Human Anatomy

Sasquatch is a laughing matter to some - but to others, it's a source of research funding. Jeff Meldrum is a professor of anatomy and anthropology from...


Scientists have developed a 'GPS' system that can track inside the human body

If you want to find a restaurant, Google Maps does a pretty good job.<p>Using the Global Positioning System satellites in orbit around the Earth, Google can pinpoint the restaurant's location, tell you how far away from the restaurant you are and how long it will take you to get there.<p>Now apply that …

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The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store

App Store Official Charts for the week ending August 19, 2018:<p>App Store<p>Top Paid iPhone Apps:<p>1. Minecraft, Mojang<p>2. Heads Up!, Warner Bros.<p>3. Plague …


Mt. Analogue is 'Armed' with an arsenal of sounds

By: Heather Hodder<p>Coming off the second performance of the TRIFINITY, we figured this was a perfect opportunity to give fans a deeper dive on one of …

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Looking for something to do this week? Try wine tasting, a trail hike and a Zumba class

Looking for something to do this week? Learn about chardonnay, see a human anatomy exhibition or try a Zumba workout.<p><b>Wine class</b><p>Sample a variety of …

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Top 10 Amazing Biggest Human Body Parts in The World : Trends

The human body is an amazing thing. Humans can look so radically different from each other that you would doubt they are even members of the same …

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BRB Buying: Alan Crocetti’s 90s Tribal Tattoo Necklace

London-based jeweler Alan Crocetti studied womenswear design at Central Saint Martins. During his senior year at the illustrious institution, the Brazilian transplant began dabbling in jewelry. Eventually, Crocetti's work caught the eye of fellow designers including A Sai Ta of Asai and GMBH …


This is Age-Reduction Retouching in 4K

Here’s a video that may blow your mind. Los Angeles-based digital compositor and beauty artist Rousselos Aravantinos made this short video showing …

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'A human body is no match for a 400-tonne train': Minister pleads with kids to stop risking their lives to show off on social media as train surfing more than DOUBLES in the past year

Daredevil teens are being urged to stop risking their lives to show off their train surfing on social media.<p>CCTV footage released by Sydney Trains …


Human body found in supermarket entrance column

Police believe the body may be a chase suspect who evaded authorities earlier this week.

Human Anatomy

What Evernote's New Brand and the Mona Lisa Have in Common |

The philosopher Raph Waldo Emerson said the question of beauty takes us away from the surfaces to thinking about the core foundations of things.<p>This is true for everyone that creates: from Leonardo Da Vinci to Evernote's design team.<p>Da Vinci's Obsession with the Human Anatomy<p>Walter Isaacson--who's …


Human Anatomy Atlas 2019 by Visible Body

Join millions of medical professionals, students, and anatomy enthusiasts who use Human Anatomy Atlas to see inside and better understand the human …


How to paint a colourful zombie

I’ve always liked the undead, and will often root for the ragged underdog who’s so often reduced to a moving target. Many of my works feature …

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At the Museums: "Delacroix Drawings" - The New Yorker

The Met has a long history with the Romantic colossus <b>Eugène Delacroix</b> (1798-1863). The museum acquired its first work by the French painter—an etching of a tiger at rest in the desert—in 1883. The more combative pen-and-ink big cat above, brought to bristling life in 1839, joins roughly a hundred …


Wearable 'microbrewery' saves human body from radiation damage

The same way that yeast yields beer and bread can help hospital lab workers better track their daily radiation exposure, enabling a faster assessment …

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The Story of the Human Body by - Blinkist: Serving curious minds.

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Stephen Colbert grills a 'Religious Liberty Task Force' agent to make a point about Trump, religious liberty

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a new "religious liberty task force" at the Justice Department to protect religious groups from …

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Meditations in an Anatomy Class—“This Is My Body”

In this narrative medicine essay, a medical student is reminded of Communion service at her New England Protestant church when she sees the beauty of …


Top 10 Amazing World’s Biggest Human Body Parts You Can't See Before : Trends

The human body is an amazing thing. Humans can look so radically different from each other that you would doubt they are even members of the same …

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Top 10 Amazing World's Biggest Human Body Parts Have a Look Once

The human body is an amazing thing. Humans can look so radically different from each other that you would doubt they are even members of the same species. Body parts can be drastically different sizes and physical abilities vary widely from person to person. If you want to see amazing comparisons …

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Learning human anatomy one stitch at a time - Scope

A hand-knit brachial plexus isn't something you see every day, so when I saw one while scrolling about the internet, I had to learn the backstory. …

Stanford University

The highly-rated Human Anatomy Atlas 2019 for iOS down to $1 (Reg. $25)

The popular Human Anatomy Atlas 2019 for iOS is down to <b>$1</b>. The premium app doesn’t go on sale very often, and certainly not this low. Regularly $25, we have only seen it drop down to $1 twice since October 2017. Rated 4+ stars from thousands, head below for more details.<p><b>iOS Universal:</b> Human Anatomy …

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Top iPad apps on sale

Find daily discounts on top iPad apps here as we scan the store to select only the best apps with super savings on their normal price. Sign up to our …


Fan Favorite: What are the Most Incredible Things the Human Body Can Do?

Did you realize that when your fingers get wrinkly in the bath, there's a crazy, superhero reason for it? Or that everyone's body is covered in …

Human Anatomy

Author To Discuss Book On How Humans Have Coped With Their Flaws

“Human Errors: A Panorama of Our Glitches, From Pointless Bones to Broken Genes” by Nathan Lents was published in May. Lents will be giving a free …

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UK-based Vinformax launches world’s first stereoscopic 3D digital medical education platform

Vinformax launches 3D platform UK-based Vinformax, which has a technology innovation and production centre in Bengaluru, launched phase 2 of its fla

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Testicles and Paying Attention

Abby Hafer is a scientist, educator, public speaker, and author of The Not-So-Intelligent Designer: Why Evolution Explains the Human Body and …


Bizarre tricks of the human body that you’ll definitely want to try out

The human body is full of weird and wonderful surprises; here are some quirks you might not have known about.<p>Reddit user theotheredbaron wanted to …

Human Anatomy

Another human part found in Saen Saep canal

A human part, the upper part of a left leg, was found floating in Saen Saep canal on Sunday morning, according to media reports.<p>Pol Lt Col Supachai …


Cell towers, mobiles unlikely to harm humans: Official

New Delhi, July 21 (IANS) Current scientific evidence do not support any "harmful effect" on the human body by electromagnetic field radiation of …

World Health Organization