Flying Insects Are Disappearing at Huge Rates, And We Should All Be Worried

But we can help them survive!<p>Not long ago, a lengthy drive on a hot day wouldn't be complete without scraping bug guts off a windshield. But …


New study suggests insect populations have declined by 75% over 3 decades

<b>(CNN) —</b> A new scientific study has found "dramatic" and "alarming" declines in insect populations in areas in Germany, which researchers say could have far-reaching consequences for the world's crop production and natural ecosystems.<p>The study, published on Wednesday in peer-reviewed journal PLOS …


Warning of 'ecological Armageddon' after dramatic plunge in insect numbers

Three-quarters of flying insects in nature reserves across Germany have vanished in 25 years, with serious implications for all life on Earth, scientists say<p>The abundance of flying insects has plunged by three-quarters over the past 25 years, according to a new study that has shocked …


Invasive bugs looking for warm spot to hibernate, says entomologist

Keep windows and doors properly sealed to keep bugs out<p>With the weather getting colder Agriculture Canada entomologist Christine Noronha says some …

Swarms Of Winged Insects Descend On Sunset

Many Sunset residents have been vexed in recent days by a barrage of large, winged insects flying about the neighborhood and into homes.<p>One neighbor …

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Misunderstood? The cockroach is more important than we think

The Gisborne cockroach, drymaplaneta semivitta, has caused considerable household angst.<p>Cockroaches may be the world's most misunderstood creature.<p>It …

New Zealand News

Female Australian Jumping Spiders Reject Mates After Losing Virginity

Once is enough for many of these ladies.


Solar Panels Might Get More Efficient Thanks to a Butterfly

By imitating the microscopic structure of a butterfly wing, a group of researchers designed a more efficient solar cell.<p>A common sight in the forests and meadows of India is the common rose butterfly. Known for its velvety black wings and colorful body and tail, the common rose spends its day …

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The Schmidt Sting Pain Index

The Schmidt Sting Pain Index was written by Justin Schmidt, an entomologist who says he's been stung by 150 species (more than 1,000 times in total). …

Gorgeous Detailed Sculptures of Insects Meticulously Handcrafted Out of Bamboo

Japanese artist Noriyuki Saitoh has created a wonderful world of gorgeous insect sculptures including such specimans as butterflies, cicadas, mantes …

Germany’s insects are disappearing

In just 3 decades, insect populations in German nature reserves have plummeted by more than 75%, according to a new study. The reasons for the …


Beware the kiss of the lady beetle

People try to kill most any insect that lands on them or that gets into their house, but not the lady beetle. It’s too cute. People are more apt to …

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Insect sex ed 101: What exactly was that praying mantis doing?

<b>DEAR JOAN:</b> What is happening here? I saw a praying mantis making what I assume is a cocoon of some sort, but I don’t know a thing about the …


Watch a praying mantis watching videos

Turns out it's not just cats who like to watch videos on smartphones. InsecthausTV played one for a praying mantis, who responded in quite a catlike …

The Texanist: To Pop or Not to Pop Fire Ant Bites?

The Texanist: To Pop or Not to Pop Fire Ant Bites?<p>How to handle the zit-sized pustule that those evil little @$*!%*#@%&!s leave behind.<p>Illustration …


Artist's life-like insect sculptures are made with bamboo

For the most part, insects don't always get the recognition they deserve: they aren't merely pests, but actually play a huge role in pollination and …


Praying Mantises Are Preying On Birds, And Zoologists Want To Know Why

(Image Link)<p>Praying mantises are known for their strange alien appearance, their inspiration of a kung fu form, and the fact that females bite the …


Alien species of moth bigger than a human HAND set to invade the UK

An alien species of moth which can grow as big as a human hand is winging its way to England.<p>Experts have encouraged wildlife lovers to look out for …

Fire ants, including two queens, make way to Kyoto via China

Nearly 2,000 fire ants, including two queens, are discovered along with eggs and pupae in a warehouse in the city of Muko, Kyoto Prefecture, ...


What creeps you out more, snakes or spiders?

It's time to settle the debate on creepy-crawly things.


What You Should Know About the Fall Migration of the Monarch Butterflies

If you anticipate the fall migration of hummingbirds and lovingly provide food and shelter for the tiny creatures as they head south, you probably …


Queen Ants Dismember and Bury Corpses in Elaborate Death Rituals

The ceremonies could help explain human funerals, too.


You're going to be eating crickets, so just get over it

Aspire Food Group thinks insects could help address food sustainability and insecurity, and it's using tech to make that happen

These are the most beautiful pictures of bugs you will ever see

Magnificent microsculpture.<p>We typically think of insects as pests or pestilences, carrying disease or gnawing their way through our gardens before we can get a bite. But they are also gorgeous creatures, as photographer Levon Biss explores in his latest book, <i>Microsculpture: Portraits of Insects</i>. …


Why the spider scare stories are even more frightening than the real thing

Another autumn, another gamut of sensationalist "news" stories about spiders invading our homes. This year, apparently, 150 million giant house spiders, recently reclassified as <i>Eratigena atrica,</i> are on the march, with "experts" citing this number as "greater than ever before", thanks to a good …


Yes, some butterflies did survive the...

Monday's snow wiped out the great butterfly migration from the last week. These ones survived.


Six-legged 'land lobster,' long thought extinct, discovered on volcanic crag

News (U.S.)

Australia’s big land lobster insect isn’t extinct after all

Australia’s big and arguably ugly Lord Howe Island stick bug isn’t extinct after all, researchers have revealed. The insect, which was found on the …


This creepy ‘tree lobster’ was just discovered alive nearly a century after its supposed extinction

It’s not often that a species thought to be extinct is found alive, and it’s even rarer that such a thing happens nearly a century after its …


Lusius malfoyi wasp: New Zealand insect named after Harry Potter villain

Entomologist names parasitoid wasp after ‘redeemed’ character Lucius Malfoy in hope of showing not all wasps are bad<p>A Harry Potter fan turned entomologist has named a wasp after a redeemed villain in the series in the hope of drawing attention to the much maligned insect.<p>Tom Saunders named and …

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