Cockroaches' DNA reveals why they thrive in filthy places

By identifying which genes are key to the bugs’ survival, scientists hope to find ways to better control them<p>The secrets of the cockroach’s ability to thrive in some of the most disgusting places on Earth have been discovered in its DNA.<p>The American cockroach spread around the world after it was …


In the Cockroach Genome, ‘Little Mighty’ Secrets

The American cockroach is the largest common house cockroach, about the length of a AA battery. Also called the water bug, it can live for a week without its head. It eats just about anything, including feces, the glue on book bindings, and other cockroaches, dead or alive. It can fly short …


Monstrously Long Tapeworm in Viral Bunny Photo Was 'Accidental', Says Vet

This doesn't usually happen.<p>Having pets means spending a lot of time looking at poop. At best, this means a brief glance at hard black pellets or …


How Older Widow Spiders Seduce Younger Males—And Eat Them

Aging females have evolved a trick to attract males more interested in younger mates, a new study found.<p>When it comes to wooing the ladies, male brown widow spiders don’t always make the best decisions.<p>On paper, younger females are the better option—they don’t demand a lengthy courtship and they’re …


In the Seychelles, coral reefs face climate change threat

BEAU VALLON, Seychelles — Beneath the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean island nation of the Seychelles, a fight is growing to save the coral reefs that shelter a range of creatures, from tiny invertebrates to the sprawling octopus, ...

Indian Ocean

The Multi-coloured Beauty!


Marine Aquarium Health: Achieve Aquarium Success with Reef Supplements

Your success at keeping aquarium corals and invertebrates depends upon your success at recreating natural conditions. In the ocean, there is a …

Reef Aquariums

Thick, Sticky Honeybee Goo Seems to Have 'Gravity-Defying' Properties

Royal jelly isn't just for feeding queens.<p>In honeybee society, the monarch doesn’t break bread with the plebes. Even as a larva, the queen bee gets …


When natural disaster strikes, can insects and other invertebrates recover?

Oklahoma study finds 93 percent decline in local invertebrate abundance after 2015 flood<p>Annapolis, MD; March 15, 2018 -- After a 100-year flood …


When natural disaster strikes, can insects and other invertebrates recover? 93 percent decline in local invertebrate abundance after 2015 flood

93 percent decline in local invertebrate abundance after 2015 flood<p>After a 100-year flood struck south central Oklahoma in 2015, a study of the …


Efficient Method for Attaching Items to Arthropods | American Entomologist

Over the last few years, we conducted experiments using adult Madagascar hissing cockroaches, <i>Gromphadorhina portentosa</i> (Schaum), as test subjects. We …

Oxford University Press

Marine ecologists study the effects of giant kelp on groups of organisms in the underwater forest ecosystem

When British naturalist Charles Darwin traveled to the Galapagos Islands in 1835, he took notice of the giant kelp forests ringing the islands. He …


Infected 'zombie ants' face no discrimination from nest mates

Carpenter ants infected with a specialized parasitic fungus are not subjected to aggression or isolation from their nest mates, and they continue to …


Paleontologists discover 520 million year-old fossilized brains in remains of ancient predator

Finding intact fossils of hardened bone and teeth can be difficult on its own, but the real challenge for paleontologists is often locating the …


Daft male spiders prefer females who are more likely to eat them

Female brown widow spiders get grumpy in their old age. They demand more courtship displays from males, and are more likely to eat the suitor. …


Biodiversity Counts

Curriculum Materials<p>Biodiversity is the spectacular variety of life on Earth and the essential interdependence among all living things. Students can …

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Some American hero edited Wikipedia's 'Invertebrates' page to include Paul Ryan

×<p>Tag History<p>Humor created by Walter Einenkel at 03/08/2018 08:30 AM<br>• Humor invertebrate created by Walter Einenkel at 03/08/2018 08:30 AM<br>• Humor …

Paul Ryan

City mouse-country mouse study shows link in environment, worm infections

When laboratory mice moved to the countryside where they could burrow in dirt, forage for food, and generally live like ordinary mice, they became …


A Look At Just How Invasive The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Is

The brown marmorated stink bug first showed up in the United States about 20 years ago, and has been terrorizing homeowners and farmers ever since. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Kathryn Schulz, who writes about the invasive insect in the latest issue of <i>The New Yorker.</i><p>Transcript<p>ARI SHAPIRO, …


Monarch butterfly numbers decline for second year in a row

The iconic monarch butterfly travels thousands of miles south to overwinter in Mexico. But factors including the changing climate are challenging its …


First Observation of Rigor Mortis in Worms Could Help Us Understand Death by Old Age

Living creatures do amazing things. They grow toward the sun, build cities, lay eggs, and some even bone. But living things must die, and when they …


Thousands of starfish have washed up dead after the ‘Beast from the East’

Many Europeans have been assessing the damage from the recent wintery weather dramatically nicknamed the “Beast from the East”. But people visiting …

Marine Biology

Rigor mortis in worms offers new insight into death

A dying worm experiences rigor mortis early in the death process, rather than after the main event as it is for humans, according to a new study by …


These Spiders Hunt Their Own Kind

There are some spiders that even other spiders should be afraid of. The Pelican spiders, so-called because of a long neck and long jaw-like appendages, make a living by hunting and killing other spiders.<p>Humans should not worry. The biggest Pelican spiders are the size of a pinkie fingernail, and …


A Promising Backup to the Honeybee Is Shut Down

The world’s largest almond grower has suddenly closed an eight-year research project to develop a new commercial pollinator


It’s official: Termites are just cockroaches with a fancy social life

On their latest master list of arthropods, U.S. entomologists have finally declared termites to be a kind of cockroach.


Video of Imperiled Caterpillar Captures the Sound of an Angry Insect

Scientists discover caterpillar 'vocalization.'<p>The life of a caterpillar before it enters its cocoon mostly consists of eating as much as it can …


Pesticides harm bees — EU food safety watchdog confirms 2013 findings

The EU banned three types of pesticides after a 2013 EU study found evidence they were dangerous to wild bee populations. The latest study has …


The Simple Algorithm That Ants Use to Build Bridges

Even with no one in charge, army ants work collectively to build bridges out of their bodies. New research reveals the simple rules that lead to such …


For Fiddler Crabs, ‘Size Does Matter’

Male fiddler crabs are lopsided, with one claw that seems about the right size and one very large claw. As you might expect, one function of the larger claw is to attract females. The males drum with it and wave it when they see a female among them.<p>The wave means: Come hither, and I will dig a …