Stephen Colbert Has 1 Simple Piece Of Thanksgiving Advice

"Political differences can make things tense."<p>Stephen Colbert offered viewers a small piece of Thanksgiving advice during his Wednesday monologue.<p>The “Late Show” host acknowledged that political differences can make conversations with relatives tense, even in the best of years.<p>“And this is not the …

Stephen Colbert

Jimmy Fallon Reads Out People's Funniest Thanksgiving Fails

Be thankful these didn't happen to you.<p>Thanksgiving doesn’t always go to plan, as these “Tonight Show” viewers can attest.<p>On Wednesday’s broadcast, host Jimmy Fallon read out a bunch of people’s funniest holiday fails. They’ll be sure to make everyone else feel thankful that they didn’t happen to …


Seth Meyers Hilariously Imagines The Trump Family's First Thanksgiving

As told by Donald Trump Jr.<p>Seth Meyers is giving President Donald Trump’s family the picture book treatment.<p>On Wednesday’s “Late Night,” the comedian amusingly imagined how the Trumps spent their first Thanksgiving ― as (spoof) told by Donald Trump Jr.<p>Check out the full (fake) history of Trump’s …

Celebrity News

New Historical Evidence Suggests Most Pilgrims Sailed Back Home To Celebrate First Thanksgiving

BOSTON—In what seems to suggest acute homesickness among the colonists, historians at Boston University said on Wednesday that newly uncovered …

Boston University

Thanksgiving Dinner 101 Course Syllabus

Thanksgiving Dinner 101<br>Course Syllabus<br>Fall 2017<p><i>Instructor:</i> Your Mom <i><br>Course Location:</i> 101 Tapley Rd, Dining Room <i><br>Hours:</i> Thursday, November 23, 2017 from …

Thanksgiving Dinner

Jennifer Lawrence Gets Hilariously Trolled After Splitting With Older Boyfriend

Jennifer Lawrence just parted ways with her 48-year-old boyfriend, Darren Aronofsky, after dating for a little over a year. The two met and became …

Darren Aronofsky

No Stone Unturned: Parents Of Missing Children Are Petitioning Shaq To Give His Suit Just One Good Shake In Case Their Missing Children Are Lost In There

When parents lose a child, they will stop at nothing to find them if there is even a chance they are still out there. Rather than giving up, one …

Shaquille O'Neal

Two Charming Sheperd Dogs Enjoy The Beautiful Landscapes Of Holland

Two adorable shepherd dog breed Bobtail – Sophie and Sarah – live together with their owner, Cees Bol, in a small village in the Netherlands. Cees …


The 10 Types of People You See In Coffee Shops

1. The Morning Commuter"Outta my way! I gotta get to work - but first, I GOTTA have my coffee! And even though I'm in a HUGE rush, I'll keep …


Twitter's Convinced Trump Endorsed Charles Manson With Bizarre Retweet

Following Charles Manson's death, New York Times released an op-ed that argues Manson and his race war-fanatic family were responsible for the …

Donald Trump

Maroon 5 and Jimmy Fallon gave subway commuters the best surprise

Even when Adam Levine is wearing an unrecognisable disguise, he can still draw a crowd.<p>For a segment on <i>The Tonight Show</i>, Maroon 5 and Jimmy Fallon …

Adam Levine

Shots Fired: Quiznos Has Hired Subway’s Jared Fogle For A New Ad Campaign Claiming That Quiznos Sandwiches Cured His Pedophilia

Two titans of the fast-food industry started taking some high-profile shots at each other this week, and honestly, we can’t look away. In a seriously …


15 Naughty Sex Secrets People Would Never Admit IRL

Whether you slept with your best friend's older sister or spanked the monkey for 6 hours in a row, we want to know all the dirty confessions you have …


30+ Funny Pale People Problems That Other People Will Never Understand

Do people always assume you're sick just because you have a pale complexion? Do you turn redder than a lobster the moment you step into the sun, even …

Literal rash bin shows off raw talent lip syncing to The Smiths

<i>Lip Sync Battle</i> needs to sign this contestant up immediately.<p>Ben Boyer (@sleezsisters) was driving Tuesday and listening to The Smiths. That's when …

11 Perfect Tinder Lines You Gotta Try Out Before They're Overused

If you're gonna use a Tinder pickup line, make sure it's original and hasn't been used to death. Which these surely will be, soon.<p>1. "No but …


15 Reality TV Shows That Ruined People's Real Lives

<b>We're making memes smarter. So can you. Visit the Photoplasty and Pictofacts Workshop to get started.</b><p>Pretty much every other show is reality, these …

13 Puns That'll Either Infuriate You Or Tickle You With Glee

1. Look how chilly this carrot is, she needs more toasty stewvia PachaFerrera2. Smell my feet, give me something good to eatvia marfsalvador3. This …


This Guy Is Adding Fake Subtitles To Books In His Local Library, And The Results Are Hilarious


12 Hilarious Moments On Twitter Worthy Of A Like

If ever there was a tweet worthy of your likes or RTs, it is these beautes. So give 'em a gander and decide which to bestow your love and affection …

Amir Khan

Thirteen Signs That You’ve Been Reincarnated As a Synthetic Cornucopia Display

1. As far as you can tell, there is a convex wall that wraps around and around you, tapering to an ambiguous point.<p>2. Your view of the outside world is obscured by a bright-red, non-porous apple. The apple is adjacent to a pumpkin, which, for some reason, is smaller than the apple.<p>3. When making …


Tom Toles by Tom Toles for Nov 21, 2017

LINKRead Tom Toles from the beginning! LINKPulitzer Prize Winner: Editorial Cartooning Between the Panels • April 12, 2017Orange is the New …

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Comic for 2017.11.22

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

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We’re Ending Fixer Upper So We Can Explore Our New Passion for 1970s European Brutalism

There have been a ton of rumors about why Jo and I are leaving our show. Like, that I’m the Lindberg baby, and that is why my hair is long. Or that I …


The Pope Gets a Sweet New Ride - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

watch full episode<p>The Daily Show with Trevor Noah<p>The Pope Gets a Sweet New Ride<p>Clip11/16/2017<p>As Pope Francis auctions off his new Lamborghini, Trevor …

Trevor Noah

Thanksgiving In My Family Is Always Tense Because I Read News Outlets Owned By Liberal Billionaires And My Uncle Reads News Outlets Owned By Conservative Billionaires

As much as I enjoy Thanksgiving, I can get pretty stressed out thinking about the charged political conversations that always seem to break out …

Breitbart News

Comic for November 22, 2017

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Successful U.S. Airstrike Kills 30 Iraqis Who May As Well Have Been Terrorists

WASHINGTON—Saying that the mission had met all its objectives, the U.S. military announced Tuesday that it had launched a successful airstrike that …

U.S. Military

#TMW You Call In Sick And Run Into Your Boss Milana Vayntrub pulled a Ferris Bueller and ran into her boss. She needs YOUR help, quick!! Sponsored by Eko

gracie-amber-blog liked this<p>blub-blub-oedipus reblogged this from collegehumor<p>amoeboid-movement liked this<p>mrhalfandhalf liked this<p>causeimamerican …

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Daniel's Hallmark Christmas Movie - Tosh.0

Daniel stars in the ultimate Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, full of all the cliches that'll make you grab a box of tissues.

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