MP urges unity around Islamophobia study

OTTAWA — The inclusion of the phrase Islamophobia in a hotly debated motion passed by the House of Commons last year was meant as an example of forms …

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House of Commons study on Islamophobia set to begin Monday

OTTAWA – Phase two begins this week in the House of Commons’ politically charged debate over combating Islamophobia in Canada.<p>On Monday, the heritage …

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How Islamophobia overlaps with racism - Futurity

The author of a new paper argues that Islamophobia in the United States is not just about religion—it's also racial and cultural.


The Fight Against Far-Right Views Starts With Our Youth

On Saturday, August 12, 20-year-old James Fields rammed his car into a crowd of peaceful anti-fascist demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia, …

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Misunderstanding Islamophobia

In the two-and-a-half decades between the publication of his groundbreaking book <i>Orientalism</i> and his death, Edward Said spent considerable energy …


Image of empty bus seats mistaken by white supremacists for group of Muslims, hilarity ensues

×<p>Tag History<p>burqa created by FaithGardner at 08/03/2017 09:32 AM<br>• burqa Muslim created by FaithGardner at 08/03/2017 09:32 AM<br>• burqa Islamophobia Muslim …

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The Islamophobia Scam

Reasonable skepticism is not bigotry

Christopher Hitchens

China’s new policy tracking Muslims’ phones adds to rise in global Islamophobia

The Chinese government has increased its surveillance tracking efforts of the country’s minority Muslim population, adding to the use of technology …

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How The Muslim Ban Legalized Islamophobia

20% of American muslims plan to leave US<p>I met an American six-grader who wanted to leave the United States.<p>I was speaking about fighting Islamophobia in a Columbus, Ohio mosque earlier this year, when a father pulled me aside, asking me to speak to his son in private.<p>The boy told me he wanted to …

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Bystanders encouraged to act against Islamophobia in Boston

Posters demonstrating how people can challenge Islamophobic harassment without getting into a direct confrontation with the aggressor are being …


Boston to hang 50 posters addressing public harassment, Islamophobia around city

In the next two weeks, the city of Boston will hang 50 posters to address public harassment and Islamophobia.<p>The posters present "A bystander's guide …

Western Massachusetts

Impact of Islamophobia on covered women

Currently I am a Muslim student in Australia and I wear a headscarf. One day a stranger approached me on my way to a bus stop and asked in a friendly …

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Five CSIS employees are accusing the spy agency of Islamophobia, racism and homophobia in a $35-million lawsuit

“Careful your Muslim in-laws don’t behead you in your sleep for being homo,” a CSIS manager allegedly wrote in a 2015 email to an intelligence …

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OIC Co-Organizes London Forum on Islamophobia, Media - ASHARQ AL

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is co-organizing a forum in London, United Kingdom in mid-July to explore mechanisms for countering …

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Looking the other way: Our shameful response to attacks on Muslims

Kim<p><b>IF you saw a woman being verbally attacked by a man in the street, would you stop to help?</b><p>The answer for many …

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Islamophobia: Australians intervene only 25 per cent of the time

New research showing Australians are hesitant to intervene in Islamophobic attacks proves racism against Muslims has been “normalised” and people …

Australian Universities

Islamophobia is still raising its ugly head in Australia

The existence and scale of Islamophobia in Australia has been hotly debated. While Muslims insist it is real and of significant scale, it has been …


Australians unlikely to intervene in Islamophobic attacks

A report from the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy of Australia and the Diversity Council Australia shows high rates of complacency around …

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Not a ‘Muslims Are Like Us’ Poem: Watch This Girl Challenge Our Understanding of Islamophobia

It feels like every day, Muslims around the world have to defend their faith. They have to differentiate themselves from the extremists and have to …


Reality Check: Is Islamophobia on the rise?

Many Muslim leaders are calling for more to be done to protect their worshippers from hate crimes.<p>For BBC's Reality Check, Mohamed Madi takes a look at the statistics.


Piers Morgan Vigorously Defends Koran Against ‘Islamophobe’ Tommy Robinson

A fiery debate raged on <i>Good Morning Britain</i> between host Piers Morgan and accused “Islamophobe” Tommy Robinson in the wake of the Finsbury Park …


No British problem with Islamophobia says UKIP's Hamilton

<b>Britain does not have a problem with Islamophobia and there are no reliable statistics on hate crime, UKIP assembly group leader Neil Hamilton has said.</b><p>Mr Hamilton said the majority of British people are "tolerant and welcoming".<p>His comments come after the Finsbury Park terror attack in London.<p>BBC …

Finsbury Park

Why Theresa May Is Wrong To Suggest That Islamophobia Is A Form Of Extremism

In response to the horrific events in Finsbury Park, Theresa May rightly described the attack as "an evil borne out of hatred and it has devastated a community". In doing so, she captured the outrage that many were feeling.<p>What was interesting however was the way in which she referred to …


Theresa May Wants To Fight Islamophobia in the U.K.? You Must Be Joking.

“There has been far too much tolerance of extremism,” declaimed Theresa May, standing outside Downing Street on Monday morning, “… and that means …


Too many Canadians don’t recognize the Islamophobia in their country

<b>Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN</b> …

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‘Islamophobia’ as Murder Weapon

PJ MEDIA, BY ROGER L SIMON, JUNE 5, 2017: If you’re looking for what’s behind the killing and wounding of all those people in London last Saturday …


Anti-Muslim graffiti is brilliantly amended by kind-hearted good samaritan

There's no place for anything like this.<p>Racism, xenophobia and bigotry have existed since the dawn of time but it never gets any less shocking to see …

Good Samaritans

Security agencies annoyed by Abbott's Islamophobia comments

Tony Abbott's tacit endorsement of "Islamophobia" this week has annoyed security officials who believe such comments only make it harder to thwart …

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This Muslim Teen Is Fighting Islamophobia By Inviting Strangers Into Her Home For Dinner

"It's important that we take a stand for ourselves and inform people about why they're wrong about us."<p>California high school student Yusra Rafeeqi, …


Teen Invites Strangers To Dine With Her Muslim Family To Fight Islamophobia

California teen Yusra Rafeeqi isn’t old enough to vote. She couldn’t do anything to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, but the …