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Israeli citizen abducted at gunpoint in Nigeria

Breaking news. (photo credit: JPOST STAFF)<p>An Israeli citizen was set free Monday after being abducted at gunpoint from the outskirts of Nigeria's …


I am leaving Nigeria as a hero‚ says Zuma after massive statue of him unveiled

Nigerian civil society groups were flabbergasted after waking up to a statue of South African President Jacob Zuma that was unveiled over the weekend.


Boko Haram is using children as “human bombs” in Nigeria

“The level of stress ordinary people are living through is extraordinary.”<p>“The level of stress ordinary people are living through is extraordinary.”


Vietnam floods leave dozens dead

Floods and landslides in northern Vietnam have killed at least 26 people and washed away hundreds of homes over the past week. Fifteen people are missing.<p>The scale of the destruction means rescue efforts are proving difficult. Flooding has crippled four provinces, damaging water systems and farms, …