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Why Using Illustrations For Story-Based Courses Is Key

Illustrations For Story-Based Courses: Why Using The Illustration-Based Approach Is Essential For Engaging Courses<p>Imagine that you are working on a …


The Super Powers of Sketch App – Muzli -Design Inspiration

Is Sketch 3 for fake designers? Are Illustrator and Photoshop the only real graphic design tools? This is what my boss says. Is she right?<p>Taking a …

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CreativePro Tip of the Week: Blurring Artwork in Illustrator

<i>This CreativePro Tip of the Week on Blurring Artwork in Illustrator was sent to CreativeProse email subscribers on August 23, 2017.</i><i>Sign up now and</i> …


20+ Creative Vectors For Design Inspiration

<b>Vector inspiration</b> really gives designers ideas on what to include in their designs. Whether it’s for a website template, illustration or logo, …

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Master Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro for $29

Designers and wannabe designers, this one’s for you—a step-by-step guide to three essential tools you’ll use throughout your entire career. Get the …


Use a Phone App to Create Vectors for After Effects

Adobe's Capture app can instantly turn your drawings into vectors using your phone's camera. Now you can take your After Effects projects everywhere.


Learn How to Use Photoshop, InDesign And Illustrator With This Online Course

Become a graphic design pro.<p>Although we've all used Photoshop, or an equivalent at some point, most people have barely scraped the surface of what …


Vector icon speed runs

It’s common to have to draw the same kinds of icons over and over — many different apps and website use similar glyphs, but each instance typically …


How to make 3D lettering in Illustrator

Last week Adobe released some more videos to their useful Make It Now playlist, giving creatives the chance to pick up a range of practical skills in …


Adobe updates Illustrator CC and InDesign CC with new features

Adobe on Thursday issued updates for Illustrator CC, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and InDesign CC, introducing new features and user …


Vector vs Raster: What File Type is Right for Your Project?

Vector vs Raster — it’s a battle for the ages and one of the greatest struggles that many graphic designers (and many ordinary people) face when it …


Convert a Photoshop Pattern into an Illustrator Swatch Pattern

Sometimes, you need to use a pattern (whether is for a background, a text or any other design element) that is available in Photoshop but it turns …


Vector Emoji

Select Tool<p>Vector Emoji<p>Current version 1.0<p>Current version 1.0<p>Common Emojis recreated in vector. Easily edit & scale every aspect of your favourite …


Essential Cheat Sheets for Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP and Sketch

Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp and Sketch are fantastic applications. They’re all packed full of many essential tools and features that you need to use …


1000s of Premium Vectors, Without the Premium Price Tag!

The reason premium vector design resources tend to cost so much is that a considerable amount of time has been put into crafting them to ensure …


Illustrator Tutorial: Text Effect: Title Text Badge

January 14, 2017, Adobe Illustrator Tutorials, 370 views<p>Follow me on Twitter –<br>Check out my Everything Pack – …


15+ Free Vector Patterns (Bonus inside!)

Designers are no strangers to multitasking. You might find yourself staring at that blank canvas on Photoshop the first minute and then spending the …


Crystal Paradise Free Vector Set

By<p>Creative Veila<p>I'm a graphic designer and enthusiastic photographer with passion for creating unique things.<p>More exciting stuff to come! Don't miss …


Vector to WPF xaml converter | Convert svg to xaml

• Mar . 14 . 2015<br>• 14 Comments<br>• Technology<br>• Posted by harshmaurya<p>The other day I was searching for a tool which could convert a vector file to WPF compliant …


Adobe Tips & Tricks: Building an Optimal Workspace in Illustrator & Photoshop

<b>In this series, Adobe Certified Instructor Bill Carberry shares some of his most helpful secrets for optimizing your workflow and creating different</b> …


U.S. States and Regions

By Zach GrosserDownload this free .sketch file resource


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Computer Graphics

Trying to Export From Photoshop to Illustrator

I am currently trying to export a few layers from Photoshop to Illustrator. However whenever I try and export, I get a blank ai document. I've also …


Freebie: Geeky Christmas Vector Set + Patterns

<b>Today we are extremely happy to share this fresh and fun Christmas-related freebie with you. It was designed by Tatiana Lapina and it contains a set</b> …


10 Adobe Illustrator Tips, Tricks & Tools You May Not Know About

Share!<p>If you use Illustrator you should know the major tools, especially the mother of them all; the pen tool. I would say on any given project I use …


Free Christmas & New Year Vector Banner Kit (AI & EPS)

Courtesy of our friends from Freepik, we have another fantastic Christmas freebie for you this week! We have huge (35mb) selection of Christmas and …


SVG to Vector Drawables: A Better Way to Customize Android Icons

One of the more popular ways of handling customized icons within an Android development project is to use vector drawables. These are XML files that …


20 Handmade Vector Stains for Access All Areas Members

Access All Areas members have a new set of vector resources to download this week, courtesy of Eddy Biel from Layerform Design Co. This collection of …