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PRIYAKANT SAHOO: Certificate of Membership

Download our free ebook <b>The Basics of User Experience Design</b> to learn about core concepts in UX design.<p>In 9 chapters, we'll cover: conducting user …

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Essential Design Thinking Videos and Methods

<i>The following resources are recommended in order to assist you to better understand Design Thinking. These resources, videos, and tools should be</i> …


Anna Gabrielli: Course Certificate - Interaction Design for Usability

The Course Certificate below verifies that <b>Anna Gabrielli</b> has completed the course <b>Interaction Design for Usability</b> with a <b>Top 10% Distinction</b>.

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What is User Experience (UX) Design?

How to Change Your Career from Graphic Design to UX Design<p>If there’s an occupation that is 100% linked with the public’s idea of what design is all …

UX Design

5 Pro Tips For Better Micro Interaction Design That You Can Benefit From Starting Today

Designing in static canvas makes designers overlook the most important part of UX — Delightful experiences happen in time.<p>Furthermore, UI design is …

UI Design

How to Empower UX teams to Boost Innovation and ROI

<i>As a UX designer, you want to make sure that your team is doing everything possible to boost your organization’s innovation and the return on</i> …

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Diana Baldwin: Course Certificate - Design Thinking: The Beginner's Guide

The Course Certificate below verifies that <b>Diana Baldwin</b> has completed the course <b>Design Thinking: The Beginner's Guide</b> with a <b>Top 10% Distinction</b>.


IDF Newcastle Meetup #1

Hi all,<p>Let's give this another shot. We've now got a time and location for what will hopefully be the first(?) official IDF Newcastle meetup.<p>Jamie …

Newcastle University

Abhijeet Arvind Deshmukh: Course Certificate - Mobile User Experience (UX) Design

The Course Certificate below verifies that <b>Abhijeet Arvind Deshmukh</b> has completed the course <b>Mobile User Experience (UX) Design</b> with a <b>Top 10%</b> …

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Carol Greenberg: Course Certificate - Information Visualization: Getting Dashboards Right

The Course Certificate below verifies that <b>Carol Greenberg</b> has completed the course <b>Information Visualization: Getting Dashboards Right</b> with a <b>Top 10%</b> …

Data Visualization

Prototyping in Design Thinking: How to Avoid Six Common Pitfalls

<i>The Design Thinking process cannot be done without prototyping and testing. However, for companies or teams unfamiliar with the Design Thinking</i> …

Design Thinking

KASIRAJAN GANESAN: Course Certificate - Become a UX Designer from Scratch

The Course Certificate below verifies that <b>KASIRAJAN GANESAN</b> has completed the course <b>Become a UX Designer from Scratch</b> with a <b>Top 10% Distinction</b>.

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Ideo Releases A New Photoshop For Interaction Design

The design agency offers an improved version of Origami, the open-source UX prototyping tool Facebook released earlier this year.<p>A few months ago, Facebook released a bit of open-source code called Origami, which lets designers create and test user interfaces without any coding.<p>Now, Ideo has …


3 Things UX Designers Can Learn From Industrial Design

Two experts offer a handbook for applying industrial design principles to UX. Wait, what?<p>In late 2012, Apple expanded the role of its universally respected chief of industrial design, Jonathan Ive, to include “leadership and direction for human interface” design. Six months later, the tech …

Product Design

From Facebook, 3 Essential Steps For Starting A Design Career

Facebook product design VP Julie Zhuo shares advice for making companies trip over themselves to hire you.<p>How do you get started on the path of a successful product design career?<p>It’s an intimidatingly broad question, but one I get a lot. I’ve gotten questions from contractors wondering how to get …

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Accessibility: How to Design for All

Lesson 0: Welcome and Introduction<p>Available once you start the course. Estimated time to complete: 34 mins.<p>0.1: An introduction to IDF courses (14 …

Extreme Sports

What Japanese Etiquette Can Tell Us About Good UX Design

Traditional Japanese hospitality, or motenashi, can provide inspiration for the design of smart interactive experiences.<p>The connections between hospitality and design are well known. Charles Eames once remarked to his contemporary and collaborator Eero Saarinen that “the role of the architect, or …

UX Design

How to Change Your Career from Marketing to UX Design

There are a few good reasons why you might want to change your career from marketing to UX design. First, there’s the pay—sources like …

UX Design

Customer and User Perception of Value and What it Means to Designers

Often we talk about value and we mean “financial value” a concept that can be measured in dollars and cents or pounds and pennies or whatever …

Information Architecture

IDF Pune. Maharashtra India - User Experience Meet-ups and more

This group aims at joining people from the Design - UX fraternity in and around Pune. The leader is now the Dean at a Design School. …


Universal Music Group: Redesigning a UI/UX Concept

We are checking out this UI/UX concept by Alexsander Barhøn of the current Universal Music Group site. First of all, I love the UI approach with what …

Universal Music

David Carvalho: Course Certificate - Emotional Design — How to Make Products People Will Love

The Course Certificate below verifies that <b>David Carvalho</b> has completed the course <b>Emotional Design — How to Make Products People Will Love</b>

Information Architecture

Less is (Also) More in Virtual and Augmented Reality Design

One of the most exciting things about designing virtual and augmented reality experiences is all the things you’re able to do as a designer. You can …

Augmented Reality

An Affordable UX Design Education

The People Behind<p>The Executive Board<p>The Executive Board oversees and guides the overall direction of the Foundation. The composition of the board …

Information Architecture

Design Management (An Introduction) - Taking Charge of Processes and People

Design management is a complex field; it doesn’t relate to a single design discipline and the exact responsibilities attached to a design manager …

UX Design

How to Create Design Plans for Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences

<i>Whenever you design something new</i> <i>– be it an interface, service or a product</i><i>– you should start with a plan for what you want the user</i><i>’s experience to</i> …

Augmented Reality

Information Overload, Why it Matters and How to Combat It

Designers often need to convey information to the users of their designs. Specialists in information visualization design in particular find …

Information Overload

What’s the point of doing UX?

<i>From a business perspective, differentiation is one of the primary reasons for investing in UX. If your products and services stand out from those of</i> …

UX Design

A mix between Research-based Versus Example-based Learning

<i>Both research-based and example-based learning have their merits. Different types of learning provide different insights, and they are both keys to</i> …

Information Architecture

What’s the ROI of UX?

The most idiotic question ever asked.<p>Design practitioners get asked the value of their work all of the time. They never have a good answer.<p>There are …

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