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ICE Says It Doesn't Track Down Undocumented Immigrants Using 'Stingray' Devices

Acting head of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Thomas Homan told Sen. Ron Wyden the agency does not use cell-site simulators—a type of …


Undocumented Immigrants May Get Less Time to Make Their Case

When Jonas De La Luz Jeronimo was picked up by the feds in North Carolina, his lawyer knew he needed to get to Jeronimo's 4-year-old daughter. …


Sessions Defends Withholding Funding: No Tolerance for Loss of ‘Innocent Lives’ in Sanctuary Cities

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Wednesday that a sanctuary city is a “trafficker, smuggler, or predator’s best friend,” specifically taking a …


Delegates named for 2017 FYLPRO immersion in PH

WASHINGTON, DC --- The Philippine Embassy has announced the sixth batch of the Filipino Young Leaders Program delegates who will participate in the …


Trump’s Cruel Deportations

Twenty-year-old Alexis G. was deported in June to Mexico, a country he barely knows. He told Human Rights Watch researchers who interviewed him at a …


Can 10-year-olds understand the complexities of immigration law?

The challenge: Bring immigration law to life for a room of fidgety fifth-graders.<p>Specifically, I need to bring it to life for fifth-graders who have …


Does It Make Sense to Target ‘Criminal’ Undocumented Immigrants?

ICE gang databases include children whose worst offense is that they live in a poor neighborhood and are not white.


Chicago Sues Trump’s DOJ in Attempt to Have It Both Ways on Immigration

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants the city to continue taking federal law-enforcement grants while refusing to enforce federal law. Common sense and legal …


Jeff Sessions to Rahm Emanuel: Comply with immigration law or forego taxpayer dollars

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired back at the city of Chicago after lawmakers there filed a lawsuit alleging the Justice Department's plan to …


Chicago To Sue DOJ Over ‘Sanctuary City’ Grant Stipulations

The city of Chicago is planning to file a lawsuit over new federal grant provisions targeting “sanctuary cities,” claiming that they violate the …

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Atlantic writer: Melania can break immigration law because she’s a ‘beautiful white woman’

Dang, Julia Ioffe really went for it on CNN this morning when she said Melania probably wouldn’t get into the country under the Trump immigration …

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The Washington Post Buried Some Very Important Information In Its Sad Deportation Story

Only one side of the story


German opposition party accuses Merkel of having "no answers" to refugee crisis - Xinhua

BERLIN, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) -- The head of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) faction in the German Federal Parliament, Thomas Oppermann, attacked the …


Donald Trump’s immigration proposal pleases his base but alienates GOP colleagues

President Trump’s support for a congressional plan that would slash legal immigration to the US can be seen mostly as a politically shrewd move to …


Denver To ICE: Stop Arresting Illegal Immigrants At Courthouse. ICE To Denver: Not A Chance.

Amid reports of yet another criminal illegal immigrant committing heinous crimes under the protection of a sanctuary city (this time in Portland), …


The Senate Should Pass ‘Kate’s Law’ and the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act

The need for laws such as these two pieces of legislation is clear.<p>On June 29, the House passed two amendments to the Immigration and Nationality …


Stay, or go? American immigration law 2017-07-25 | Espresso

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Teen Girls Wear Quinceañera Dresses to Protest Discriminatory Immigration Law in Texas

What's better than exercising your civil right to assemble and protest? Doing so in your floor length quinceañera dress and a tiara, obviously.<p>A group of 15 teenage girls gathered outside the Texas State Capitol yesterday to protest Senate Bill 4, a discriminatory and controversial bill that …


Teens Wore Quinceañera Dresses To Protest Texas' Immigration Law

The best dressed protesters you've ever seen.


ONTIVEROS: Documentary shows immigration law’s toll on families

Maybe you’re wondering what’s happening in the photo accompanying this column.<p>Well, three young adults finally are seeing their mothers after years …


Meet with US immigration lawyer this month in SA

Grant Kaplan and his associates will be in Namibia and South Africa this month and next to meet with prospective clients who would like to inquire …


North Texas religious leaders step up to speak out against state's SB4 immigration law

The Rev. Jesus Belmontes has seen up close the anxiety, pain and suffering of those who fear calling the police.<p>A woman married to a U.S. citizen …

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Man describes agony being apart from family under UK immigration law

A man who fled torture in his home country 17 years ago has spoken out about the pain of not being able to witness his son grow up due to UK …


How To Deal With Employer Compliance And U.S. Immigration Law

Since being elected, one of President Trump’s highest priorities has been to enforce immigration laws and discourage illegal immigration. These efforts have mostly taken the form of executive orders and directions to various government agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on …


Immigration agents continue enforcement even in cities hostile to them

It is still pitch black Tuesday morning when a dozen agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement gather in a parking lot in northern Los Angeles, the largest and arguably most strident of America's roughly 300 sanctuary cities.<p>"This is target No. 1 and this is two," said ICE field director …


How Trump is turning immigrants into citizens at a fast pace

Just after President Donald J. Trump took office in January, the Mexican consulate in Sacramento held an immigration forum to help legal residents …


Big Isle farmer leaves isles day before deportation order sets in

Andres Magana Ortiz, 43, who called Hawaii home, has come to symbolize some of the shortcomings of immigration law under presidents Barack Obama and …


U.S. appeals court denies Hawaii's bid to narrow Trump's travel ban

A U.S. appeals court on Friday rejected Hawaii’s request to issue an emergency order blocking parts of President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban while the state sought clarification over what groups of people would be barred from travel.<p>The U.S. Supreme Court last month let the ban on travel …

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Stiffer Immigration Enforcement Revealed as Illegal Immigration Drops By 53% in June

There are two good pieces of news on border security. One is a policy shift and the second is the Border Patrol data.First the policy change. One of …


Hawaii loses court fight to exempt grandparents from Trump travel ban

State attorney general will head to supreme court after district judge rejects request to interpret higher court’s order<p>A US judge rejected Hawaii’s bid to exempt grandparents from President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban on Thursday, but ruled the state could ask the US supreme court directly …

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