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German Court Rules Ex-Catalan Leader Can Be Extradited To Spain

Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont faces charges related to the independence referendum he organized.<p>A German court has decided that former …


Catalonia to ask Spanish PM to agree to another independence referendum

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said the debate about the future of Catalonia will likely outlast his administration and will require “a lot of …


Scottish referendum: Scottish parliament votes in favour of holding second independence referendum

The Scottish parliament has backed Nicola Sturgeon’s call for a second independence referendum, in a landmark vote that could eventually see Scotland …

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Spain's new government lifts financial controls on Catalonia

Spain's new government has promised to lift Madrid’s financial controls on Catalonia in what it said it was a "gesture of normalization." An …


Inside New Caledonia’s long fight to independence

New Caledonia is expected to maintain ties to France in its upcoming referendum, but it is marked by increasingly stark divisions. The post Inside …

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Catalonia government sworn in, Spain out

The cabinet led by Quim Torra, a close aide to former Catalonia leader Carles Puigdemont, took over on Saturday, the day Socialist Pedro Sanchez, who …


Scottish Leader Pushes Customs Union With EU Brexit Negotiator

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reiterated her goal for the U.K. to remain in the customs union and single market in a meeting with Michel …

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Twenty-two people detained in Catalan raids

The Spanish National Police arrested 22 people on Thursday for their alleged participation in the diversion of public funds to different entities in Catalonia, some linked to the independence referendum in 2017.<p>Officers searched the headquarters of several Catalan public institutions for evidence …

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Digital Asia links: ode to the Belt n’ Road, rumour quasher, more

Sarah Logan with digal updates from across the region.

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Russia meddled in Catalonia independence referendum, says German intelligence boss


Iraqis head to the polls

Iraqis will head to the polls tomorrow to vote for their next prime minister.<p>Haider al Abadi, in power since 2014, is running for re-election with …


Spain Braces for Catalan Independence Referendum

Residents of Spain’s Catalonia region gear up for an independence referendum despite efforts by the government in Madrid to block the vote.


Macron visits New Caledonia ahead of independence referendum

next<p>prev<p>French President Emmanuel Macron starts Thursday a highly symbolic visit to New Caledonia, a French territory in the South Pacific that is getting ready to vote on its independence.<p>Macron's visit comes just six months ahead of a self-determination referendum in which voters will answer the …


Hopes growing for Scottish independence after Brexit

In the last independence referendum four years ago, the Yes campaign lost by 200,000 votes, but that was before Brexit.<p>Divisions over Brexit are deepening between leaders in London and the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh.<p>Westminster is insisting on taking back powers from the European Union - …

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Scottish Lawmakers Vote to Seek New Independence Referendum

Fears over Brexit played a part in the decision to negotiate with the U.K. government for the right to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence.

Great Britain

Separatist supporters take to the streets of Barcelona

Some 350,000 people have flooded the streets of Barcelona demanding the release of Catalan’s jailed separatists leaders. The politicians — including …


Carles Puigdemont freed on bail by German court

<b>A German court has rejected "rebellion" as grounds to extradite Catalonia's ex-leader Carles Puigdemont and ordered his release on bail.</b><p>The Schleswig-Holstein court said he could still face corruption charges in Spain, and it has only suspended extradition - not ruled it out.<p>He was arrested in the …


Protesters march in Barcelona against arrest of former Catalonia president

More than 1,000 protesters have marched in Barcelona to oppose the arrest of Catalonia's exiled former President Carles Puigdemont, following his …


Thousands protest former Catalan leader's arrest in Barcelona

Catalonia's exiled former President Carles Puigdemont is due to appear in a German court after being arrested near the Danish border. The arrest has …


Ex-Catalan Leader Carles Puigdemont Arrested In Germany Over Independence Referendum

He faces up to 25 years in prison back in Spain.<p>The former Catalan president has been detained in Germany after fleeing Spain to escape a potential …


Plaid Cymru 'would hold Wales independence referendum'

<b>An independence referendum, national air carrier and energy grid would be created under a Plaid Cymru government, the party has said.</b><p>In a speech at the party's conference in Llangollen, Denbighshire, Adam Price outlined what two terms of a Plaid government would hope to achieve.<p>Mr Price made …

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Iraq agrees to lift restrictions on Kurds months after failed independence referendum

The Iraqi government is finally relaxing pressure on the Kurds after their failed independence referendum in September. On Monday, the first international flights landed at Kurdish airports since October of last year, and payments to Kurdish security forces were unfrozen.<p>The Kurds are one of the …

Middle East

Turkey Poised to Open a Military Front in Iraq

Turkish-Iraqi relations had become extremely tense until the decision by Massoud Barzani, former president of the Kurdistan Regional Government …

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Catalonia Spain: Judge refuses to release Jordi Sanchez for investiture

<b>Spain's Supreme Court says the man nominated to lead Catalonia's regional government cannot be freed from jail to attend an investiture ceremony.</b><p>Pro-independence activist Jordi Sanchez, 53, had asked to be released to attend Monday's debate and vote in the Catalan parliament.<p>He was jailed on …


Spain’s King Felipe got a frosty reception from Catalan separatists in Barcelona

Spain’s King Felipe arrived in Catalonia’s capital for the first time since October’s illegal independence referendum, and separatists gave him a hostile reception.<p>Supporters of Catalan independence took to the streets and balconies of Barcelona on Sunday to chant anti-monarchist slogans and bang …


Iraq: Kirkuk residents adjust to life under rule of Baghdad

Last September, the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq went ahead with a controversial independence referendum, despite fierce opposition from Baghdad. But just three weeks after the resounding vote in favour of independence, the Iraqi army was deployed to reclaim disputed areas held by Kurdish …

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Sturgeon to decide on second independence referendum by end of 2018

JANE BARLOW UK AND IRELAND OUT<p>Click for full view<p>Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (R) during an emergency cabinet meeting at Bute House in …

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French president to facilitate dialogue between Iraqi government and Kurds

French President Emmanuel Macron says France will "do everything" to help preserve Iraq's unity and the recognition of the rights of Iraq's Kurds through new negotiations.<p>Macron met Saturday in Paris with the prime minister of Iraq's Kurdish region, Nechirvan Barzani, amid a political and military …

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How would you vote in a second Scottish independence referendum? Week 30 of The P&J rolling poll

Tell us how you would vote in a second Scottish independence referendum in week 30 of our rolling poll.<p>Every week, in The Press and Journal’s rolling …

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Iraqi federal court annuls Kurdish independence referendum

The Iraqi federal court on Monday invalidated the independence referendum of the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan and the disputed areas, the …

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