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Hugh Hewitt to Trump: 'It is 100 percent wrong to separate border-crossing families'

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Friday called on President TrumpDonald John Trump20 weeks out from midterms, Dems and GOP brace for surprises …


Hugh Hewitt: Trump’s Victory Would Have Been Even Bigger If Voters Knew About FBI Bias

3:43 PM 06/15/2018<p>Hugh Hewitt said Friday on his radio show that President Donald Trump would have won by even larger margins had the inspector …

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U.S. Attorney Ryan Patrick (S.D.-TX) On Law Enforcement At The Border

The U.S. Attorney from the Southern District of Texas, Ryan Patrick, joined me this morning:Audio:06-14hhs-patrick

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The Implications Of The IG Report, Explained

I devoted the first hour of my show Friday to explaining the significance of the IG Report, with assists from the writings/tweets of the Wall Street …

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Hugh Hewitt Defends Trump Against Biased MSNBC Panel

2:33 PM 06/13/2018<p>Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt defended Trump against an MSNBC anchor and guest who suggested that his presidency is a “moral …

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Hugh Hewitt: Migrant children separated from parents ‘has to end’

Families of asylum seekers are being separated as a result of a Trump administration immigration policy. The separation of families is forcing …

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Hugh Hewitt has terrible takes on Trump's North Korea summit

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, who never passes up the chance to carry water for President Donald Trump, spent the morning praising the …

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Charles Krauthammer on Obama's Mental State - The Colbert Report (Video Clip)

The Colbert Report<p>Charles Krauthammer on Obama's Mental State<p>Clip9/22/2014<p>After asserting that psychiatry can't be practiced from a distance, former …

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Hugh Hewitt: There are limits about what can or ever should be said

The Federal Communications Commission prohibits obscenity, profanity and indecency from radio and television because Congress told it to do so. …

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Listening In: Hugh Hewitt, David French, and Jack Phillips – July 21, 2017

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[AUDIO] – Hugh Hewitt BEGS Jeff Sessions to stop separating families at the border, but Sessions explains why he MUST!

In this interview with AG Jeff Sessions, Hugh Hewitt practically begs Sessions over and over to find a way to stop separating kids from their parents …

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'Can you imagine your grandchildren separated from your children?' Conservative radio host grills Jeff Sessions over 'zero-tolerance' border policies

• <b>Attorney General Jeff Sessions doubled down on "zero-tolerance" policies concerning migrant children being separated from their parents at the US border.</b>• <b><br>Radio host Hugh Hewitt repeatedly pressed Sessions on the administration's harsh policies that separate children from their families after</b> …


US Attorney General Jeff Sessions On Children Separated From Parents At Border, F-1 Visas For PRC Students, And Masterpiece Cakeshop Decision

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions joined me this morning to discuss the Administration’s policies at the border vis-a-vis children, whether …


HHS Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan On The Children Taken Into Custody When Entering Country Without Permission

Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan joined me this morning to discuss the details of what happens when children are taken into custody of unpermitted entry …

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Hugh Hewitt: 'It is ordinary and routine' for presidents to tweet their own accomplishments on Memorial Day

MSNBC contributor Hugh Hewitt defended President Donald Trump on Monday by asserting that it is “ordinary and routine” for people to tweet about …

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On Trump's 'spygate' theory, he's playing 'distraction bingo'

The MTP Daily Panel, Yamiche Alcindor, Howard Fineman, and Hugh Hewitt, and former CIA Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash, discuss the president's conduct …

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Diplomacy is new for North Korea, says political analyst

Hugh Hewitt, NBC News political analyst, discusses the outlook for North Korean relations after the cancellation of the summit between President …

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MSNBC Host Hugh Hewitt Suggests 'Trench Coat' Control, Not Gun Control

Forget restricting guns as a way to curb school shootings. "It's a Second Amendment right, not a Second Amendment suggestion."<p>Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt has a novel idea to curb school mass shootings: Ban trench coats.<p>Hewitt, an MSNBC host, rejected limits on guns as a response to last …

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Hugh Hewitt on School Violence: Ban Trench Coats, Not Guns

Hugh Hewitt says one way of stopping school shootings is to ban students from wearing trench coats where firearms can be hidden.<p>“To the teachers and …

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They’ll do anything to avoid regulating guns

The lieutenant governor of Texas wants to ban doors. Now Hugh Hewitt suggests banning trench coats.To the teachers and administrators out there, the …

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In response to school shooting in Texas, Hugh Hewitt proposes a ban on trench coats

HUGH HEWITT (HOST): They are not saying this killer, who we should not name, used shotgun and pistol, not any kind of high-caliber repeating weapon, …


Hugh Hewitt Seriously Proposes a Trench Coat Ban to Stop Gun Violence After Texas School Shooting

If only there were something more relevant to ban.From the May 21 edition of Salem Radio Network's <i>The Hugh Hewitt Show</i>:HUGH HEWITT (HOST): They are …

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Hugh Hewitt Seriously Proposes a Trenchcoat Ban to Stop Gun Violence After Texas School Shooting

If only there were something more relevant to ban.From the May 21 edition of Salem Radio Network's <i>The Hugh Hewitt Show</i>:HUGH HEWITT (HOST): They are …


Professor Neal Katyal, Former Acting Solicitor General, On The Special Counsel Investigation and the DOJ's Investigation of the 2016 Presidential Campaign

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'Meet The Press' Roundtable: After One Year Of The Mueller Probe, Trump WH Pushes Back

Hallie Jackson, David Brooks, Yamiche Alcindor and Hugh Hewitt discuss what is and isn't known about the Special Counsel's investigation after it …

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Director Wim Wenders on the new movie about Pope Francis

The audio:05-18hhs-wendersThe transcript:HH: That’s Patty Smith singing Those Are The Words. It’s a song that concludes a magnificent new movie, Pope …

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Sykes and Hewitt: Nixon might have survived Watergate with today's politicization

Charlie Sykes and Hugh Hewitt discuss the effects of polarization on the Special Counsel's investigation into Russian meddling.

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Full Sykes and Hewitt: Debate over Conservative attacks Special Counsel

Conservative commentators Charlie Sykes and Hugh Hewitt debate attacks over Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigations.

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Townhall Review: U.S. Fulfills Promise to Israel in Embassy Move to Jerusalem

This week on the Townhall Review:Lanhee Chen joins me for a discussion on judges, as many vacancies remain.Salem host Mike Gallagher speaks with …

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Pruitt: Meeting with Hugh Hewitt before EPA decision led to 'good things'

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott PruittEdward (Scott) Scott PruittOvernight Energy: Pruitt to face Senate panel | Grassley might ask …

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