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Cut the politics. Too many young people have been lost to knives

Suddenly the issue of gang-related violence is everywhere. While the latest tragic deaths have brought it into stark relief, too many people living in London know that this problem didn’t erupt this week; it has been a growing feature of their lives for years.<p>Not all violent attacks are directly …


How Donald Trump’s fiery new aide could help Brexiteers ‘escape the EU Titanic’

He is set to become one of the White House's most bellicose national security advisors, and could lead president Donald Trump into military action against North Korea.<p>But the appointment of John Bolton as National Security Adviser to Donald Trump could also provide a much-needed Brexit boost for …

Donald Trump

Iain Duncan Smith Says Having Clarity on Brexit is Critical

Former Leader of the U.K. Conservative Party Iain Duncan Smith discusses the Brexit process thus far. He speaks with Francine Lacqua on "Bloomberg …


Left to its own devices, the government would have let Worboys walk free – and at PMQs Corbyn didn't even mention it

At half past ten on Wednesday morning, the High Court decided one of the most notorious serial sex attackers in recent British history should not, in …

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Speaker grants emergency Commons debate on allegations about Vote Leave breaking election spending rules – as it happened

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May’s Commons statement about last week’s EU summit<p>No 10 lobby briefing - Summary What Corbyn said about Russia’s role in Salisbury attack - Analysis Early evening summary

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It's time the Conservatives expelled class clown Boris Johnson

It appears that his time spent at Oxford as a member of the infamous Bullingdon Club, rampaging like a drunken privileged hooligan over the …

Opinion (UK)

Stop talking about the bus..let’s make Brexit personal

<b>PUBLISHED:</b> 13:00 22 March 2018<p>Matt Kelly says we should stop talking about the bus and focus the reality of what Brexit will mean for communities. …

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PMQs sketch: As Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May had little to say IDS chewed gum

Iain Duncan Smith used to spend PMQs standing facing the Speaker's Chair and rudely chewing gum at John Bercow.<p>The former Tory leader abandoned this …

UK Politics

The DWP has underpaid disabled and sick claimants again. It’s time for a public inquiry into its incompetence

How many different ways are there to say “oops”?<p>Off the top of my head, I can think of damn, alas, er, um, oh, ah, blast and oh crap, what again?<p>If …

Opinion (UK)

These Leaked WhatsApp Chats Show Iain Duncan Smith’s Pleas For Help After His Seat Was Targeted By Momentum

"We are under attack now from Labour all around us," the former Tory leader told fellow MPs as left-wing columnist Owen Jones plotted to defeat him.

UK Politics

A close reading of Neil Hamilton’s complaint about anti-Brexit kids on the BBC

Did the BBC ask Ukip for a spokeschild? Did they? No, they did not.<p>First, some background. Neil Hamilton was first elected a Tory MP for Tatton, in …

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Jacob Rees-Mogg insists he will not fling fish into Thames to protest Brexit transition deal

Jacob Rees-Mogg has rowed back from reports he was planning to fling fish into the Thames in protest at delays in taking control of UK waters after …

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This thread went viral because it’s a joyous rant at the iniquity of it all

Putting the world to rights, one f-er at a time.1.Fuck Trump, fuck Putin, fuck Farage, fuck Banks – lol, fuckbanks – fuck Rees Mogg, fuck Johnson, …

Chris Grayling

Fixed-odds maximum bet should be cut, say MPs

<b>There is an "overwhelming" case to reduce the maximum bet on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) from £100 to £2 per spin, a trio of MPs has said.</b><p>Government estimates suggest a £2 cap could lead to a £5.5bn loss in tax revenues over the next 10 years.<p>But MPs Iain Duncan Smith, Carolyn Harris and …

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Theresa May says UK will 'never tolerate' Russian threat as Putin expels 23 British diplomats

Theresa May has warned the Kremlin that Britain will not be cowed by its decision to expel 23 British diplomats in an escalation of the dispute following the Salisbury attack.<p>Responding to President Putin's decision to escalate diplomatic tensions, Mrs May told a gathering of Conservative Party …


Fears of Russian ‘blackmail’ over gas pipeline to Germany

Boris Johnson is being urged to join Britain's European allies opposing an attempt by Russia to boost the country's “economic influence” over the continent with a new pipeline transporting gas directly to Germany.<p>A coalition of MPs, including Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative leader, and …

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Counter-terror police launch murder investigation after confirming Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov strangled

A fierce critic of Vladimir Putin, who was found dead at his south London home earlier this week, was murdered, police have said, amid fears of a second Russia-sponsored attack on British soil.<p>Businessman, Nikolai Glushkov, 68, who was granted asylum in the UK after fleeing Moscow in 2006, was …


These Leaked WhatsApp Chats Reveal Just How Brexiteer Tories Fight The "Smeary" BBC

A huge cache of leaked messages show how Eurosceptic Tories have repeatedly pressured the news outlets to shape coverage of Brexit – and joked about cutting off a BuzzFeed News reporter’s testicles.


Message of defiance against Russia from UK allies may yet dissolve into inaction

The British Government has declared it has the full backing of its international allies in the confrontation with Russia. There will, we are told, be …


UK Prime Minister Theresa May under fire over Brexit after agreeing to let Northern Ireland remain in EU law

Theresa May has come in for criticism over a transition deal struck with Brussels after conceding a series of her high-profile Brexit demands and …

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How can Labour moderates campaign for Corbyn after this?

Jeremy Corbyn was isolated not just by the rest of the House of Commons but also by his own party this afternoon. The Labour leader was the only MP who refused to condemn the culpability of Russia and call for a robust response.<p>Even his normal allies didn’t manage to support his line: Chris …

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Russian spy poisoning: Furious MPs condemn Jeremy Corbyn's response to statement on Sailsbury attack

Jeremy Corbyn has faced widespread criticism from MPs over his response to Theresa May’s statement on the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei …

David Miliband

These four Universal Credit changes spell bad news for families

Four changes are set to be made to Universal Credit.<p>And, worryingly, they could prove extremely bad news for families.<p>Mums, dads and children across …

Philip Hammond

Tories just voted to cut children's free school meal eligibility in move that 'could deprive a million kids'

Tories and their DUP allies waved through sweeping cuts to free school meal eligibility tonight in a bitter Commons vote.<p>Campaigners say the shake-up …

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Russian spy statement: Theresa May setting out UK action - BBC News

Live Reporting<p>Russia is behind the attempted murder of an ex-spy and his daughter in Salisbury, the PM believes.<p>Britain gives them a week to leave and tells the UN Russia was to blame for a nerve agent attack on UK soil.<p>Scotland's first minister says Russia's actions cannot be tolerated as she …

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Tories cut free school meals from 24,000 children in Merseyside

The Tories have just voted through “disgraceful” cuts to free school meals - meaning at least 24,000 children in Merseyside are now set to miss …

United Kingdom

Jeremy Corbyn infuriates House of Commons with Russia response

After Theresa May pointed the finger of blame at Moscow for the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, the Labour leader was …

Corbyn understands foreign policy – he proved it yesterday with Russia and he's proven it in the past

Iain Duncan Smith said Corbyn shouldn’t “Play politics” over the poisoning by talking about Russia-linked donations to our governing party. The Tory …

Opinion (UK)

Here's why thousands of North East families will have their benefits cut on April 9

Changes to the benefit system coming into effect on April 9 will save the Government around £2.5 billion.<p>But the price will be paid by families who …

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The four changes to Universal Credit that are bad news for families across Greater Manchester

Four big cuts to Universal Credit are on the way - and it's bad new for 'just about managing' families across Greater Manchester.<p>The changes will …

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