Islamophobia is more than hate crime

The hallmark of a free society is the freedom to criticise ideas, but the marker of an unjust one is a society that discriminates against people …


'Bigotry blind spot': Baroness Warsi decries Islamophobia in UK

LanguageUndefined In an attempt to highlight 'anti-Muslim racism', the Runnymede Trust launches a report mapping out Islamophobia across society

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ANC accused of Islamophobia during heated KZN legislature debate

The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal is facing allegations of islamophobia after one of its MPLs allegedly insulted a Muslim opposition member's religious …

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WALSH: If All You're Worried About After A Terror Attack Is 'Islamophobia,' You're A Gigantic Fool

An Islamic terrorist named Sayfullo Saipov hopped in a truck yesterday and ran into a crowd of people, killing eight people and injuring a dozen …

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How has Islamophobia changed over the past 20 years?

The think tank that catapulted the term Islamophobia in 1997 says anti-Muslim racism is on the rise and more pervasive.<p><b>London, England -</b> Anti-Muslim hatred has become more pervasive and entrenched in the UK, compared with 20 years ago, according to a report by the think tank that catapulted the …


Islamophobia card played after NYC terror attack

It didn’t take long for the usual Islamist apologists to go from denying the latest ‘lone wolf’ attack was an act of terror to playing the …

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Stopping Islamophobia is up to everyone

By Nafisa Chalchal with Florence Stratton<p>In September, I nearly lost my daughter. I had driven her to the Golden Mile shopping centre in Regina to …

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My Week As A Muslim: Channel 4 prompts anger and mockery after 'blacking up' white woman to show Islamophobia

Channel 4 is facing mockery after airing a documentary which went to the lengths of getting a white woman to go undercover in ‘brownface’ make-up to …


'My Week as a Muslim': The real story is never told

There are a number of problems with some of the thinking behind the programme but there are also some positives

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M-103 committee hears calls for better data and a definition of Islamophobia

OTTAWA — Better hate crime data, more training for law enforcement and a clear definition of Islamophobia are some of the recommendations the House …

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Islamophobia Is Not An Imaginary Myth

Britain is a country of remarkable tolerance but those who are eroding this fundamental value must be held to account.<p>Earlier this week -the national …

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Scrapping the term Islamophobia from M103 is the best path forward

<b>BY FARZANA HASSAN</b><p>The Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage met again on Oct. 16 to debate M103, the anti-Islamophobia motion introduced by Liberal …


Confronting the normalization of Islamophobia

October 19, 2017Anti-RacismPolitical ActionPolitics in CanadaThe "alt-right" and Islamophobia continue to be normalizedConfronting the normalization …

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British men suffering Islamophobic abuse because they 'look Muslim', reveals research

Non-Muslim men living in the UK have suffered verbal, physical and emotional abuse because they “look Muslim,” research has revealed.<p>Interviewees …

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Kumail Nanjiani's 'SNL' Monologue Somehow Hilariously Skewers Islamophobia

Islamophobia is no joke, so it was amazing that actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani was able to wring some laughs from it during his “Saturday Night …

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What this liberal Muslim will be saying before the M-103 committee

On Monday, the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage will reconvene to discuss the pros and cons of M-103, the hotly-debated motion that has …

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We have to stop normalising relentless Islamophobia in Australia

For Muslims in Australia, particularly hijab-wearing women and their children, Islamophobic attacks are all too common. It needs to change<p>Terrorised, persecuted, stateless, homeless, and, until recently, without real international support – this is the plight of the Rohingya, a Muslim minority …


We must define Islamophobia by what it truly is

For the past few weeks, the House of Commons Heritage Committee has been holding public consultations regarding Motion M-103.<p>Appearing before the Committee at the outset, M-103 sponsor Liberal MP Iqra Khalid emphasized the need for a comprehensive study of Canadians affected by racism and religious …


Image to tackle Islamophobia with horror series Infidel

Image Comics has announced that bestselling writer and former Vertigo editor Pornsak Pichetshote and artist Aaron Campbell are set to tackle the …


Vagueness of ‘Islamophobia’ is what makes it troublingly all-inclusive

The House of Commons Heritage Committee hearings have already begun on M103.<p>The controversial motion introduced by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid has had a …

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Liberal MP Khalid calls launch of Islamophobia study 'exciting,' but says MPs need to do more to combat discrimination

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House of Commons study on Islamophobia set to begin Monday

OTTAWA – Phase two begins this week in the House of Commons’ politically charged debate over combating Islamophobia in Canada.<p>On Monday, the heritage …

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Iqra Khalid urges fellow MPs to take unified approach in Islamophobia study

The inclusion of the phrase Islamophobia in a hotly debated motion passed by the House of Commons last year was meant as an example of forms of …

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Controversial House of Commons study on Islamophobia to begin Monday

Phase two begins this week in the House of Commons' politically charged debate over combating Islamophobia in Canada.<p>On Monday, the heritage …

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MP urges unity around Islamophobia study

OTTAWA — The inclusion of the phrase Islamophobia in a hotly debated motion passed by the House of Commons last year was meant as an example of forms …

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How Islamophobia overlaps with racism - Futurity

The author of a new paper argues that Islamophobia in the United States is not just about religion—it's also racial and cultural.


The legalization of Islamophobia is underway in the United States

Just a few days after 9/11, then-president George W. Bush delivered a compassionate address to America’s “Muslim brothers and sisters”: “These acts of violence against innocents violate the fundamental tenets of the Islamic faith,” he said, “and it’s important for my fellow Americans to understand …


The Fight Against Far-Right Views Starts With Our Youth

On Saturday, August 12, 20-year-old James Fields rammed his car into a crowd of peaceful anti-fascist demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia, …

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Prevent scheme 'built on Islamophobia and should be axed'

<b>The government's anti-radicalisation strategy, Prevent, is "ineffective and counterproductive" and should be withdrawn, according to a new report.</b><p>Racial equality organisation JUST Yorkshire says it is "built on a foundation of Islamophobia and racism".<p>The report was based on interviews with 36 …

Misunderstanding Islamophobia

In the two-and-a-half decades between the publication of his groundbreaking book <i>Orientalism</i> and his death, Edward Said spent considerable energy …