Psychologists Studied 5,000 Genius Kids for 45 Years — Here Are Their 6 Key Takeaways

Even kids with genius-level IQs need teachers to help them reach their full potential.<p>Follow thousands of superbright kids for four and a half …

Standardized Testing

Son of senior politician jailed for rape conviction

<b>A 31-year-old man has been jailed for eight years and eight months after being convicted of a "sustained" rape.</b><p>Jonathan Drakeford, the son of Welsh finance minister and Labour leadership contender Mark Drakeford, was convicted of rape and actual bodily harm.<p>Drakeford, of Cardiff, had earlier …

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Yes, We’re Becoming Less Smart. But What Can We Do About It?

The Flynn Effect is one of the most ubiquitous and confusing phenomena in modern psychology. Attributed to James Flynn of New Zealand (though …


Happy Birthday Kareena: 5 times Bebo was the Queen of Sass

Kareena Kapoor Khan is not one for diplomacy. The actress has always been brutally upfront about her feelings regarding her colleagues, ex-boyfriends …

Kareena Kapoor

Jack Ma wants to go back to teaching

He may be the richest man in China, but Jack Ma is stepping back from his e-commerce empire to return to his roots as a teacher.<p>On his 54th birthday, …

World Economic Forum

The secret to a high salary? Emotional intelligence

While IQ remains a very strong predictor of career success, our research suggests that people with high emotional intelligence are more likely to …

Emotional Intelligence

Smart Showers, Brainy Tubs: The Rise of the High-Tech Bathroom

Introducing the superior bliss of a smarter shower. Plus: Up the IQ of your entire lavatory with other high-tech upgrades, from motivating toothbrushes to toilets that play your favorite tunes<p>FOR MANY OF US, showers are a sanctuary, a rare place to actually relax in solitude. But as smart home …


IQ Scores Look to Be Declining. Is There a Complicated Explanation, or Are We Just Getting Dumber?

In November, the European TV channel Arte aired an hourlong documentary, <i>Demain, tous crétins?</i>—<i>Tomorrow, everyone’s an idiot?</i>—on a topic that would …

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Family’s ‘genetic background’ sheds light on autism symptoms

The total amount of rare mutations—deletions, duplications, or other changes to the DNA sequence—in a person’s genome can explain why individuals …


2 Chainz Releases Official Video For “Bigger Than You” Feat. Drake And Quavo

2 Chainz, 6 God and Quavo cause havoc in new video.

Lil Wayne

Quiz: Answer 20 Questions To Find Out Which Percentile Your IQ Is In

Learning about new and interesting things all the time is fun-- and so is taking IQ quizzes! Give this IQ quiz a spin.


Research Request: Is Lead Poisoning Associated With Obesity?

As you all know, exposure to lead in infancy can lead to lower IQ, poor education outcomes, and higher rates of violent crime later in life. But …

Lead Poisoning

National Museum of Psychology

Opened in 2018, the National Museum of Psychology explores the history of psychology as a profession, a science, and an agent of social change. …


New Research Confirms That We Get Our Intelligence From Our Mothers

Science just proved what your mum has been saying all along<p>When it comes to your IQ, "I got it from my mama" couldn't be more accurate. New research featured in <i>Psychology Spot</i> says people are born with conditioned genes that work differently depending on if they're from your mother or father — and …

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Self-mastery can be yours with three pillars of emotional wisdom

RILEY is moodily picking at her dinner. Noticing that something is amiss, her dad asks how school was. Inside Riley’s brain, a small green girl …

Emotional Intelligence

Five ways to make your child smarter

Five things science says can help your child be smarter.<p><b>Sign them up to a sport</b><p>We all know that exercise is good for the heart and mind but did you …


Prevent Lead Exposure

Health Capsule<p>Lead is toxic. No amount is safe. The more you have in your body, the worse its effects.<p>Lead is a metal found in nature. It can get …


31-Year-Old Allegedly Fakes Down Syndrome to Get Caregivers to Bathe Him and Change His Diapers

In what police are calling a “pretty unusual case,” a 31-year-old man in Gilbert, Arizona, has been arrested after allegedly pretending he had Down …

True Crime

QUIZ: Only Someone With An IQ Range Of 127-139 Will Ace These 16 Questions

Quiz that tests your IQ score through general knowledge trivia questions. Compare your score with your Facebook friends.


Police: Man fakes Down syndrome, hires women to bathe him

GILBERT, Ariz. (AP) — Police say they have arrested an Arizona man who pretended to have Down syndrome and hired caregivers to bathe him and change his diapers.<p>According to Gilbert police, 31-year-old Paul Anthony Menchaca posed as a woman on jobsites for caregivers saying she needed assistance …

Down Syndrome

The three laws of IQ

The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was evolved as a somewhat standardised attempt to measure human intelligence. It aims at quantifying a person’s …


How power affects the way you behave—and the way you’re punished

Michele Gelfand: Yes, so I wrote this book to give a lens to people to view the world differently. It's something that we take for granted every day, …

Emotional Intelligence

Top iPhone games gone free

Our daily list of best iPhone games gone free is compiled using our proprietary algorithm to find you the very best apps that have just gone free …


Who is Bobby Seagull, what did he study at Emmanuel College, Cambridge and what is Genius Guide To Britain about?

UNIVERSITY Challenge fans will no doubt recall having their breath taken away from them when Bobby Seagull featured on the hit BBC programme and …

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Man faked Down syndrome, sexually abused women he hired to change his diaper, police say

An Arizona man has been charged with multiple counts of sex abuse and fraudulent schemes after he allegedly faked having Down syndrome and hired female caregivers to bathe him and change his diapers.<p>Three women have accused Paul Menchaca, 31, police told USA TODAY on Friday. Police suspect there …

Down Syndrome

Mental Health

Jul 24, 2018<p>Here's how to tell if your everyday anxiety is becoming a bigger problem.<p>Advertisement - Continue Reading Below<p>Jul 20, 2018<p>"I can't believe this is not standard practice at all organizations."<p>Jun 29, 2018<p>This med-free remedy may be just what you need to relax. 😴<p>Jun 8, 2018<p>The signs …

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But how “giftedness” plays out in the classroom for the roughly 3 million students who qualify can be hard to characterize. Some gifted and talented …

High School

Ohio Supreme Court declines appeal from woman charged with killing 3 sons

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio woman accused of suffocating her three young sons over a 13-month period has unsuccessfully appealed a court order that …

The Columbus Dispatch

Talking To Your Baby Might Make Them Smarter Later In Life, According To New Research

I prefer conversations with toddlers over adults pretty much every day of the week. First of all, I really like it when people ask me questions and …


Millennial blogger shares interview experiences

<i>Millennial, and blogger of Its A Sher Thing, Tamryn Sher, sounds off on her worst interview experiences.</i><p>I recently left my full-time corporate job …