: The secretive Israeli raid in Syria Trump bragged about to Russian diplomats

The intelligence that President Donald Trump leaked to top Russian officials in an Oval Office meeting in May concerned a highly sensitive Israeli …

Jason Greenblatt

Palestinian Factions Agree to Hold General Elections by End 2018

<b>Gaza/Cairo:</b> Palestinian factions, including rival groups Hamas and Fatah, have agreed to hold a general election by the end of 2018, a joint …

Middle East

Mike Pence to address Knesset during December Israel visit

Vice President Mike Pence speaks July 7 2017 at the Christians United for Israel conference in Washington DC. (CUFI)<p>JERUSALEM (JTA) — U.S. Vice …

Jewish Culture

Teva to Cut Up to 25% of Israel Workforce, Calcalist Says

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., the debt-ridden drugmaker, plans to fire as much as 25 percent of its Israeli workforce, according to a local …

Middle East

Ill-Defined: Google and Oxford Dictionary’s ‘Jew’ Issues

000<p>When HonestReporting readers alerted us to an alarming issue discovered in Google Translate, it not only led to a significant result but also …

Middle East

Report: Turkey's Jews protest gay Consul

Rabbi Yitzhak Ibrahim Zada, the leader of Turkey's Jewish community and highly respected by the Turkish government, opposes the appointment of …

Middle East

Israel and Saudi Arabia: What's shaping the covert 'alliance'

<b>To all intents and purposes, Saudi Arabia and Israel are de facto allies in the struggle against Iran's rising influence in the region. It's a developing, but highly sensitive relationship, but every so often there is a hint of what may be going on beneath the surface.</b><p>Last week Israel's Chief of …

Middle East

Avi Benlolo: Campuses allowed anti-Semitism to fester. Now they're paying the price

<b>Avi Benlolo</b><p>Last week, the editors of “Your Ward News” were arrested in Toronto for willful promotion of hatred against Jews and women. Those of us …

Canadian News

Polish hostel: Entry forbidden to Jews and thieves

A polish hostel hung a banner denying entry to "Jews, Commies, and all thieves and traitors of Poland."<p>The banner, which said "Entry forbidden to …

Middle East

Israel's Biggest Bank Sets Aside $80 Million More for U.S. Fines

Bank Hapoalim Ltd., Israel’s largest lender, set aside an additional $80 million for potential fines stemming as U.S. authorities probe whether the …


A successful model of neutrality

Switzerland doesn’t take sides in a war. Thanks to its neutrality, it has been able to stay out of conflicts for a long time. Today Switzerland …

European News

Jews most targeted by hate speech in Turkish media: Report

ISTANBUL<p>Jews were the most targeted group in hate speech in the Turkish media in the most recent period, according to a report prepared by the …


Egypt to open Rafah crossing with Gaza for 3 days

Palestinians gather in front of the Rafah crossing between the southern Gaza Strip and Egypt, January 16, 2015. (AFP/Said Khatib, File)<p>BETHLEHEM …


Arrested Hamas terrorist provides information on terror tunnels

It has been disclosed that a Hamas terrorist from the Gaza city of Sajaya was arrested in September while crossing the border fence into Israeli …

Middle East

Barack Obama's legacy leaves Vladimir Putin as the man to see in the Middle East

As Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted the leaders of Iran and Turkey in Sochi this week in an attempt to forge an end to the bloody Syrian civil …


U.S. Amb. David Friedman drops out of Ezra Schwartz memorial ceremony at West Bank outpost

Ezra Schwartz (Twitter)<p>JERUSALEM (JTA) — U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman cancelled his participation in a memorial ceremony for Ezra …

Middle East

Israel deports Turkish journalist for ‘being aboard Gaza aid flotilla’ in 2010

ISTANBUL<p>Kemal Gümüş, a journalist for the Turkish daily Star, said on Nov. 23 that he was deported from Israel on grounds that he was among the …


JFS holds inquiry into teacher's anti-Zionist comments in presence of pupils

JFS is conducting an investigation into a politics teacher after he was said to have “strongly defended” Ken Livingstone’s statements on Zionism …

Jewish Culture

In candid video, Hamas official says reconciliation failing due to US pressure

Salah Bardawil, a senior member of Hamas’s political bureau, said Wednesday night in a candid interview that Palestinian reconciliation efforts were …

Middle East

Grapevine: A historic visit remembered

The who's who of Israel news.<p>Nearly all of the living Israeli diplomats who served in Cairo were among the huge crowd of Israeli and foreign …

World News

After Begin’s committee ouster, Lapid offers him his party’s slot

Yesh Atid leader willing to relinquish seat to rogue Likud MK, but move wouldn't shake coalition's majority on panel

Middle East

Future security agreements will be tougher

Dr. Dore Gold, who served until last year as Director General of Israel's Foreign Ministry and heads the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, said …

Middle East

German CEO: Submarine deal with Israel only going ahead if ‘clean’

Multi-billion-shekel transaction with ThyssenKrupp mired in controversy amid police investigation into suspected high-level corruption

Middle East

Worried about Jew-baiters? Give it straight back to them

Much valiant effort is going into fighting this scourge.<p>In the Diaspora, people are aghast at rampant antisemitism and Israel-bashing and dismayed …


Hotovely apologizes for American remarks

MK Hotovely said in interview 'American Jews live comfortably and don't understand Israeli reality.' Prime Minister condemns.

Middle East

Under-fire deputy minister sorry for offending US Jews

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely backtracked and apologized on Thursday after she offended US Jews with claims that they struggle to understand …

Middle East