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Thailand's treasure hunters - in pictures

There is a small community in Thailand known as “Indiana Jones” divers, who brave the inky-black underworld of the capital’s trash-filled waterway in search of coins, china, jewellery and scrap metal



If it was my last day here on earth, I hope I go out trekking up the most incredible hiking trails and enjoying the views from some of the most …


Uncharted Movie Director Shawn Levy Offers Filming Update

Advertising [x]<p>by Christopher Fiduccia<p>– on<p>in Movie News<p>Director Shawn Levy has given a filming update on the long-awaited film adaptation of …


Brilliant movie goof Twitter account

On the @movie_goofs Twitter account, a fellow named Sean posts brilliantly funny "movie goofs" that aren't actually goofs. And for additional fun, …

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The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Season 4 Episode 8: Indiana Jones And The Asp Crusade

Previously on Lucha Underground: Vinnie Massaro and an innocent pizza boy just trying to get paid were sacrificed to the Gods. Plus, El Dragon Azteca Jr. became the Gift of the Gods Champion, and Mariposa talked Marty the Moth into being a thing again.<p>Remember that With Spandex is on Twitter, so …


Woman whose son is buried in Arlington Heights cemetery questions Indiana Jones movie screening there

Plans for an outdoor community screening of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” at an Arlington Heights cemetery Saturday are moving ahead despite an emotional plea from at least one woman with a loved one buried there.<p>Leyla Durmus said her 21-year-old son Kaya Dikmenli was buried at the cemetery in late …


Germany Now Allowing Nazi Symbols in Video Games 'That Critically Look at Current Affairs'

People living in Germany will be seeing Nazi symbols in the country again.<p><i>CNN</i> reports the Entertainment Self-Regulation Body, or USK, announced Nazi …

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Aquaman Movie Photo: Mera & Arthur Search For Clues

Jason Momoa's Arthur and Amber Heard's Mera search for clues in Atlantis in a new image from James Wan's upcoming DC movie <b>Aquaman</b>. Fans recently got …

Amber Heard

Audio Books: 'The Jake Muller Adventures: Unidentified'

Casting "The Jake Muller Adventures: Unidentified," an action packed audio drama that combines the Adventure of Indiana Jones with the intrigue of …


How Much Would You Pay for Han Solo's Jacket?

How would you like to own Anakin's lightsaber from <i>Revenge of the Sith</i>? Or Indiana Jones' fedora from <i>Raiders of the Lost Ark</i>? Or Marty McFly's …

Harrison Ford

14 insane movie props YOU could actually own!

Whether you're looking to put together the greatest Indiana Jones cosplay ever created or pop wheelies in your car like a <i>Fast & Furious</i> legend, there …

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Cat Cosplay Photos: Doctor Strange, Stranger Things, and More

1 of 19<p>Cats Do Cosplay<p>Advertisement<p>2 of 19<p>Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange<p>3 of 19<p>Jon Snow, Game of Thrones<p>Advertisement<p>4 of 19<p>Negan, The Walking …

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100 best movies of all time

Aug 7, 2018<p>One of my favorite things to do during my free time is watch movies. In fact, I wish I got to the theater more and not just because I love …


Strange Brigade Gameplay: Fighting Supernatural Hordes

This action adventure game brings Indiana Jones themes to its score attack and horde modes on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.<p>by on


You don't want to miss this DIG

The Kids, Dirt & Discovery program in Colonial Williamsburg lets kids channel their inner Indiana Jones.


See Indiana Jones ... at the cemetery?

Memory Gardens Cemetery in Arlington Heights is hosting an outdoor movie viewing of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Saturday evening.


Brittany Snow Has a Day Date at the Farmers Market!

<b>Brittany Snow</b> steps out to enjoy a day at the Farmers Market!<p>The 32-year-old <i>Pitch Perfect</i> actress was spotted browsing and sampling items from the …

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What Is The Best Action Movie Of All Time?

4:29 PM 08/06/2018<p>There is no doubt that the greatest movies come from Hollywood. Whether you prefer drama, comedy or romance, Hollywood’s got you …

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Is 'The Fugitive' Based on a True Story? Not So Fast

Harrison Ford classic celebrates 25th anniversary today<p>It has long been said that the true story behind “The Fugitive,” the Harrison Ford action …


Harrison Ford's 9 Best Action Movies, Ranked


'Star Wars,' 'Harry Potter' music headline orchestra show

JACKSON, MI - Fans of movies, marching bands and everything in between will find something to love at the Jackson Symphony Orchestra's Aug. 24 …

Harry Potter

Randy Moss: Answering one question may prove he was the best

Embed from Getty Images<p><i>Former Minnesota Viking Randy Moss will enter the Hall of Fame Saturday, August 4, 2018. As a first-ballot inductee, was Moss</i> …

Hall of Fame

25 Behind-The-Scenes Revelations From The Making Of The Indiana Jones Movies

The <b>Indiana Jones</b> franchise remains one of the most-liked and respected adventure series in modern cinema. Taking its inspiration from adventure …


Why Indiana Jones’ Nazi-Loving Enemy Said a Torah Prayer

Listen carefully to the words of Nazi sympathizer René Belloq, Indiana Jones’ archnemesis, in the 1981 film <i>Raiders of the Lost Ark</i> just before he …

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Investment tip: Indiana Jones’s hat is on auction for just $400,000

We have seen a huge amount of growth in the market. Prices being achieved now are substantial … and we estimate it is [worth] about $300m to …

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Star Wars fans will now be able to buy Hans Solo’s jacket from The Empire Strikes Back

If you’re a cinephile with a sizeable amount of money stashed away in the band, or under the mattress, you’re in luck. UK-based Prop Store will be …

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For The Fans! Rare ‘Star Wars’ & ‘Indiana Jones’ Memorabilia Is Set For Auction

Deep down in all of us is a fan of ‘Star Wars’ and/or ‘Indiana Jones.’ These are just two film classics which have a slew of memorabilia hitting the …


Today on The Show - Thursday, August 2

Aug 2, 2018<p>Is Alf coming back to TV? Warner Bros is talking reboot!<p>Legions of fans out there are trying to prove the existence of a Star Wars/Indiana …

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Han Solo jacket could fetch more than $1 million at auction

The jacket Harrison Ford wore as Han Solo in “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back” will go under the hammer in London in …

Star Wars

Think you’d look good in Han Solo’s jacket?

Ever fancied wearing Han Solo’s jacket? Indiana Jones’s fedora? Tyler Durden’s dressing gown? Well now you can – if you have the odd thousand or two …

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