The Worst Funds for Your 401(k)

Here are two important things to think about when selecting your 401(k) funds.<p>The most common investment question I get asked by friends and family <i>by</i> …


Buy These 3 REITs While They're Still Ridiculously Cheap

Shutterstock<p>There’s no way around it: the S&P 500 now has a P/E ratio of more than 26 going into the first earnings season of 2017, and even the “safest” bets are starting to look scary.<p>Unless we see massive profit growth all around, there’s a real risk this bull market is going to stutter—or worse.<p>…


6 Investing Tools for First-Time Investors

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Charlie Munger on The Intelligent Improvement of Yourself

How should we go about <i>intelligently</i> improving ourselves?<p>The irreverent billionaire and business partner of Warren Buffett offered a deep response at …

Charlie Munger

High-Dividend Stock Yields 10%, 11 Straight Dividend Hikes, Pullback Buying Opportunity

This stock yields over 10% and has 11 straight dividend hikes.<p>It's now over 10% below analysts' lowest price target.<p>Management is successfully …


3 Stocks That Could Double Your Money

Wall Street has great expectations for biotech stocks Celldex Therapeutics, Idera Pharmaceuticals, and Opko Health.<p>Could you double your money in the …


The Day Mutual Funds And Annuities Failed Me - Chapter 1 of 3

How did I get here?<p>I sat across from a new high net worth prospect, feeling a little anxious that everything I had been trained to do as a financial advisor was about to suddenly fail me.<p>I had been blindly following the status quo of traditional retirement planning and investing for more than a …

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The Verdict

Breaking down the new wave of savings apps<p>The past few years have seen an explosion in startups aimed at helping you save, invest and spend in a cheaper and wiser way.<p>It's mostly a good thing. For too long, the financial industry hasn't had much competition from the technology industry—and it's …

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Why You're Not a Millionaire

If you're not a millionaire yet, here are some of the issues that may be holding you back.<p>Having $1 million in the bank might sound impossible, but …


DEA OKs synthetic marijuana for pharma company that spent $500,000 to keep pot illegal

Insys Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company that was one of the chief financial backers of the opposition to marijuana legalization in Arizona last year, received preliminary approval from the Drug Enforcement Administration this week for Syndros, a synthetic marijuana drug.<p>Insys gave $500,000 …


What Basic Money Skills Should Be Taught In High School?- The Saturday Weekend Review #216

PERSONAL FINANCE IS MORE THAN JUST BUDGETING YOUR WAY TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM.<p>Teenagers may find out the hard way in the world of personal finance if …

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Highest Bonus Ever - Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card

Yesterday, the news broke that Marriott and Chase had increased the sign-up bonus on the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card from the historic high …

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How parents with less-than-stellar credit can help their kids get a credit card

Parents with less-than-perfect credit: You can still help your teenager or young adult child get a credit card and start building a strong credit history.<p>Your credit history isn’t shared<p>Your credit history and scores are yours alone. A person who shares an account with you shares only the history …

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Has The Trump Rally Been Dealt A Big Setback?

How much of an impact will the failure of the healthcare bill have on the Trump rally?<p>Can this eight year plus Bull Market continue? What do the …


Smartphone App Hopes To Solve The Looming Retirement Crisis

Millennials lie awake at night most troubled about how they’re going to ever retire, a Schwab survey found. A survey conducted by Personal Capital found 40% of them don’t even have a single retirement account. Stash Invest hopes to solve the looming crisis. The Stash app, available for both Android …

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Should You Take Social Security at 62, 66, or 70?

Here's a game plan to help you figure out if it makes sense to take your Social Security early, on time, or late.<p>Social Security benefits can be …

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Fund manager Q&A: Spotlight on investing in small-cap funds

<b>By Alex Veiga,</b> <i>The Associated Press</i> Stocks in smaller companies trounced the broader market last year, especially in the weeks after the presidential …


How to Set Up Apple Pay on Your iPhone

Apple Pay has been around awhile now, but I’ve only just started using it. While the service has been available, retailers and small business have had to adapt to the new technology, which has taken quite some time. But with Apple Pay now in Safari, more and more businesses always adding Apple Pay …


8 tips to save a fortune, from everyday people who are retiring before 45

Save more and spend less with these strategies.


EU recommends suspending hundreds of drugs tested by Indian firm

Europe's medicines regulator has recommended the suspension of more than 300 generic drug approvals and drug applications due to "unreliable" tests conducted by Indian contract research firm Micro Therapeutic Research Labs.<p>The decision, announced by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on its …

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Cost is not why more Millennials than ever are cutting the cord

Millennials just don't feel the need to subscribe to cable anymore -- here's why.<p>The number of households cutting the cord accelerated in 2016. The pay-TV industry lost 1.7 million, or 1.7%, of its customers in 2016, according to MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett. That's up from 1.1 million in …


Is The Stock Market Now On Thin Ice?

Tuesday’s 1.2% decline in the S&P 500 and 10% rise in the VIX certainly got the market’s attention as it was already nervous about the health care vote. The financial media debated the impact of both a No and a Yes vote but cancelling the vote was clearly not expected.<p>Of course this has started a …


'Don't try to be Warren Buffett' with pot stocks: Analyst

While the legal status of cannabis companies may be in question, investors have more options to own a stake in these businesses.<p>Cannabis has strong …


Gold slips to Rs.29,330 on weak global cues, muted demand

Gold prices softened by Rs.20 to Rs.29,330 per ten grams at the bullion market on Saturday, tracking a weak trend overseas amid easing demand from …


Why You're Smart to Buy Costco Stock

The company may not be exciting, but it's steady and resilient.<p><b>Costco</b> (NASDAQ:COST) will never be a sexy stock pick.<p>The company moves slowly. It does …


Here’s How Much Money You Spent on Rent Last Year

Have you ever wondered how much your state spends on rent every year? Maybe not—it’s a little depressing. Here’s a hint: It's a lot (unless you live …

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Negotiated Chase Ink Business Approval Despite 5/24 Rule...on top of Reserve!

Just prior to the end of the 100K in-branch offer for the Chase Sapphire Reserve earlier this month, I applied and was approved thanks to a …

Credit Report

Why your credit score might get a boost this summer

<i>Here are three of the week's top pieces of financial advice, gathered from around the web:</i><p><b>A credit score jubilee</b><br>Millions of consumers' credit scores …

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Sears is Among the Companies That Likely Won't See 2019

Sears Holdings Corp. has pursued a cost-cutting strategy that has hurt its ability to viably grow.

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The Beginning Of The End?

The Trump administration's decision to abandon the bid to repeal and replace Obamacare capped off a week in which we got more evidence that the …