How Iran justifies its costly Syria intervention at home

The political and strategic significance of Iran’s involvement in the Syrian civil war is all too evident. Even by the most conservative assessments, …

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Israel’s attack on Syria reveals new fault lines

geopolitics<p>Last Friday, Israeli bombers flew into Syria to attack a weapons store belonging to the Iranian-supplied Hizbollah militia near the desert …


Japan and Iran remain on track to book World Cup berths

Japan stayed on course to book their spot at next year's World Cup finals as Vahid Halilhodzic's side handed the United Arab Emirates a 2-0 defeat on Thursday, while Iran recorded a 1-0 win over Qatar.<p>Yuya Kubo and Yasuyuki Konno scored a goal in each half for the Japanese as the four-times Asian …


Wonders of the Middle East

Spanning many very different countries, the <b>Middle East</b> is teeming with architectural treasures and cultural delights to stimulate and amaze you when …

Strait of Hormuz

If an AIPAC spinoff did, in fact, help fund an attack on J Street it suggests the powerful lobby feels increasingly threatened by the upstart progressive Jewish group. By Eli Clifton The American Israel Public…

<i>If an AIPAC spinoff did, in fact, help fund an attack on J Street it suggests the powerful lobby feels increasingly threatened by the upstart</i> …

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Riyadh, Ankara, Doha behind intense fighting in eastern Damascus: Syria

The Syrian government holds Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar responsible for the escalated fighting in the Jobar district of Damascus.


Wilbur Ross will shepherd Trump’s trade policy. Should he also own a shipping firm?

When private equity billionaire Wilbur Ross Jr. signed on to be President Donald Trump’s commerce secretary, he agreed to divest millions of dollars …

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Discussion: Turkey’s Spat With Europe

Discussion: Turkey’s Spat With Europe<p><i>Trumpet</i> analysts Brad Macdonald and Brent Nagtegaal discuss the tension between Turkey and Europe and what it …

The Islamic Republic of Iran is the SAFEST country in the Region

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ZTE confirms loss in 2016 due to guilty plea in Iran sanctions case

ZTE admitted it slipped to a net loss of 2.36 billion yuan in 2016 due to fines associated with the Iran sanctions case, though revenue increased by …

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Taliban seize deadly battlefield for US, UK troops

<b>The Taliban militant group has captured the center of a strategic district in Afghanistan's southern Helmand, forcing government troops to pull out</b> …


Trump ‘will be vindicated' on surveillance claims: White House

Trump is “very confident” that he will be "vindicated" regarding his claim that the Obama administration spied on him during the election campaign, …

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Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen in occupied West Bank

Israeli military forces have killed a Palestinian teenager and critically injured three others in the occupied West Bank.

Mosul parents sedate kids to avoid discovery by Daesh

Terrified Iraqi families fleeing fierce fighting in Mosul are giving their children sedatives to avoid discovery by Daesh terrorists.


CIA was hacking iPhones one year after launch: WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks reveals the CIA has been targeting the iPhone since 2008, a year after the landmark device was released.


Egypt court orders corruption probe into Mubarak

Officials say the court ruling to reopen the investigation would not affect a prosecution decision to release Mubarak after his acquittal in another …


Mali hit by deadly ethnic clashes amid drought

Experts say increased availability of arms from Libya has also contributed to intercommunal violence in Mali.


Who is trying to turn Russia and Israel against each other?

A new front has opened in the Middle East, with Syria and Israel shooting at each other. On March 17, Syrian defense forces shot at (according to Tel Aviv) and downed (according to Damascus) an Israeli military plane intending to bomb Hezbollah positions on Syrian territory.<p>Several days later, the …


Spiritual Ardor and Military Might: The Story of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

<b>Afshon Ostovar, Vanguard of the Imam: Religion, Politics, and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (Oxford University Press, 2016)</b><p>This past September in an …

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Iran 'harassing' American warships in Strait of Hormuz

U.S. Navy commanders on Wednesday accused Iran of jeopardizing international navigation by "harassing" warships passing through the Strait of Hormuz, …

Strait of Hormuz

Iran diverting water from Gulf of Oman inwards

Iran says it is implementing a landmark project to divert water from the Gulf of Oman to its central plateau.

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Blacklisting Iran's IRGC Will Decrease Middle East Tensions

The White House these days continues to discuss designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a major sponsor of terrorism. The U.S. Congress has been weighing a number of different bills proposed for this purpose. In response, Iran and its lobbies have been distorting the truth in the media by …

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Trump Offers Holiday Greeting to Iran

President Donald Trump on Wednesday had nothing but warm words for Iranians marking the country’s New Year holiday, praising the day as a way to celebrate “new beginnings.” Trump, who has sought to temporarily ban Iranians from entering the U.S. as part of his crackdown on immigration, made no …

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Iranian Leaks About Missing American Led Levinson Family to Sue Iran

A U.S. lawyer for the family of a former FBI agent who went missing in Iran 10 years ago says the family is suing Tehran for damages based in part on …

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Reza Aslan wants us to understand that Islamists are not so very different from the rest of us. And also to check out the human-brain-eating 'Hindu' …


Langerak rues ‘two points dropped’ in Tehran

Socceroos keeper Mitch Langerak felt Australia dropped two points after scrapping with Iraq in a 1-1 draw in Tehran on Thursday.<p>On a bumpy pitch in cold and wet conditions at the PAS Stadium in Tehran, Iraq’s late equaliser was some reward for the tenacious Iraqis.<p>But Langerak, arguably Australia’s …


In Greeting to Iranian People, Trump Leaves Out Their Government

WASHINGTON — When President Trump sent greetings to the Iranian people on Wednesday for the Persian New Year, or Nowruz, it offered a glimpse into an administration that is still debating how to deal with a country that Mr. Trump has painted as an implacable foe.<p>The five-paragraph statement went …

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Russia and Iran Are Scrapping Over Assad’s Corpse. Where’s Trump?

Russia in Syria is a treatable illness; Iran in Syria is sure death.


Persian News Year 2017: Trump Wishes Everyone A Happy Nowruz

President Donald Trump followed the tradition of former President Barack Obama Wednesday by wishing everyone celebrating Persian New Year, known as …

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Trump’s support among Republican, white men on decline: Poll

US President Donald Trump is losing support among Republicans, whites and men, a new poll shows.

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