Steven Pinker: Can Numbers Show Us That Progress Is Inevitable?

<i>Part 1 of the</i> TED Radio Hour <i>episode</i> The Story Behind The Numbers.<p><b>About Steven Pinker's TED Talk</b><p>It might seem like the world is getting worse and worse. But psychologist Steven Pinker says that across the board, data suggests we've made a lot of progress. The question is — will it continue?<p><b>About</b> …

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Italy and Early Medieval Europe

•<p>Papers for Chris Wickham<p>Edited by <b>Ross Balzaretti</b>, <b>Julia Barrow</b>, and <b>Patricia Skinner</b><p>The …


Vajpayee played vital role in ensuring Sri Lanka’s stability: Lankan leaders

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe have condoled the death of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and said the forme

Sri Lanka

11 Books Featured in Our Fall Preview (pg. 1)

"As always, Kingsolver gives readers plenty to think about. Her warm humanism coupled with an unabashed point of view make her a fine 21st-century …


Catholic League On Predatory Priests: It’s Not Rape If The Child Isn’t Penetrated

August 16, 2018 by Michael Stone<p>Catholic League president Bill Donohue defends predatory priests by claiming it’s not rape if the child isn’t …


Vajpayee was a role model: Telangana CM KCR declares state govt holiday

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday expressed his condolences for former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who died on …


Seeing Like a Supply Chain: Understanding Data in Logistics

This presentation investigates the often baffling world of supply-chain management software, with a focus on the industry stalwart SAP. As the global …


Humanist weddings are the antidote to out-of-touch marriage ceremonies | Vonny Leclerc

“Good morning/afternoon and welcome to [venue’s name]. My name is [blank], and I have been authorised by the registrar general for Scotland to conduct civil marriage ceremonies in the district of [blank].”<p>Planning our civil ceremony was as special as filling in a tax return. There was little magic …


Catholic Priests Ran Child Porn Ring Out Of Pittsburgh Diocese

New grand jury report shows Catholic priests in Pittsburgh ran an extensive child porn ring where children were sexually exploited and groomed for …


Supporting The Catholic Church Means Supporting The Rape And Sexual Abuse Of Children

The truth hurts: Make no mistake, if you support the Catholic Church, you support the rape and sexual abuse of children. Earlier this week the …


Anti-Christian ‘Humanist’ Leader Wins the Bigotry Game

Hey, I’ve got a fun new game for you to play. It’s the Bigotry Game!Here’s how it goes. You’re sitting with your friends at the table in the den, and …


Settling Mars Can Lift Us From Our Antihuman Malaise

Since at least Dante, the poetic vision of destiny in the West has bound up together love and the heavens. In this sense our highest poetry worked to …


Oklahoma Middle-School Closed After Parents Threaten Transgender Student

August 14, 2018 by Michael Stone<p>A middle-school in Oklahoma is closed after vigilante parents citing the Bible threaten the life of a 12-year-old …

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With Majority Rejecting Religion, Scotland is “No Longer a Faith-Based Country”

More Scottish people than ever before are rejecting organized religion.


Boris Johnson or the burqa? It’s a false choice – both dehumanise Muslim women | Polly Toynbee

So, what is the good liberal to do? What is the good humanist to say? Boris Johnson’s anti-Muslim “jokes” were not a dog whistle, but a foghorn beckoning racists to his Steve Bannon-assisted leadership cause. But in the maelstrom he has deliberately caused, the risk is that liberals are silenced on …


Survey finds Scotland is more secular, but Catholics are keeping faith

LEICESTER, United Kingdom – Most people in Scotland consider themselves to be non-religious and increasing numbers of people raised as Christian are …

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'Kamal Haasan said we share a rational mind': Bigg Boss contestant Babu Gogineni

Rationalist and Humanist Babu Gogineni, who was eliminated from television reality show <i>Bigg Boss 2</i> on Sunday, took to Facebook to recount his …

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What God has not joined together: the rise of the humanist wedding

Robyn Hewatt and Andrew Downie were married with all the trappings of a traditional Scottish wedding: Hewatt’s father walked her down the aisle; she had maids of honour and Downie had a best man. A piper played at the door.<p>But there was no priest, minister or registrar to lead the ceremony. Like …

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Obasanjo Gave Oil Blocks for Sex, Nigerian Nobel Laureate Alleges

Obasanjo Gave Oil Blocks for Sex, Nigerian Nobel Laureate AllegesNobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka has challenged former president Olusegun …

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Almost 70% of young Scots are not religious, poll shows

Scotland is becoming increasingly indifferent to religion, with the vast majority of young people describing themselves as not having any faith, …


Rizzoli announces new book featuring Willy Ronis's unpublished albums

A key figure in twentieth-century photography, Willy Ronis conveyed the poetic reality of postwar Paris and Provence in iconic black-and-white …


Report: Trump Wanted To Be Sworn In Using ‘Art Of The Deal’ Instead Of The Bible

Report: Trump Wanted To Be Sworn In Using ‘Art Of The Deal’ Instead Of The Bible<p>August 13, 2018 by Michael Stone<p>Trump wanted to be sworn in as …

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Once Again, Atheists Sue SC School District Over Prayer-Packed Graduations

No public school graduation should resemble a church service. This District seems to encourage exactly that.


Virginia GOP Senate Candidate Corey Stewart Defends Slavery, Confederacy

August 12, 2018 by Michael Stone<p>Corey Stewart, a white nationalist and Virginia GOP Senate candidate, praises Virginia for joining the Confederacy in …

James Madison

Is life is getting better in spite of dire daily headlines?

<i>(Level 3 of Smile Longer: Expect breakthroughs)</i> Yes, life IS getting better, says Steven Pinker in his now book, <i>Enlightenment Now</i>:<p><b>Enlightenment Now:</b> …

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If I Become Prime Minister, I Would Resolve Kashmir Issue: Gurmehar Kaur

Peace activist Gurmehar Kaur on Saturday said if she becomes the prime minister, she would resolve the Kashmir issue. She, however, didn’t specify …


Can the Humanities Save Us?

I was recently asked by a student group at my university to participate in a panel discussion about the humanities. Having been asked the rather …


Humanist group again pushes to stop graduation prayers in Greenville County schools

A humanist group that wants prayers eliminated from graduations and other school ceremonies in Greenville County filed another request with a federal …

High School

Humanists triggering mass destruction of veteran memorials?

It is feared that once a veterans memorial in Virginia is torn down, it is only a matter of time before many more historical monuments will suffer a …

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Greenville Co. Schools facing another lawsuit over prayer at graduation ceremonies

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) - Greenville County Schools has been hit with a lawsuit claiming the district violates the constitution by allowing prayer at …

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