Iron Age

Two skeletons discovered buried underground as new water pipeline is laid near Hull

Iron Age skeletons dating back 3,000 years have been dug up in East Yorkshire.<p>The remains were found, along with weapons and tools in Holderness, …


Archaeologists may have found long-lost Byzantine city Ashdod-Yam

Discovery of Greek dedication from 1,500 years ago indicates to archaeologists that they have finally found the Roman-Byzantine city of Ashdod-Yam, …


BBC iPlayer - Digging for Britain - Series 6: 1. West

Professor Alice Roberts explores some of this year's most exciting archaeological finds from the west of Britain. Each discovery comes straight from the trenches/site, filmed by the archaeologists themselves. We discover the camp from which Vikings invaded Britain, and find groundbreaking new …


Burial mounds of II millenium BC found in Azerbaijan

The Institute of Archeology and Ethnography is one of the most active institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. Almost every …


3,000-year-old castle discovered at the bottom of biggest lake in Turkey

The fortress was built at a time when water levels were much lower than today.<p>Hidden deep under the waters of Lake Van – the largest lake in Turkey – …


A stone toilet discovered in an ancient shrine was used for "symbolically" pooping on religion

Archaeologists have discovered a "symbolic" toilet from the 8th century B.C. Jerusalem that could be a clue to religious reforms in the Kingdom of …


Alabama Conservatives Are Right: Roy Moore’s Behavior Is Perfectly Biblical—and That Is the Problem

Conservative Christians often proclaim that the Quran encourages marriage and molestation of girls who are too young for consent. But it’s rare that …


Alabama right wingers are right: Roy Moore’s behavior is perfectly Biblical — and that’s the problem

<i>When it comes to relationships between woman and men, the contents of the Bible confront modern Jews and Christians with a difficult …

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Iron Age Tribes of Southern Britain - Interactive Map - HeritageDaily - Heritage & Archaeology News

Click on the X symbol beneath the map for full screen access<p>Share on Facebook<p>Share on Twitter<p>Share on Digg<p>Share on Google Plus<p>Related …

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Making a Natural Draft Furnace

LinkContinuing his attempts to reach the Iron Age, Primitive Technology is experimenting with furnaces that can reach high temperatures without using …


Archaeologists excavate 400 Iron Age houses in Denmark

A spectacular and unique site, say archaeologists.


When the Gloves Come Off - Why We Do Not Use Gloves to Handle Artifacts in the Field

Ever since we started publishing pictures of our crew holding artifacts without using gloves, we have taken some heat in the Facebook comment …


Bringing History to Life

Michael Smith, our Project Manager for this excavation, said:<p>“It’s really important to us that young people are given the chance to engage with their …


Storm Ophelia unearths ancient skeleton with skin still attached after waves batter Irish coast

Storm Ophelia has unearthed an ancient skeleton with parts of its skin still intact after waves battered a walkway on the west coast of Ireland.<p>The …


Iron Age skeletal remains discovered on Irish coast after Storm Ophelia

<b>SKELETAL remains believed to date back to the Iron Age have been uncovered on the east coast of Ireland.</b><p>The remains, found at Forlorn Point near …


These Are the Top Tech-Driven Workboots for Men This Season

Workboot brands are constructing footwear from the inside for spring, balancing performance with comfort in lightweight composite toes, cushioned …


Skeletal human remains found in Wexford may date to Iron Age

Discovery made by walkers at Forlorn Point, Kilmore Quay, on Tuesday afternoon<p>Wed, Oct 18, 2017, 18:29 Updated: Wed, Oct 18, 2017, 19:00<p>Skeletal …


Steep climb in visitors to hillfort

Now a sharp hike in visitor numbers to Oswestry’s Hillfort has confirmed its impressive heritage status and tourist appeal


Hoard of Iron Age coins found in England

A hoard of Iron Age coins has been found by metal detectorists in Lincoln, England.Sean said he was aware of what the coins were because he had found …


Ancient DNA increases the genetic time depth of modern humans

It’s been about 2000 years since a young boy died on what is today a beach in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province. In the 1960s the child’s remains …


Excavating an Iron Age Dun in the Scottish Highlands

Recently published research reveals the discovery of a dun and the complex history of an archetypal Iron Age settlement in Scotland.


Archaeologists discover ancient king’s artifact

A team of archaeologists are excavating a place believed to have been palace for former Rwandan kings in Karongi District in search of artifact that …


Unusual Stone Tools Uncovered in Wales

DENBIGHSHIRE, WALES—According to a report in <i>Live Science</i>, members of the Clwydian Range Archaeological Group, a team of amateur researchers led by …


Archaeologists make tantalising discoveries at mysterious Highland ruins

Most have been reduced to mounds of rubble or simple features on the landscape, but some are surprisingly intact given their age.<p>Scientists and …


2,000-Year-Old Remains of Stone Age Child to 'Rewrite Human History'

(Photo: Lyn Wadley/University of the Witwatersrand)Studying the DNA of the 2 000-year-old remains of a boy found near Ballito Bay in KwaZulu-Natal …


KZN Stone Age child reveals modern humans 'emerged earlier than previously thought'

Jenna Etheridge<p>Marlize Lombard excavating at Sibudu about 40 km southeast of Ballito Bay. ( Lyn Wadley, University of the Witwatersrand)<p>Durban - …


Events in the Ancient Eras

Events in Ancient History | From the Bronze Age to A.D. 500 - The Ancient Eras<p>This is a very basic 4-millennium timeline to show which civilizations …

Ancient History

When Did Humans Figure Out How to Run the World - and One Another?

Most of the history of the ancient world has been collected by archaeologists, built in part by the use of fragmentary records, but also through …

Ancient History

CLARA-NOVA shares the Origins of her new single, “The Illusionist”: Stream

<i>Photo by Amber Canterbury</i><p><i>Origins is a recurring new music feature in which an artist charts the influence of their latest hit single.</i><p>If you attended …

Arcade Fire

A 1,000-year-old Viking boat burial was just found hidden beneath a market square in Norway

Archaeologists estimate that the Viking boat was around four metres long and may have contained a possible human skeleton.<p>A 1,000-year-old Viking …