The World’s 20 Most Beautiful Buildings

Infographic charting the world’s most beautiful buildings from far and wide, as voted for by over 400 Raconteur readers and architects

Giorgia Lupi: Bringing A Human Touch To Data

In the lead-up to our PSFK 2017 conference, we look back at key speakers from past years. Dear Data designer challenges audience to tell personal …

This interactive map uses machine learning to arrange visually similar fonts

Typography enthusiasts likely already know how to identify fonts by name, but it’s always useful to explore visually similar fonts when you feel like changing up your options. Design consultant firm IDEO’s Font Map helps you do exactly that, with an interactive tool that lets you browse through …

Machine Learning

Nuclear slowdown: chart plots the countries ditching reactors for renewables

Reactors are hardly being built – can renewables take their place?<p>Click here to explore the graphic in more detail<p>Across the world, governments are …


Here's how much each US state relies on foreign trade

Whether it is lashing out on China for unfairly weakening its currency, or calling out “unfair” government subsidies on Canadian softwood lumber, it’s safe to say that re-opening discussions about foreign trade has become a key priority under President Trump.<p>Is this the right route to take, and …


INFOGRAPHIC: App Marketing Best Practices<p>INFOGRAPHIC: App Marketing Best Practices<p><p>The team at Vizury recently shared with MMW one of the funniest, …


45 Engaging Examples of Interactive Storytelling in Content Marketing

Engaging content encourages readers to spend more time on your site. Learn how other brands do it with more than 40 interactive content examples.

Content Marketing

Visualizing Climate Change

Climate Change is Rewriting the History Books is an infographic from Climate Central that uses a heatmap design style to show how average …

Data Visualization

Medical Trends Around the World

Mercer Marsh Benefits 2016 Medical Trends Around the World Survey highlights key areas that are driving up medical costs aside from rising inflation. …

Why Data Visualization + Storytelling Is Marketing Gold

<i>This article originally appeared on Column Five.</i><p>Data visualization, big data, brand storytelling—you’ve probably heard these terms, and you’re likely …

Data Visualization

The 2017 Social Network Image and Video Size Guide [Infographic]

Spredfast has created a new infographic detailing the optimal image size parameters for all the major social networks. And Google+.

Digital Marketing

How the modern weather map was born

Francis Galton’s synoptic chart described conditions of the previous day and sidestepped the pitfalls of prediction<p>The first newspaper weather map was published in the Times on 1 April 1875, the work of polymath Francis Galton, an explorer and anthropologist who was also a statistician and …

Global Warming

Discover the Historic Origin of Your State's Name With This Map

Maps are history lessons in disguise: Long ago, the New World's states and regions received their present-day monikers from European explorers, who …

Cool Stuff

A Map Of The Typographic Universe, Drawn By AI

The visualization combines powerful algorithms and the wisdom of type designers.<p>The secrets of fonts–and the subtle differences between them that can make or break a project–have long belonged to type designers. But one designer at Ideo recently decided to use machine learning algorithms to …


Infographics: Dead—or still a useful tool for communicators?

A recent report from Clutch, a research, ratings and reviews platform for business services, suggests the pulse of infographics—at the heart of many …

Content Marketing

6 Ways Infographics Can Boost Your Content Marketing

You are more likely to remember a new contact on your phone if you saved their information with their face rather than their name. Why? Your brain is …

Digital Marketing

A Breakdown of Main Road|Post’s Amazing Visual Effects in the Russian Sci-Fi Film ‘Attraction’

The visual effects production studio, Main Road|Post, shared their breakdown of the amazing visual effects seen in the 2017 Russian sci-fi film</i> …

Science Fiction

These internet firsts will remind you how far we've come

In October 1969, UCLA student Charley Kline was attempting to send the word “login” over to the Stanford Research Institute using the internet’s precursor: ARPANET.<p>At first, the system crashed, only managing to send the letters “i” and “o”. But an hour or so later, the full message was successfully …


Infographic: 15 Design Terms That Are Commonly Misunderstood

<b>Do you know</b> the precise difference between vector and raster? How about trim versus crop versus bleed? Can one use the terms ‘negative space’ and …


10 Visual Marketing Statistics for 2017 [Infographic]

Venngage interviewed over 300 online marketers to identify the top visual marketing strategies for 2017.


Interactive map reveals the countries with the most powerful passports

The faff of applying - and paying - for a tourist visa is enough to put many off visiting a destination, and the Government has been strongly urged to ensure we retain visa-free travel to Europe after Brexit.<p>Britons, as it stands, possess one of the world's most powerful passports. We're able to …

Business Travel

Cool Infographics Book in Chinese!

I was finally able to get my own printed copy of the Chinese translated version of the Cool Infographics book! According to my publisher, Wiley, it …


Interactive Map of San Francisco Matches Photos From the 1906 Earthquake to Modern Places

For modern San Franciscans, it can be hard to connect their dots between the city as they know it and the aftermath of the April 19, 1906 earthquake …

San Francisco

Visual Learning: using graphics to teach complex literary terms

I have always tried to pay attention to the <i>way</i> that I present material to my students. Don’t get me wrong, I am not interested in style over …



Religions are classified according to their beliefs in God: Atheism – no God, Monotheism – One God, Polytheism – Many Gods. While most of the popular …


5 random chart facts of the week that might blow your mind

There's always room in your brain for more information, isn't there? Let's prove it, and shove some more in, shall we, give our roundup of random …

Ed Sheeran

Keeping Your Children Safe From The Internet - A Parent's Guide – Infographic

Parenting is a difficult job to begin with, and things such as the internet and media make it even harder for parents to keep a check on what their …


6 Design Hacks to Turn Boring PowerPoint Charts into Creative Picture Charts

Charts have become ubiquitous part of business presentations. They are visually impactful ways to represent your data whether you are talking about …

Data Visualization

Data Visualization “Versus” UI and Data Science

I want to talk about the wealth of opportunities I see for data visualization specialists visiting in and borrowing from the “adjacent” fields of UI …

Data Visualization

4 Amazing Infographic Tools for Producing Visual Learning

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know that we here at the GDCF <i>love</i> infographics. We are all visual learners, after all, just like you and …