DiUS has a smarter way of doing digital

Instead of locking customers into archaic long-term contracts, Melbourne-based DiUS helps businesses embrace digital through knowledge and training.

Artificial Intelligence

Why The Future Isn't Digital

In a famous scene in the 1967 movie <i>The Graduate</i>, a family friend takes aside Dustin Hoffman’s character, Benjamin Braddock, and whispers in a …


Readiness for Future of Production Report 2018 - Reports - World Economic Forum

Context<p>The Fourth Industrial Revolution1 and emerging technologies—such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics and additive …


Breaking Up Big Tech Is Hard to Do

Innovation depends on large companies’ teams and shared technologies.<p>‘I would like Google to be broken up into eight or 10 different monopolies,” declared tech investor Roger McNamee earlier this year. Machine-learning pioneer Yoshua Bengio called Big Tech’s size and power “dangerous for …


Hobbes on Politics and Religion

Oxford University Press

Don't drink the Kool-Aid: Scholar whose sisters planned the Jonestown massacre explains why the concept of 'brainwashing' is BS

Nearly 40 years ago, my two sisters, Carolyn Layton and Annie Moore, were among those who planned the mass deaths in Jonestown on Nov. 18, 1978.<p>Part …

Liberal View

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter Announce "Open Transfer Project"

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter have announced on Friday, July 20, the Data Transfer Project (DTP), an initiative to create an open-source, …

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Teachers rarely get out of their classrooms, and although we like hanging out with kids, it’s important to collaborate--and, yes, have fun--with …

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Artificial Intelligence Is Powering Worldwide Tech Bubble

<i>By FS Staff</i><p>Jason Burack of Wall St. for Main St. interviews first time guest, Webmaster, Senior Editor, and Co-Host of the FS Insider podcast at …

Artificial Intelligence

The Social Nature of Prayer in a Church of the Unchurched: Russian Orthodox Christianity from Its Edges

AbstractThe Russian Orthodox Church portrays itself as a hierarchically ordered and socially influential “public religion,” but occupies quite a …


Weaponizing Incivility

Maxine Waters infamously called for the public harassment of Trump cabinet members resulting in general outrage on the right and condemnation from …


Children of Lucifer: The Origins of Modern Religious Satanism. By Ruben Van Luijk

Children of Lucifer: The Origins of Modern Religious Satanism. By Van LuijkRuben. Oxford University Press, 2016. 632 pages. $41.95 (hardcover), …


Renewing Philosophy of Religion

Oxford University Press

Against Harmony: Progressive and Radical Buddhism in Modern Japan. By James Mark Shields

Against Harmony: Progressive and Radical Buddhism in Modern Japan. By ShieldsJames Mark. Oxford University Press, 2017. 416 pages. $105.00 …


Religion and Magic in Western Culture. By Daniel Dubuisson

Religion and Magic in Western Culture. By DubuissonDaniel.Brill, 2016. 201 pages. $128.00 (hardcover).


Deprovincializing Philosophy of Religion: From “Faith and Reason” to the Postcolonial Revaluation of Religious Epistemologies

AbstractWhile most textbook approaches to the philosophy of religion include a section variously entitled “Religious Epistemology,” “Faith and …


God and the Green Divide: Religious Environmentalism in Black and White. By Amanda Baugh

God and the Green Divide: Religious Environmentalism in Black and White. By BaughAmanda. University of California Press, 2017. 205 pages. $85.00 …

University of California

Beyond Mediation: An Anthropological Understanding of the Relationship Between Humans, Materiality, and Transcendence in Protestant Christianity

AbstractHow does a relationship come about between religious practitioners and supernatural beings? According to the mediation turn—which has …


2017 AAR Presidential Address: A Liberal Arts Education in the Age of Trump

We live in turbulent times. And it seems everywhere we turn, “religion” is front and center, often nested with the circumstances of the most …


Religious Reassemblage and Late Socialist Planning in Urban Vietnam

AbstractRecent examinations of religion in postreform Vietnam point to relationships between economic growth and increased ritual activity; some …


Ordinary Cities and Milieus of Innovation

AbstractThis introduces a roundtable on the articulations of religious practices and imaginaries with the creation and remaking of urban landscapes …


Will a New Discovery About Body Odor Lead To Better Deodorants?

There’s nothing like being on a crowded subway in summer to make you consider body odor. Why do we smell in the first place? Why can some of us …


The GOP's War on the Poor

Four years ago, on the 50th anniversary of Lyndon Johnson's war on poverty, House Republicans led by Paul Ryan issued a report declaring that war a …

Donald Trump

Talk to atheists on their own terms

YOU might not expect an agnostic to have a favourite proof of God’s existence, but I have. It is not one that many people have heard of, possibly …


Reluctant Adopters and Technology Initiatives

Working With Reluctant Adopters<p>The thing is, leaders should expect to find members of this group on staff, and they should be part of any …

Education Technology

Deploying disruptive technologies to reshape the future of cities

As an urban dweller in Beijing, a rapidly modernizing city, my daily life would look like a science-fiction movie for people from just a few decades …

Smart Cities

Data-Driven Development - Reports - World Economic Forum

With a general understanding that addressing the “data deficit” will require new forms of public/private data sharing agreements and that the …


An Evening with Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris and Douglas Murray

<i>This was an event designed to make a strong impact on the war of ideas (or, if you like, the info wars) and it was certainly impressive. 8,000 people</i> …

Jordan Peterson

Fitness brand to launch new digital hub in Birmingham

A new tech incubator for digital firms working in the sports industry is set to open in Birmingham next month.<p>Solihull-based fitness clothing brand …


Driving Disruption in Your Industry: Key Technologies in the Next Mobile Economy

No industry is safe from disruption. It’s probably already begun in yours.<p>Just take a look at the apps on your phone, and the way you use them. …