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One of Nepal's last dancing bears dies after rescue

PATAN (NEPAL) (AFP) -<p>One of Nepal's last known dancing bears that was recently rescued has died after being transferred to a zoo, an animal rights activist said Wednesday, blaming the death on "negligence".<p>The two sloth bears were rescued in southern Nepal in December last year from a pair of …


North Africa:Water Stress Poses Greatest Threat to Mena Region

[IPS] Rome -This year, World Water Day, celebrated annually on 22 March, is themed "Nature for Water", examining nature-based solutions (NBS) to the …

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The Death of the Last Male Northern White Rhino Won’t Change Its Fate

It’s a tragic moment for a subspecies that is already functionally extinct.<p>With wide three-toed hooves and no thumbs, Sudan could neither swipe right nor swipe left. But last April, he joined Tinder anyway, making him the only northern white rhino on the dating network. He was, indeed, the only …


The near-extinct species our children may never see

The world's last remaining male northern white rhino has died at the age of 45 in Kenya, euthanised at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya after months of declining health.<p>This leaves only two of his particular sub-species alive on the planet - his daughter Najin, 27, and granddaughter Fatu, 17 - …


UK to get first glimpse of new polar bear cub at Scotland zoo

<b>(CNN) —</b> The first polar bear cub to be born in the UK in a quarter of a century will take its first steps in public Wednesday.<p>Visitors can check out the cub and its mom Victoria at the Royal Zoological Society's Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland, where it was born in December.<p>The park's outdoor …

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5 times brands shook up their logo to create a powerful message

'Don't touch the logo'. It's a common phrase in many design agency briefs. Sometimes it even makes its way into rebranding projects, when all the …

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Chinese leaders create super science ministry

NEWS<p>Government overhaul prompts fears that funding will drop for basic research.<p>David Cyranoski<p>Search for this author in:<p>Pub Med<br>•<br>• Google …


Update On the World’s Diminishing Resources, Part II: Biodiversity | MAHB

Oh, what a wonderful planet we have inherited and nature is unbelievably beautiful! There are millions and millions of species on earth. Though it is …


World’s Last Male Northern White Rhino Dies, Species Now Doomed

The northern white rhinoceros, one of two subspecies of white rhinoceroses, is now doomed to become extinct due to the death of the last living male. …

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This gorilla doesn’t like getting his hands muddy, so he walks like a human, zoo says

A couple dozen steps. Two fistfuls of tomatoes. A perfectly upright posture.<p>That was all it took to launch Louis, an 18-year-old male western lowland gorilla at the Philadelphia Zoo, to viral fame.<p>It started in early March, when zookeepers filmed Louis standing on two legs, like a human, strutting …


Four Chinese pandas to be moved to Calgary after 5 years in Toronto

Today is the last chance to see the giant pandas at the Toronto Zoo before the bears head west to Calgary.

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New genetic test detects manatees' recent presence in fresh or saltwater

Environmental DNA picks up traces of elusive mammals' saliva, skin, waste, exhaled breaths<p>U.S. Geological Survey scientists have developed the first …

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The Lacoste Crocodile is Being Replaced to Save Endangered Species

The iconic Lacoste Crocodile is leaving its customary space to give attention to endangered species. Lacoste has partnered with IUCN—the …

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Rare Australian dolphin at risk of extinction

The rare Australian humpback dolphin needs urgent protection to be saved from extinction, a study released on Wednesday said.<p>Researchers from …

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University of Montana graduate students are co-authors on top 'Science' article

Earlier this month, the journal "Science" published an article that identified the places on Earth where eight species that turn white in winter to …


Seabird Colony Found On Remote Seychellois Island a Positive Surprise for Conservation Officers

[Seychelles News Agency] A seabird colony thought to be no longer breeding in St. Francois atoll for the past five years has been rediscovered on the …

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Leopard mortality on rise, 21 more die in March

New Delhi, March 17 (IANS) At least 21 more leopards lost their lives in the first half of March, taking the toll to 127 this year, according to the …


Is CPEC Good, Bad or a Disaster for Pakistan's Economy and Environment?

Mohammad Saleem and Badar Din have never heard of the China-Pakistan Economics Corridor (CPEC) but they see plenty of Chinese people around. Their …

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From Africa to Asia, the scaly anteater is being hunted to extinction

The pangolin is the only truly scaled mammal in the world and is, fittingly, nicknamed the scaly anteater. In Gabon, where its meat is particularly popular, and, in Vietnam, where its scales are thought to have healing powers, our Observers have been raising the alarm about a sharp increase in the …


New fish species identified in Manipur’s Challou River

A new freshwater fish species has been identified in the north-eastern state of Manipur, according to a study published in the peer reviewed journal</i> …


Staggering portraits of the world's most beautiful animals


Rare leopard spotted in NW China

A wildlife ranger has captured photographs of a rare species of leopard in the Sanjiangyuan area of northwest China's Qinghai province, local …


Eastern Quolls Reintroduced To Australia For First Time

There's some "quoll-ity" conservation efforts going on in Australia.<p>Tuesday marked the first time Eastern quolls, a species of small Australian …


Protecting marine mammals, turtles, and birds by rebuilding global fisheries

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), <i>The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture</i> (FAO, 2016).<p>C. Costello,<br>• D. Ovando,<br>• T. …

Endangered Species

La Maison Simons takes major step toward sustainability

Sustainability is a big topic of conversation across all industries, and the fashion business in particular is taking a hard look at all points of its supply chain, from the byproducts of manufacturing and global shipping to the eventual textile waste that results from over-consumption and …


Romulus Whitaker: Urbanization will help snakes

Herpetologist Romulus Whitaker tells Lounge why snakes continue to survive in Indian cities


Even Vultures Are Going Extinct Now

If even the hardiest scavengers can't make it, who can?<p>When we think about vultures, our mind’s eye may picture garbage eaters — birds feasting on …


Man stunned when adopted 'puppy' he found in forest grows up to be something massive

A man who adopted a 'puppy' he found in the forest was shocked when it grew up to be a massive bear.<p>The accidental bear owner named only as Yang said …


China’s New Panda Park Will Be The Size Of Massachusetts

The new park will connect 67 separate reserves, in the hopes of increasing the world’s panda population after it’s come back from the brink.<p>When giant pandas moved off the endangered species list in 2016–from “endangered” to “vulnerable“–it was because China helped protect some of the animal’s …

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Putting women at the heart of national biodiversity action plans

In developing countries, women make up nearly half of the labour force in agriculture and account for a large portion of the world’s food crops. They …