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Online Geometry Tutoring Problem 499: Triangle, Two Squares, Perpendicular, Problem Solving, Mind Map Software. Math teacher Master Degree. College, SAT Prep. Elearning, Online math tutor, LMS.

The drawing shows a triangle ABC with the squares ABDE and BCFG. AF and CE meet at point O. Prove that BO is perpendicular to AC.


Leadership Academy Certificate | Center for Professional Education | The University of Texas at Austin

These courses are not available for college credit.<p>The program is delivered in the classroom with face-to-face instruction.<p>Typical program duration …

University of Texas at Austin

Webinar: AMA Innovations in Medical Education | American Medical Association

As part of its ongoing work to transform medical education, the American Medical Association, along with its Accelerating Change in Medical Education …

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STEM for Teachers

Welcome! This website is provided as a resource for STEM teaching – focusing on Inquiry approaches to teaching and learning. The materials provided …


3 Reasons Why My Wife Dislikes Online Learning

Blog: Technology and LearningMy wife and I are in a mixed marriage.I work in online education. <i>She dislikes learning online.</i>I spend the majority of my …


GeekWire Deals: A career-advancing education in a lifetime of online coding courses

HTML isn’t just for engineers. Every industry benefits from fluency in digital concepts, like JavaScript and UX. How can you stay educated without …


Lumen Scores $3.75M — and OER Gets a Foot in the Traditional Publishing Door

Open Educational Resources (OER) have yet to cozy up with the more orthodox academics and pushy print publishers of the world. Advocates praise their …


Open Educational Resources, Explained

« 3 Tips for Supporting Students With Autism (Video) | Main<p>| No comments<p>Teachers sharing coursework is nothing new, but the Internet has greatly …


A chat with Pluralsight founder Aaron Skonnard on the global move to sharpen tech skills through online training

Utah has a strong history in the tech industry — Omniture, WordPerfect and Landesk all started there, Pixar co-founder Ed Catmul and Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell both graduated from the University of Utah and several colleges and universities in the area churn out advanced engineering degrees in …


Do You Know How to Create an Actionable Learning Strategy?

FeatureDo You Know How to Create an Actionable Learning Strategy?<p>It’s an evergreen problem: How do learning leaders ensure their efforts align with …


Educational Software Geometry Problem 547: Triangle, Transversal, Four Circumcircles, Concurrency, Sketch Software, Mobile Apps, iPad. Math teacher Master Degree. College, HS. Elearning, Online math tutor, LMS.

The figure shows a triangle ABC with a transversal DEF (F on the extension of AC). Prove that the circumcircles of triangles ABC, BDE, ECF, and ADF …


​Online Courses Shouldn’t Use Remote Proctoring Tools. Here’s Why.

Thoughts about online proctoring have been taking up more of my time and energy than I’d like to admit. Rather than spending most of my time time …


Standards for journalism educators

Secondary school journalism teachers must have a broad range of knowledge and performance abilities. Although their courses are frequently found in a …


How Dutch university quickly connected thousands of students to new learning management system

Dutch university TU Delft is replacing its legacy learning management system after 17 years

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Building Curriculum with Free Resources (The Right Way)

Fran Kompar, the Director of Instructional Technology for Cooperative Educational Services, is a media whiz, especially regarding open educational …


Blended, Online Learning Innovation Grants Up for Grabs

Funding<p>An education non-profit that promotes the use of blended and online instruction as a route to personalized learning is now taking applications …


Funding: IMLS Awards $9.7 Million For Libraries, 39 Leadership and Laura Bush Grants Announced Today

From the Institute For Museum and Library Services:<p>The Institute of Museum and Library Services today announced 39 grants totaling $9,799,830 to …


GamEffective Webinar - eLearning Gamification Techniques To Boost Employee Engagement

eLearning Gamification Techniques To Boost Employee Engagement, From An Coppens And GamEffective<p>This Expert Series Webinar is designed to help …

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FilmLight announces free Baselight STUDENT edition

Grading used to be called a dark art – and not just because rock star colourists beavered away in windowless suites on extremely expensive hardware. …


Teacher-Training Initiative to Inspire Students Receives Part of $28M Donation

« Harvard Education Dean Runs Boston Marathon in Honor of 26 Teachers | Main | What Are Your Teaching Essentials? Teachers Share What They Can't …


K-2 Common-Core Reading Materials Get a Look From Curriculum Review Site

« Survey: Habits of Talented Math Students | Main<p>Today the curriculum-review group released its first round of analyses for K-2 reading …


Why Digital Learning Is So Important For Teachers And Students

Most schools have access to technology. From computers to tablets, students are able to access high quality internet access for teaching and learning …


The Best Screen Capture Software For Different Budgets

From capturing software tutorials to sharing workflow information, screen capture software is a must-have for any online creative.<p>Ten years ago, you …


Publishers and Open-Resource Advocates Square Off on the Future of Course Content

A debate hosted by The Chronicle at this year’s South by Southwest Edu conference offered its fair share of humor — and a few pointed jabs.


New-York Historical Society will provide free educational resources for immigrants

A new initiative will provide educational resources for those studying for the naturalization exam<p>The New-York Historical Society is partnering with CUNY’s Citizenship Now! program to provide free civics and American history courses, among other educational tools, to help immigrants prepare for the …

New York City

Continuing Education

Welcome! We are delighted to share the array of continuing education courses and educational activities that Harvard Medical School offers. Our …


Portrait of the Modern Learner by Pamela S. Hogle

It’s time to ditch all those stereotypes about employees of a certain generation and focus on educating modern learners—of any age or generational …


Hosting a Coding Challenge in the Library

<b>Posted:</b> April 17, 2017 | <b>Author:</b> Isis Leininger and Lauren Magnuson | <b>Filed under:</b> coding, library, library as makerspace | Leave a comment »<p>In Fall of …


Technology is key to reducing college education costs

Why is IT ignored in recent Cassells report on future funding for higher education?

Higher Education

New BiblioBoard Partnership Will Expand Access and Provide More Usage Data to Knowledge Unlatched’s Open Access Content

The following partnership announcement was made today.<p>Knowledge Unlatched (KU) and BiblioLabs, the software company that has built by BiblioBoard, …

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